Next time you listen to a musical soundtrack, listen to the orchestra. Not just the actresses/actors and singers. Support the background. I’m tired of having to struggle to find the names of people who play In the orchestra of my favorite musical. That one main trumpet that plays the perfect notes during newsies??? Hell ya. Support ur musicians y'all

The singers are doing great but I’m just so tired of no one noticing the orchestra behind it

The trumpets and piccolos, violins, percussion, saxophone, oboes and everyone else.

Without the orchestra, all we’d have are voices in notes

Orchestras are so much more than background music, too

They’re a family

It’s a lot of work than you’d think

Just. Pay attention to them, too. Let them be known

🦃Frank x Reader Thanksgiving Headcanons🦃

❤️Featuring Columbia, Magenta and Riff Raff❤️

These are so bad I’m sorry😂


-You ask Frank to help you make Thanksgiving dinner and, of course, he refuses

-Frank is used to having people cook for him, not cool for them.

-Eventually you wear him down by constantly begging for his help

-He can’t focus with all the yammering

-He is all thumbs in the kitchen and can’t even figure out the difference between a spatula and a ladle at first

-Eventually he gets the hang of things with some instruction from you and the recipes

-He actually knows what he’s doing more than you thought he would

-By the time he has gotten into it, he’s the one doing everything

-He argues with you to get out of the kitchen and let him work

-You agree to leave but every time you try to come check on him he chases you out of the kitchen with the spatula

-You end up setting the table while you wait for him to finish making everything

-Eventually Magenta, Riff Raff and Columbia arrive and you spend time talking with them while Frank continues finishing up the food

-Magenta brought a pie but you were a bit wary of it, knowing how Transylvanian cooking was a bit unconventional

-She wanted to put it in the kitchen with the rest of the food but you warned her against it

-Frank wasn’t letting anyone in there

-Riff Raff found a lighter in one of the drawers and started lighting candles

-Columbia started making place cards

-You watched them all setting up while you waited for the food to be done

-Columbia has been explaining Thanksgiving to them all week and why it was so important to humans

-They all liked you and wanted to give it a try

-When you looked up, Frank was bringing the turkey to the table

-By the time he had carried all the food to the table, Magenta and Riff Raff were pouring drinks for everyone

-It was the best meal you had ever tasted

-You were definitely going to get Frank to cook more

-Everyone ate so much that they could barely move

-You all spent the rest of the day watching a movie

-Columbia was curled up in a blanket fort on the floor

-Magenta and Riff Raff sat side by side holding hands

-You and Frank cuddled on the couch

-You had always loved thanksgiving

Things Said/Heard at Rocky Horror Rehearsal

Note: due to the nature of RHPS, a lot of these are somewhat risque, albeit in a sorta cracky way. Nothing here has to lead to direct NSFW, but doing so would be pretty easy. (So’s Janet!)

  • “It’s okay. My lungs are still in my body. I’m good.”
  • “I have plans for your fake dick.”
  • “It doesn’t matter! Nothing matters! Just form a kickline!”
  • “Please yourselves. Not literally. At least, not on stage.”
  • “This is why we keep the feather boas in quarantine.”
  • “You- you’re a lot. I like you.”
  • “This is when you start to get groovy.”
  • “I could kiss you. I could marry you. I could buy you ice cream.”
  • “Shit, I thought this was water polo practice.”
  • “Biochemical research gets me so hot.
  • “This is the weirdest aerobics session I’ve ever seen.”
  • “I claim my prize.”
  • “I haven’t been this aroused since Nixon was president.”
  • “Where are the horses? I thought there would be horses.”
  • “I need you to channel your inner vodka aunt. I need you to channel your inner 10,000 vodka aunts.”
  • “Make it weirder. I know it’s weird. But make it weirder.”
  • “You’re, like, a sex god. You’re like a Nobel Prize winner sex god.”
  • “I like to approach all my problems crotch-first.”
  • “Okay, who here knows the Funky Chicken?”
  • “I’m so proud of you. You’re going to make me cry.”
  • “Anyone have a tampon?”
  • “Anyone have a hair band?”
  • “Anyone have any idea what’s going on?”
  • “There will be no actual nudity and no actual murder-cannibalism- at least, if everything goes according to plan.”
  • “Where’s the glitter and why is everyone sober?”
  • “Don’t worry about me. I’m having a good time.”
  • “You fuck with my boas, I will fuck with you.”
  • “It’s all cool. Nothing is on fire. Yet.”
  • “We’re allowed to step on you if you’re in the way.”
  • “I’m glad that we dream about each other in the worst possible ways.”
  • “It’s awful. I love it.”
  • “You. Me. Selfie. Now.”
  • “Feel this fabric. Now imagine it rubbing against your nipples. Frantically.”
  • “We are not responsible for any weird boners you may get this evening.”
  • “You guys, I just- I just love you so much. I’m so happy. You guys.”
Bad RHPS Song Descriptions
  • Science Fiction/Double Feature: idk here's a bunch of random words and film references put together
  • Dammit Janet: I brought my own ring to somebody else's wedding so here you go
  • Over At The Frankenstein Place: This is the only place around for miles and its a castle, which means it must be safe
  • Time Warp: The best time filler in history
  • Sweet Transvestite: WHAT'S UP FUCKERS
  • Sword of Damocles: I have been alive for literally 30 seconds and i already hate it
  • I Can Make You A Man: You gonna be so fuckin hot bro
  • Hot Patootie Bless My Soul: Fuck you and your lame ass party
  • I Can Make You A Man reprise: So now that *that's* over...
  • Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me: Bitches be 3 hours old-- be lookin 23
  • Eddie: My nephew is a dick
  • Rose Tint My World: We're doomed
  • I'm Going Home: Man fuck this planet
  • Super heroes: idk why they called us hero and heroine in the beginning credits because we are far from that
  • Science Fiction/Double Feature reprise: That whole thing reminded me of Macbeth,,