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It’s here! Dedicated to all the Black Sails fans who made me laugh with their funny posts such as @theheirsofdurin @maxaholic @iwaspromisedhedonism @johnsilvcr @ellelan @deifysam and @pirate-nonsense and everyone I may have missed out. I took some inspiration from everyone on tumblr for this and I hope you enjoy. 


Not Alone | Flint & Silver [Black Sails]

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[Spoiler Warnings: Episodes 301 - 305]

This is dedicated to all of the Silverflint shippers and my friends on this site! Enjoy :) 


My body is a cage | John Silver [Black Sails]

Spoiler Warning: Episode 307


new age | Flint & Silver [Modern AU]

It was such fun making this, I hope you like it! It’s dedicate to all of you who supported and reblogged my video edits over these months and fangirled over Silverflint with me! Thank you! :)