Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite.

Chapter Summary: Badassery by Ms. Baggins

A/n: Honestly, it’s hella short because I just needed to update this series since literally all of my other series have been updated except this one. Also, there’s not much sassy hobbit as there is bad ass hobbit. I just need a bad ass woman in this because we are bad ass. Lmfao I’m done now.

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When you find the troll cave, you decided to stay outside, knowing that it won’t smell too good. 

You take a seat on a rock that’s over-looking the entrance of the cave. You swing your legs back and forth, watching everyone do their own thing. 

 Dwalin, Nori, Gloin, and Bofur have decided to follow Thorin in along with Gandalf. What an interesting mix. You suppose that each of their families had to be represented somehow.(a/n: I legit just fucking noticed that as I was writing this story) 

You look at Kili and Fili who are off, away from everyone and they look like they’re talking in hushed tones as if not wanting to be over heard. They’re obviously plotting something. 

 Fili catches your eye and he gives you a little salute. You narrow your eyes and turn away, still salty about your earlier predicament and their role in it. 

 You try to find your brother and you spot him standing with Ori talking about something. Whatever it is you care not. 

 Thorin comes out not long after with Dwalin right behind him. 

“Enjoying the view?” Thorin asks you. 

“Just got better, sweat cheeks,” you reply sending him a wink. 

He just raises an eyebrow before going to talk to Fili and Kili. 

 Gandalf comes out with two swords. 

 "Bilbo!“ He calls out and your brother makes your way over to him and you know he’s about to give him a speech and you were not interested in that so you stand and turn towards the first. 

You see something moving in the distance and at high speed. 

 "Something is coming!” You shout, getting down from your perch and unsheathing your sword. 

The company runs to confront whatever it was which turned out to be the most ridiculous looking man being pulled along by rabbits. Rabbits that were larger than you but still cute. 

 "Ah. Radagast. It’s Radagast the brown everyone,“ Gandalf announces and the Company still looks apprehensive. 

You are the first to sheath your sword and you bend down in front of the rabbits as Gandalf goes off to talk with this Radagast person. 

You hold out our hand and they sniff it before allowing you to pet them. 

 "They’re the same size as you,” Dwalin states as you rub behind their ears making them thump. 

 "I’m pretty sure they could kill me if they wanted to but look at how cute,“ you say, rubbing under their chin. 

 "I myself am not into cute things if you hadn’t noticed,” Dwalin states before walking away. 

You roll your eyes. Everyone was such a buzzkill. 

 You straighten as you hear a howl. You remove your sword. 

“Was that a wolf?” Bilbo asks and you turn to look at him. 

“That was no wolf,” Bofur says and you quickly draw your bow and two arrows and fire it at the warg about to attack. 

You hear another and grab two more arrows before bending down a bit and firing at the other warg. That one falls dead as well and you look around to find everyone completely shocked. You pull out the arrows from the head and they’re still useable. 

“Who have you told about your quest beyond your kin?” Gandalf asks. 

“No one,” Thorin replies. 

“Who have you told?!” Gandalf shouts. 

“No one I swear! What in Durin’s name is going on?” Thorin asks as you put your weapons away. 

“You are being hunted. We must hurry,” Gandalf says. 

 "We can’t! The ponies. They’ve bolted,“ Ori cries out and you sigh. 

Things were not going good for you today. 

 "I’ll lead them off,” Radagast states. 

“Those are gundabad wargs. They’ll out run you!” Gandalf argues and a smirk appears on the shorter’s face. 

 "These are Rhosgobel Rabbits. I’d like to see them try.“ 

And thus begins a not so fun game of hide and seek. 

You try to quiet your breathing as you lean up against a rock. You could hear the footsteps of the orc and warg above. 

Thorin nudges Kili and looks down at the bow in his hand. Kili notches an arrow, making you roll your eyes. 

That arrow was only going to injure not kill and that’s the exact opposite of what you wanted right now. 

You notch two arrows and before Kili can step out, you do, gaining the attention of the warg. 

You let your arrows loose and the warg falls dead with out a sound, bringing his rider with him and with the dagger attached to your hip, you kill the orc. 

Nice, quiet and quick.

 You replace your arrows and follow Gandalf’s direction. 

You all reach a gigantic rock and you know you’ve been made out because the growling wards are getting closer. 

 "Kili! Y/n! Shoot them!” Thorin yells out and you do as you’re told, trying to aim for the heart. You kill about three before Fili calls out. 

 "We’re surrounded!“ He yells. 

 "Hold your ground!” Thorin replies, swinging his sword around. 

“This way you fools!” Gandalf shouts and you turn your head to find the wizard sticking out of a hole like a weasel. 

The dwarves are falling down said hole so you join them. 

 You slide down the hole using the momentum to stand up as well but your left foot gets caught behind your right foot and you go tumbling into Fili and end up straddling his waist. 

 "Have a nice fall?“ He asks.

 "I’ve had worse,” you say, taking Dwalin’s outstretched hand as you hear a horn. 

Your ear detects arrows and fighting outside and when an orc comes rolling down, you jump a bit. 

Thorin takes out the arrow from the orc and glares at it. 

 "Elves,“ he states before throwing it into the ground and looking at Gandalf with trepidation. 

"I do not see where the path goes. Should we follow it or no?” You hear dwalin ask. 

“Follow it of course!” Bofur calls out and the dwarves start making their way through the path. 

“That would be a wise choice,” Gandalf says and soon you are all following along.

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A Good Idea At the Time

for unexpected-anonymityHey there, Averil :) first, I bloody love your blog and your writings and everything! My request, I had to think about this one for a while: a Thorin x reader where the reader does something idiotic or life-threatening maybe out of anger or grief, and Thorin saves the reader in his usually grumpy way and ends up being all comforting and fluffy? Ah, I know, lots of detail but I leave the rest up to you o.O Fluff, suspense, maybe even a first kiss or two? Thanks! ~Cheers

Words: 850 || Characters: Thorin, reader, Gandalf, Radagast || Genre: fluff, humor, romance

“I’ll draw them off.”

“These are Gundabad wargs. They will outrun you!” 

“These are Rhosgobel rabbits. I’d like to see them try.”

“YEAH! Me, too!”

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