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Chef Clay: Hey, y'all know about barbecue wherever y'all are from? We’re talking down home barbecue, player. I do this on a week on a ring. You Californians don’t even own houses or have backyards, player, I got like a quarter of an acre I’m sitting on, dude, I could fit that [bleep]ing thing in my backyard, dog. I got grills on grills –
Alton: Chef Clay!
Chef Clay: Yes, sir!
Alton: Cook!
Chef Clay: I’m here.
Alton: Cook your food!
Chef Clay: Heard that.

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Um...I'm not sure what this called but maybe some Egobang where Arin is just feeding Dan some cookies and Dan is full but Arin keeps trying anyway.

((I think this is called stuffing? someone please correct me if I’m wrong))

“Dude I can’t,” Danny whined from his position on the couch where he was nearly laying down, too full to move without it being painful, but Arin was still holding half of a peanut butter sandwich to his mouth insisting that Dan take it.

“Come on Danny, you haven’t even tried these ones yet and we’ve got so many here,” Arin pressed, stroking over Dan’s aching tummy, loving the feelings of care and intimacy that came from feeding someone, and the rush of power that came from pushing Dan passed his limits, grinning proudly when his partner took the sweet treat.

“I’m never letting you buy girl scout cookies again, no matter how much you say it’s for a good cause,” Dan warns, moaning in pain at how how close to bursting he felt, but also out of pleasure as Arin offered a shortbread to him, pushing passed Danny’s lips.