u want some fuk?

Its my favorite parrot boy!! Rhubarb! Its a little late for valentines day but the boy is always up for kisses <3 


Good morning!
I slept 12 hours last night so I’m finally fully rested and ready to take on the day! Last night I made rhubarb tea which I then cooled and today I had it mixed with sparkling water. It’s so lovely and refreshing. Very much like healthy squash/cordial. Rhubarb is especially good because it is very sweet and the taste lingers in your mouth afterwards. Just be careful you don’t make the tea too strong and bitter when you brew it.
I used tea from Taylor’s.



(Rheum x hybridum)

The leaves of this Asian plant contain high levels of oxalic acid, which can cause weakness, difficulty breathing, gastrointestinal problems, and even coma and death in rare circumstances. In 1917 in the Times of London reported on the death of a minister who died after eating a dish made from rhubarb leaves. The unfortunate cook admitted that she had used a recipe that she found in the newspaper titled “War Time Tip from the National Training Schools of Cookery.” Infant, there was a war on, and food was scarce, but recipes like this one added yet another threat to both soldiers and civilians.

(from Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart)