“Picking fluff out of a man’s jacket is a gesture as intimate as a kiss, more intimate, since it suggests that the kiss has already happened.” - The Crown (1x06)   


Compilation of all the music for the Silver and Flint reunion in 4x03 that didn’t make the final cut

inspired by x & x


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf3Q66LcDS0)

Black Sails | Paint it black

[Spoiler warning: 4x03]


Smother | Oswald & Ed [Gotham]

First Gotham fanvideo and it had to be a nygmobblepot one after 3x11. Please like and share if you enjoyed! 


War Pigs | Black Sails S4

I am beyond sad to see it end on this season but I think the showrunners have given us a great and fitting end for my favourite band of pirates!
Thanks to Megh @ohflint as ever for the song recommendation!