Time stopped by @udoloveloverz altered by Katvonté

Night creeper…vile bottles sat on top of crumbling legs
Gun shots were not your legs
Faces were made of bread…crumbs to birds patiently
Circle squares worship suns rhombus pyramids known to fly
Lynch ropes hung
Black skins dark
Blinking blinds
Tar paint on tars guiding lights which travelled on wheels
Your world
A .make .shift .world .these in between shifts
Characters booked…age turns are yawns
Fingers accustomed to the breeze of these pages
Blinks…crooked vacancies|avignon
my blunder…butters too blunt


Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why’d you steal our garbage!? trailer. The only game that uses the 3DS’s dual screen technology to have persistent BMO staring!

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