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This @paulrhoney Oceana absolutely captured my mind the other day. Looking like an SR-71 Blackbird, I became especially enamored with this angle in particular, where you can see the distinctive body/binding carve behind the trem. Reminds me of the thrusters on the Millennium Falcon! Paul and Megan make the best stuff. #guitar #custom #customguitar #handmade #paulrhoney #rhoney #oceana #build #supro #offset #offsetguitars #masterybridge #mastery #wow #california

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2016 Oceana “O6-S” DuoTone 
• Mahogany body and neck
• Ebony fretboard
• 25.5″ scale, 22 Jescar .047x.095″ stainless steel frets
• Medium C ultra-slim taper neck profile
• Celluloid tortoise binding
• Black Diamond Firemist top color
• Roadhouse Super Alnico bridge and Kingston neck pickups
• Mastery bridge and vibrato
• Hipshot classic open gear tuners

My pal @rhoneyguitars makes some of the best and most attractive instruments you’re likely to get your hands on. Please throw money and praise at him, because really, you should be playing a Rhoney. @masonstoops’ amazing Oceana pictured here with Roadhouse pickups and @masterybridge hardware. Wowzers! #guitar #custom #rhoney #paulrhoney #rhoneyguitars #oceana #masterybridge #vibrato #roadhouse #pickups #la #masonstoops

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