Optical calcite rhomb with rainbow inclusions!

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told...

is not Romeo and Juliet, according to my geometry teacher. It is not Destiel, according to Tumblr.

It is not either of these. The greatest love story ever told is the story of the love between a rhombus and a rectangle.

One day in math class, a rhombus sits at their desk. The boy sitting next to them says, “Hello, rhombus!”

Across the classroom, a rectangle sits at their desk. The student sitting next to them says hello to the rectangle. 

As time goes by, the rhombus and the rectangle start to realize that they like each other. They start dating, and eventually, they get married and have a child. They call their child the square. It shares some qualities with its parents. Like the rhombus, all four sides of a square are congruent. Like the rectangle, all four angles are right angles.

That, my friends, is the greatest love story ever told. 


Good color and shape on this bit of rhodochrosite

classydragon455  asked:

Hello! I was wandering: can you show me how you draw those beautiful claws from diffrent angles and stuff?? I been dying to know... :)

Im going to assume you mean deathclaws bc if not, @helmip has a far greater understanding of claws themselves and lil tutorials from a while back (and many things tbh, theyre great. as you well know lmao)
but i digress
seeing how any creature works in a 3D space helps immensely - I’ve had to take a huge amount of screenshots and videos, done a bunch of lil studies, etc. to the point where I no longer need to reference them, I know what features go where.
and of course, hyperanalyzing it for the sake of cosplay accuracy doesn’t go amiss either (the cosplay wasnt that accurate but the face scales are alright)

that being said, I’ve been drawing deathclaws wrong all this time bc I gave them a dip in their brow, when they’re actually a Fierce Rhombus 

Note how scale placement and skin folds work! The hard scales around the eyes sweep out from the front corner of the eye, and then curve upward around the cheek. There’s also another line of scales that follows the curve of the teeth. This is all actually a pretty signature thing that Jonah does on his reptilian critters, it’s present on the Skyrim dragons too.
Front view is very angular and straightforward; everything sweeps up and back. 

figuring out where hard and soft tissue goes also helps with expressiveness 
but the hardest part is THEY DONT HAVE LIPS. any mouth expression would have to move their entire teeth which is fine if you know what you’re doing re:stylization. Different angles help if you convert the entire head structure into a Large Block

and their body is just a regular ol Fantasy Lizard Dragon Thing with a big tail (I like to give my ‘claws an extra fat tail so they look well fed and happy)

Watch on the-earth-story.com

Ooh, optical calcite rhombus with light diffracting off a plane inside it



i know it’s kind of implied that loboto lost his powers but consider this

what if he only lost access to his powers/psi skills

what if he gets redeemed in Psychonauts 2 and starts learning all this again and everyone is v supportive of him

Especially Oleander