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people wanna shit on the rocky horror reboot when

  • almost half the cast are POC
  • there’s a black trans woman playing the starring role (usually played by white cis dudes)
  • it’s not going to ‘ruin’ the franchise??? it doesn’t have to ‘compare’ to the 1975 movie because they’re two different things???
  • people have been remaking rocky horror for fucking 41 years
  • even if it’s bad it will fucking fade away into history like shock treatment
  • kiss my ass

also have you considered: bisexual janet

Playing the “Victim” Card

Comics Nix: “Ha ha! All the conservatives on this site are cowards and in fear of me! Thats why they all keep turning off their ask boxes and blocking me!”

Comics Nix: “Hey, check out this lefty talking point I just found on the SPLC website!”

Conservative: *provides a rebuttal*

Comics Nix: “Nooooo! Why are all of you hateful conservatives stalking me and harassing me on social media!?

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  • rhps remake haters: The remake was bad Laverne didn't do well as frank, it was all over the top and horrible-
  • me, and intellectual: I love her, let's watch it again

Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, 1969

Found this attempt at colorizing TC in a folder from April 2014 that I’d completely forgotten about. Thought it looked HELLA shit at the time so gave up trying to improve it.

3 years later (to my eyes) it’s not HELLA shit anymore - only a bit shit ;D

I’ll never have the time or energy to try again so best not waste it HERE YA GO OOFT IT’S LIKE 23 YEAR OLD TIM CURRY IS IN THE ROOM, what youth, what charisma, what beauty.

anonymous asked:

I remember seeing a vlogbrothers video a couple of years ago that I can't remember the name of where you said you played a character in a play of RHPS. Was it brad??? I never found out who

Rocky, actually. I would have been Brad but we had a perfect Brad. I was not a perfect Rocky…