Real Housewives Epic Fight #7: The Real Housewives of Miami - Lea vs. Cristy

Unpopular Opinion Time!

I personally love, love, love my Miami ladies; I think they’re sultry, sexy, and spicy.  I really enjoyed the first season.  From the get-go Lea and Cristy never really “got along” to say the least, Cristy didn’t like the way Lea behaved time-to-time and Lea just wasn’t fond of Cristy in any way.  Towards the end of the season, Lea hosted a gala event for a fundraiser with prizes like a Bentley, a trip to Joe Francis’ mansion (LOLZ), and other prizes.  It seemed that all the ladies purchased their tickets, except Cristy, and of course Lea was having none of that and planned on putting the smack down on Cristy, even calling her a “$1,000 Hooker” (once again, LOLZ).  

Watch the clip here from the season one reunion special here.

PS - The reunion special was in The Clubhouse… like really Andy?  I’m sure Miami has plenty of swanky places for my ladies to be reunited in.