rhonda deane

Summary: Going back to the bunker, in a crowded Impala, causes slight discomfort for the Reader x Sam. Mentions of Dean.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Triggers: cockiness, uncomfortable positions, arguing, BONER.

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After a crazy case of cursed memorabilia, the Impala was packed high with one of the Blues Brother’s hats, a crystal skull from Indiana Jones, the umbrella from Singing in the Rain, a trucker hat from Luke’s Diner, and a whole slew of other movie and television artifacts.

Which meant your usual spot to crawl up in the backseat was never more. You opted to take an uber because quite frankly you weren’t sitting near any of that cursed shit, but Dean insisted you could squeeze in the front with them. Sam seemed a bit unsure of the situation, but squared himself flat against the window so you could crawl in between them. However, you had severe claustrophobia, and needed, desperately needed to see out the seat window, with the handle close enough to grab for emergency situations.

“Nuh-uh Sammy, scoot over, get closer to Dean, I need that window seat.”

“No way, YNN, that’s my seat, I earned it driving with Dean all these years.

“I’ll give you something to earn,” you raised a fist, threatening to mar his eyesocket.

“Whoa calm down, Rhonda Rousey,” Dean chuckled, “just shut up and sit down on Sam’s lap, the drive ain’t that long.”

You didn’t notice dean’s smirk or Sam’s raised eyebrow of annoyance towards his brother, so you waited for Sam to settle down in the passenger seat, and slid on top on his lap. Sam gripped your waist tightly as Dean put pedal to metal, and swerved or if the parking lot.

You did your best not to squirm much atop Sam’s crotch, but when Dean hit a pothole in the highway, you felt more than a bump in the road.

Sam cleared his throat and tried to shift you to face towards Dean, but to no avail. The more the friction from your ass caused rubbing the denim of his lap, the harder he became.

Heat pooled not only in your cheeks but in between your thighs as well and you tried your damndest not to look at Sam. Not into those freaking gorgeous calico eyes, not at the dimples forming deep crevasses into his cheeks, from him trying not to allow the sensation to …arouse him more.

You looked from under long eyelashes, side eyeing Sam, and locked eyes. His grip on your thighs was too much, the warmth between your folds too much, the way he was looking at you almost predatory, was…just…too…much.

“Fuck!” You exclaimed, “pull over.”

Dean swerved but abided unaware of the happenings next to him.

“Jesus YNN,what the hell?”

You and Sam both fought for the door handle, pushed open the passenger door to Baby, and scurried off to the middle of nowhere…literally an empty field with an abandoned shack.

“Ohhhh,“ Dean smirked, realizing why they ran so fast from the car, “get it Sammy!” He hollered and whooped.

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please make someone ask dean about wearing rhonda hurley's pink panties pleeeeease

“She put them in my mouth first.”

Sam’s heard this story before, but he’s never heard it from quite this angle. Or with quite this much detail. And he’s never seen Dean tell it like this, with the tips of his ears burning red, twiddling his thumbs as he tries to avoid making eye contact with anyone in the audience.

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Kiss Him: Rhonda Hurley Time Stamp

Follows Kiss Him. I missed this story. So here’s some more of it.

Summary: Dean tells Sam the story of Rhonda Hurley.

Warning: Smut, Dean talks dirty about wearing panties

Word Count: 1600 ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy this! Tagging those who might be interested below the cut. Feedback appreciated!

“What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”

Sam’s question caught Dean off guard. They were lying in a king-sized motel bed, exhausted and still a full day’s drive from the bunker. Dean had thought Sam was asleep, had almost been asleep himself, stretched out on his side of the bed, on top of the comforter, still in his clothes. The only thing either of them had bothered to take off before falling into bed were their boots, and Sam’s socked foot nudged at Dean’s idly for a while, before they’d both gone still.

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Destiel. 50 - Writer's preference.

Omfg free range. Both the hardest and easiest choice— ARGH. 

Destiel, AOB, Alpha!Dean who’s lost his ability to scent, Omega!Cas
im winging this im so sorry i still get nerves writing.

Its kinda long. 

Cas didn’t know Dean till they were eleven or twelve. The Winchester boys had moved in across the street with the Singers, their father coming in and out like a swinging door.

They lost their mother to a fire, had grown on the road sometime before ending up living with their Uncle Bobby, Aunt Ellen, and Jo.

There were two boys, Sam Winchester, fresh into first grade and giddy with it, and Dean, whom was a few months younger than Castiel.

Dean was different then the other kids, and maybe that’s what made him so popular. He was radiant, fierce, protective. But he seemed to know more then the rest of them in a way that made him feel older.

The room could light with him when he entered and nothing made Dean happier than his brother. How they became best friends still mystifies Cas even as an adult.

When High School came and Dean presented as Alpha, no one blinked a eye. It was so fitting and natural. Dean took to his place easily, growing and broadening. In health class they talked about changes, about sex, obviously, but about roles. About how Alphas need to learn to control their instincts. How to not abuse their power. Omegas, learning restraint, how to make use of their ability to influence pheromones appropriately. 

Scents had been what everyone was excited about. And of course, how it helps find a mate.

Everyone was excited about it, everyone cared. Everyone but Dean.

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There is a TV show based on your life. It's in its 10th season. No clue why, but people find it entertaining. I don't get it, but hey, everbody's gotta get their jollies somewhere. The actor who plays you is kinda hot, so there's that. - Meg

There’s a what??

Who the fuck would watch ten seasons of my emotional constipation?

Oh God it didn’t show Rhonda Hurley did it??

Being a Father

Title: Being a Father

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  N/A

Word Count: ~900

Summary: Dean’s still learning how to be a good father.

Warnings:  I don’t think there is any. Adorableness? Is that a warning?

A/N:  I have been on a kiddo fluffy kick lately! This was written for @iwantthedean 2k Giveaway Challenge. My song prompt was Better by Plumb.

EDIT: I totally forgot to thank @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog for being my beta on this!! Sorry, Mimi, I’m a terrible person! 

#nic2k  #nic2kgiveawaychallenge #nic2ksongfic  

Character: Dean Winchester


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Music blared through the bunker when Dean and Sam walked in. Both covered their ears and turned to each other, wincing.

“What the hell is that racket?!” Dean yelled over the lyrics. He stormed through the bunker to Amalia’s room.

You’re so afraid, so you try to break me, yeah
I don’t want to care
And I don’t want to hate
And I don’t want to see you fall too far away
All because of fear
‘Cause when you’re afraid
You lash out at me
When you say all the things you never meant to say
You’re so afraid, so you try to break me

Dean walked into the room, strode to the stereo and jammed the power button. The song cut off and he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Amalia, what the hell?! You know the music rules–” he stopped talking when he saw his daughter’s shoulders shaking. She was laying face down on the bed, face buried in her pillow.

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genderfluid!dean, as commissioned by aspidoceleon :’)
word count: 1,619
contents: feminization, consensual sexual situations, dean in panties, dean in makeup, dean identifying as both male and female, dean x rhonda hurly, dean x oc male

Dean’s three years old the first time Mary catches him playing with her things; making a mess of her powder and struggling to twist open her lipstick. He’s petrified that she’ll be angry, that despite trying his best to be tidy, he’s ruined all her pretty things. Instead, she takes a deep breath and smiles at him, gentle, if not a little strained.

“Sweetheart, please don’t play with mommy’s makeup,” she says, easing the lipstick from his hands. “They’re not toys.”

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Inspired by this post. I just felt like this parallel needed to be seen in a bit of a more animated sense. Great work on finding this wonderful parallel, dirtyovercoats.

“Could you be any nerdier?” Dean laughed as Castiel continued to read from his spot on the couch. 

The blue eyed young man glanced up and then back down at his reading material, his face a passive mask. “I thought we were over trying to label me." 

Dean smirked and shook his head. "I got a date tonight, okay?" 

Castiel glanced up again, his black rimmed glasses slipped down his nose slightly, which he angrily shoved back up to rest properly. "With who?" 

"Rhonda Hurley,” Dean said with a knowing grin, as if Castiel was supposed to understand the reference. 

“I don’t know who that is,” Castiel replied. 

“Hottest chick in Kappa Kappa Gamma.” He gave Castiel a wink and a wider, shit eating grin. “She’s gonna be on my dick tonight." 

Castiel rolled his eyes to himself and returned to reading before dryly replying, "Yes and tomorrow night she’ll be on someone else’s." 

"You know Cas, you don’t gotta be a such a dick. Go get some man, go get laid or something. God damn." 

"I don’t just go out and get laid,” Castiel snapped back at him. 

“Exactly. That’s your problem. You’re an uptight, goodie-goodie,” Dean replied before walking over to the kitchen to snatch up some junk food. 

“Because I stay home and do my homework rather than go out and get drunk every night? Yes, I can clearly see your argument now Dean. I was blind before. Thank you for this come to Jesus meeting.” Castiel rolled his eyes again, hunkering down further on the couch.

“Yeah whatever man, I’m going to have a good time tonight while you do whatever it is you do. I assume writing papers, doing homework, and being a good little Christian boy.” Dean snatched up the bag of Doritos before padding back to his bedroom so he could get ready for his date.

Rhonda Hurley was hot as hell and she was going to be with him tonight. The thought wouldn’t let him stop smiling. 

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