White Diamond: Not a fusion, not poofed, not shattered, and definitely real - An Analysis

Let’s begin at the beginning: The Era-2 Diamond Authority Symbol: 

It shows the symbols of Blue, Yellow, and White, all three of them triangles of equal size and distance. Turn the triangle on any three sides and it looks the same, but with a different Diamond on top.

Now let’s see the Era 1 logo: 

Pretty much the same deal as before. Four Diamonds, equal size, distance, etc. What this tell us is that whoever White Diamond is, she definitely existed both before AND after the war, which puts a big fat strike in the boxes of “fusion,” “poofed,” and “shattered,” since why keep someone who isn’t around anymore in the logo if they did the same with Pink?

Now let’s take a look at our next glimpse of White, the murals: 

First off, if we count the planets around each Diamond (presumably their colonies as of Era 1), we get:

- 14 White, plus the orb in her hands

- 7 Yellow (across TWO star systems)

- 8 Blue

- 1 Pink

Even considering the orb to be Homeworld, White comes up either short by one, or, if we consider some of the out-of-place moons to be dwarf planets, overshooting the mark. And speaking of moons, the most generous estimates tell us that:

- 3 of White’s have three moons, 4 have two moons, 3 have one, and the rest have none.

- 1 of Yellow’s has three, 1 has two, only two have 1, and the rest have none.

- NONE of Blue’s have moons.

- And Pink’s 1 planet, the Earth, has only one.

So, add that to the “not a fusion” category.

Next, let’s take a good, LONG look at White’s mural in particular: 


Now, just to add the final blow to the fusion theory, let’s remember that literally (and I AM using that word correctly) every fusion on the show has maintained the same gem placement as their components, and none of the gems in said fusions have been hidden in any way. And let’s also remember that Blue and Yellow have a very visible gem on their chests, and Pink has hers on her navel. SO… If White’s a fusion, then where are those gems that are quite clearly NOT visible where they should be?


To address the poofing theory, let’s look at the prime candidate for where her gem has been alleged to have been seen, namely, the Pyramid Gem: 

From afar, it looks perfect. Same shape and color for one thing, which is more than can be said for the old Lighthouse Gem = Blue Diamond theory. HOWEVER, here’s the size in comparison to Steven: 

Compare that with the size of Blue’s in comparison to Greg: 

Compensating for distance, IT’S ABOUT THE SAME SIZE AS HE IS. And it’s definitely not an outlier, since Yellow’s is about the same size: 

Unless White is TINY, there’s no way that the Gem from the Pyramid Temple is the same as the one we see on White’s forehead in her mural.


(And while we’re here, let’s also put to rest that THIS (the one circled):

is NOT Pink Diamond, since the shape is hexagonal, not rhomboid as it is in her mural and like the other Diamonds.)

Which brings us to our last piece of evidence, the giant white thing on Homeworld that resembles White’s silhouette: 

All we know so far is that, according to the Make a Wish kid who met Rebecca Sugar, it’s “not a statue,” which gives us the three major possibilities:

- It’s a ship (contributing to the Diamond Ship = Megazord theory)

- It’s a building, like Diamond HQ or something

- It’s White Diamond herself (which makes her HUGE, which would be odd considering how her mural and symbols are all the same size as the other Diamonds)

I can’t prove or disprove any of these as this point, but what I was able to prove is that she DOES, in fact, exist, and IS separate from the other Diamonds. That leaves only one more question:

Where the heck was she during The Trial?

Well, this ties into the previous theories rather well. Many people cite Blue and Yellow’s love for Pink and closeness between each other as reasons for why, if she did exist, White would have most certainly shown up, arguing that the Diamonds feel some sort of sisterly bond between each other. Also, people have found it odd that neither Diamond at the trial mentions her absence, not even so much as a disappointed look at the White section of the courtroom. And that is a valid question: Why wasn’t White at the trial of Rose Quartz, shatterer of her fellow Diamond?

“She doesn’t exist” shouldn’t be the first answer to come to your mind.

So far, we know that Blue and Pink were “close,” and that Yellow and Blue both “loved her,” AND that Yellow and Blue appear to have some semblance of a close relationship. We also know that Blue and Yellow both have a significant interest in the Earth and what happens to it and Rose Quartz.

What we do not know is whether or not White was as close to Pink Diamond as Blue and Yellow were. Maybe she wasn’t able to see her often, maybe she could never develop a close relationship with her, maybe she was just so busy running her 14 planets (the most out of all the Diamonds) that when Pink died, she never really knew her that well, and wasn’t hit as hard by her shattering and therefore doesn’t hold as much disdain for the Earth as the others do. Or maybe White shattered her and (correctly) assumed that going to the trial would lead to her being implicated like what happened to Yellow.

Why didn’t Blue and Yellow remark upon her absence? Well they arrived together from who-knows-where, so if they met up before entering the courtroom, and if they knew White wouldn’t be coming, they would have talked about it there.

In the end, White Diamond is most certainly NOT a fusion, she is most likely not shattered, and she is probably not poofed. She is definitely not the Pyramid Gem, and had every reason not to show up to the trial or even get involved in the story thus far.

She exists, is in power, and is a separate entity from the other Diamonds.

That’s it.


@antonm412 and @mattalexc light band pullaparts for 100 reps
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Shoulder Stabilization

These two muscles assist in supporting your shoulder girdle – allowing the release of over worked neck muscles & trapezius :

1. Serratus Anterior : wraps from the top 9 ribs to its insertion on the scapulae from the inside


p 162, The Key Muscles of Yoga, Ray Long (Bandha Yoga Publications, 2005)

2. Rhomboids : connects the scapulae with the midline of the back 

p 157, The Key Muscles of Yoga, Ray Long (Bandha Yoga Publications, 2005)

PRACTICE : notice the sliding down capacity of the Serratus Anterior and the gliding outwards feeling of the Rhomboids –> which draw your scapulae down, elongating your neck 

try in the below position :

p 165, The Key Muscles of Yoga, Ray Long (Bandha Yoga Publications, 2005)

I wanted to try to do some back exercises today so I tried some new stuff out! I wanna strengthen my lower traps and rhomboids to hopefully help even out my back💪🏼

2/15 Workout:

Chin-ups: 3x6
T-bar rows: 4x8 55#
Close bent over barbell rows: 4x8 30#
Close lat pulldowns: 4x8 50#
Seated rope lat pulls: 4x8 60#
Plank back squeeze: 30

anonymous asked:

Is Giles more muscular than Alyn or does my bias towards Giles just make me check him out more/see something that isn't actually there? Or is it a difference in the amount of fat they or something? This bothers me because it looks like he is to me, but that wouldn't make much sense considering both their positions and that I don't think there's any mention of Giles ever working out.

Even though Giles’ arms are in the way, we can get an idea of his body shape: rhomboid

Giles’ shoulders slope slightly, but they are wide, and the dip in his waist is also slight, but we can see that his hips are square.

In contrast, Alyn appears to have an inverted triangle shape, with broad, straight shoulders and narrow, slightly curved hips:

Giles has broader shoulders, Alyn has a narrower waist.

While it isn’t mentioned that Giles hits the training hall regularly, he still has an athletic frame.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that he is a mesomorph– one of the three genetically predetermined body types. 

This particular type signifies that an individual, male or female, has a naturally athletic physique, gains and loses weight with equal ease, and has good muscle definition with little effort.

A mesomorph wouldn’t necessarily have to exercise regularly to maintain a decent show of muscle.

Alyn is likely an ectomorph– a male (or female) with a naturally lean frame, for whom it is difficult to maintain both weight and muscle mass gained, without effort, due to fast metabolism and muscle catabolism.

Alyn would have to train regularly to maintain his physique, while Giles could do very little and have the same results.

I may be forgetting, but are we ever told which of the approximately seven types of twins Alyn and Leo are?

Assuming we’re not told, Alyn says this to you:

We don’t know, from this, if he means:

  • We’re fraternal twins
  • Our hair is two different colors. 
  • Our personalities/clothes are very different.
  • We’re not often seen together, so no one thinks we’re even related. 
  • Everyone but you can tell, at a distance, that we’re two different people.
  • We’re half-identical twins (same genes from the same mother, different genes from the same father).
  • We’re identical twins, but through style choices such as one (or both) of us dying our hair, different piercings, different clothing styles, and different personalities and experiences, no one would confuse us.

Whichever type they are, this is what their uncovered buns look like:

Leo, like Giles, does not train regularly, whereas Alyn does.

If Alyn were to stop training, he would likely look like Leo: slender, with very little muscle definition.

Giles’ arms being in the way doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have defined abdominal muscles, though, as like body type (shape) and body structure (endo, ecto, and meso), the shape of one’s abdominal muscles is also predetermined.

Speaking only about how it appears on the surface, even though Leo’s muscles are not particularly defined, we can see that he would have the same showing of horizontal abs, like his twin, if you look above his bellybutton and in his epigastric region.

Due to the way the Crawford’s muscles are shaped, they would each have abs that develop into what is known as a “pack.”

Giles’ torso, on the other hand, appears to have abdominal muscles that show more definition vertically, rather than horizontally. 

Giles is one inch taller than Alyn and Leo (and Byron), so his height doesn’t really make much of a difference, but they are of different body types and have different body structures so, looking at them, I would say that Alyn has a more athletic physique (currently), but Giles has more natural muscle retention, even though he has less definition (currently).

You can see the definition in Giles’ muscular shoulders and triceps, and in the defined extensor muscles of his forearms. We can also see the definition in his chest, and what we can see of his torso, all while not exercising much, or at all, and constantly being sick.

Where Alyn’s body looks the way it does because it’s an important part of his job, Giles’ illness often renders him incapacitated, such that any benefit from exercising as hard as he used to when he was a soldier, would be offset by feeling even worse, leaving him unable to work at full capacity.

I don’t know if the artists had any of this in mind when the characters were conceptualized, but I think it’s a nice little detail that we see former soldiers Giles and Leo looking the way they do, when they’re no longer in service.

It’s also a nice reminder that looks can be deceiving, as we have Nico, a slim active duty knight, who looks like a strong wind could knock him over, yet has both strength and stamina. 

And we also have Leo, a slim knight, of dubious discharge, who is stronger than his twin brother that trains several times a day.

Physical training for longsword fencers

There are three areas of training that you want to include in a most optimal format.

  • Skill Training
  • Strength Training
  • Fitness Training (Cardiorespiratory mainly)

Skill training consists of performing the specific activities that you wish to excel at in your area of study. On a surface level this could be doing a large number of cuts and transitioning through guards but ideally it would be going through specific plays or doing specific free play exercises that encourage you to develop your body to excel at specific tasks.

Sparring has a specific role in testing the level of physical and cognitive development you have achieved, it lets you know what you are doing well and what you need to improve upon, but you need to do activities other than sparring to further hone the skills that sparring has shown you need to work on.

Strength training consist of some resistance training program, it could be body weight, machine driven, or free weights. Even holding your sword in a high guard for like 10 minutes while watching something could be considered strength training. Now for Strength training you have several goals that you could be looking for, those goals include, Strength, Power, Hypertrophy, and Muscular Endurance.

If you are new to or not consistently involved in a strength training program you want to start developing your body for hypertrophy, that is to say that you want to increase the cross-sectional area and mass of your skeletal muscles. To accomplish this, you want to design a weight training program in a very specific way, you want to find your 1 Rep Max (when applicable) and you want to work with a weight that is between 67 and 85 percent of that, your goal should be 3 - 6 sets with repetitions from 6 - 12 per set, and you should rest for 30 seconds to a minute and a half between sets of the same exercise.

If you are experienced with strength training and do it consistently you might want to start developing your body for power as that is where most of HEMA longsword benefits from. For power oriented strength training (different from Power Lifting) you want to ideally be doing 75 - 90 percent of your 1 Rep Max (which might have changed if you last measured it a month ago when you were training for hyper trophy) and you want to be doing 3 - 5 sets sets of only 3 - 5 repetitions per set, and you want to allow a greater rest period between sets (2 - 5 minutes)

Now what exercises would be the most beneficial to HEMA longsword? Well major muscle groups to target would include;

  • Your arms and chest; Brachioradialis (very important for almost all armed HEMA) Triceps brachii, Biceps brachii, Deltoids (Posterior, anterior, and lateral), and Pectoralis Major.
  • Your back and core; Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboids, Your Rotator Cuff (Supraspinatus, Subscapularis, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor), Internal and External Obliques , Rectus abdominis and Transverse adominis.
  • Your legs and butt: Quadriceps (Rectus femoris, Vastus medialis, vastus lateralis), your Hamstrings (Bicep, Femoris, Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus), your Triceps surae (Gastrocnemius and Soleus), and your Gluteus Maximus (it is difficult to target the Gluetues Medius and Minimus)

Wow that is almost your whole body, so in order to hit all of those you have several options available to you, the first is breaking up your strength training workouts (which should be 3 - 4 times a week) into different days for different muscle groups, (IE; Leg day, chest and arms day, back and core day, etc) another option is to set up various circuit rotations for your workout, so while your legs are resting from your squats you go to do your bench press and work your chest and triceps, then you go to work your back and biceps with rows and then back to the squats.

You also want to work on your cardiorespiratory fitness level, there are many ways to accomplish this, from activities such as running, cycling, and swimming to machines such as the treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster, etc. However, there are several caveats here to make note of. The first is that training your body for strength affects a particular muscle fiber type, Type II (Fast-twitch) muscles fibers (particularly Type IIB) Doing long distance/stamina based activities such as prolonged running/cycling work a different type of muscle fibers Type I (Slow twitch). At first this might seem like a good thing but developing one of these actually impedes the development/growth of the other. Knowing this you might want to consider how you develop your cardiorespiratory fitness level and it might lead you to focus on shorter period but higher intensity activities (which incidentally are time saving as well) In particular an effective route are exercises referred to as HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training (also known as High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise). This will still allow you to grow your VO2max and train your heart and lungs but will still support and develop those Type II fibers from strength training.

Lastly we want to talk about stretching, you could argue that it might have advantages into your lunge or something else but the main reason why you should stretch often is Injury prevention. Stretching prevents injuries, stretch before and after your skill training, your strength training, and your cardiorespiratory fitness training.

This is based on our current understanding of the various sciences relating to sport and exercise, if this understanding changes then you will have to incorporate those changes and reevaluate how you train.

- Training overview posted by HercSpeed on reddit.

I doubt there are many successful, or at least aspiring to be, longsword fencers out there that do not follow a training regime along these lines.


Today I went to the physical therapist to check out what was wrong with my back and it’s something to do with the rhomboid muscles. Long story short I’m in pain but getting better! :D 

anonymous asked:

Example: Edd. Face is the main difference: yours is wider and more of a rhomboid/oval than his show design. You exaggerate the joints a lot more, and hands are much more prominent. A lot more of folds/bumps on his clothes. Your colors are more saturated. His body has a more squishy/fleshy consistency while the Eds in the show often look more like liquid substances. His expressions are also easily recognizable as yours, specially w/ the mouth.

Omg anon you don’t know how much that actually means to me to hear that?? Like, just the fact that someone is noticing these little things makes me feel like I’m gonna burst 😭

Curls for Girls

It’s Thursday, and as everybody knows, that’s CBBC day, aka Chest, Back, Biceps, and Cardio. Did I just make that anagram up? Absolutely.
Started out with the Bench, and was able to crank out one monstrous rep of 95 lb for the PR 😀, and then finished off at 85 lb.
Next up was curls for girls, or in my case, pumps for chumps, so I did 17.5 for hammer and bicep curls.
For back we did one arm rows, pull ups, and rhomboid rows. I really want back wings so I’ve started to hit back every day I do cardio…
CARDIO, my least favorite part of the gym. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t at the tail end of an already exhausting exercise regime, but if you think I’m giving up a lift to make running easier, your damn wrong. If its already hell, who cares if it’s a little hotter? I’m really proud of myself for finishing out tonight though, five minutes on the elliptical and I wanted to end at ten. But I pushed through to fifteen and that was halfway, and anything I can do once, I can do twice 💪.

So, moral of the story, push hard, run far, and persevere! One more sticker, one step closer to my goals.


#ChineseWeightlifting programs include #bodybuilding movements to build size and functional #strength for #olympicweightlifting movements. For example, attendants from prior #mastrength seminars and #mastrengthcamp know the importance of letting the chest take the load during the pull. One such movement to train this is the behind the neck #pullup.

While other types of #pullups are used, this variation allows for more emphasis on rhomboids and lower traps as well as the pectoral muscles. Strengthening these muscles will allow the athlete to avoid bending the arms or shrugging the traps early in the pull. So try incorporating this variation in your #Weightlifting sessions if you feel comfortable performing it.

If you would like to bring #chineseweightlifting technique to your area, we are also looking for hosts for the following dates so if you know anyone interested, please have them contact us!

❓ OPEN - Aug 19-20
❓ OPEN - Sep 2-3
❓ OPEN - Sep 23-24

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I use this exercise to improve posture and shoulder stability. This will target the rear delts, middle traps, and rhomboids. To do this exercise, lay on a bench or a table. Your core should be braced (squeeze your butt and tuck your ribs towards your pelvis), and your elbows should be flexed at a 90 degree angle (or slightly less). Make sure you are not excessively flexing or extending the neck, and avoid shrugging the shoulders. Start with your arms close together and then pull your shoulder blades towards each other. Squeeze and hold at the top. To progress, hold 2-5 pound dumbbells.

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Development of the Tank

Pictured - The bizarre Russian Tsar Tank is emblematic of the wacky ideas for early landship-type vehicles.

The idea of a large, armored vehicle that could support soldiers seemed an ideal solution for resolving the stalemate of the Western Front, but it was not a novel one.  War machines had existed since ancient times, when siege towers carried men up to the walls of besieged cities.  In fiction, in one of his books, H.G. Wells had described the use of large, armored cross-country vehicles, armed with cannon and machine-guns to break through trench systems for infantrymen advancing behind them.  In realer terms, a French inventor named Levavasseur had proposed such an idea in 1903, designing an astonishingly-modern looking vehicle, which he called his “automobile-cannon project”.  Overall, however, the need for such a machine was not felt, horse-drawn artillery being considered adequate.

Levavasseur’s automobile cannon.

However, when World War One broke out, there suddenly was a dire need for such a machine.  Armored cars played a small role in the fighting of August 1914, the Belgians making especially good use of them, but soon artillery had so ravaged the landscape that they could not navigate the terrain, nor could they cross trenches and barbed wire, and thus they were relegated to other theaters of the war.  The French began using American Holt tractors to pull heavy artillery that would require large teams of horses.

A Holt Tractor drags French artillery in the Vosges, early 1915.

But there was still a need for a machine that could cross No Man’s Land, crushing barbed wire in its path and making a way for infantry advancing behind it.  Surprisingly, the Royal Navy came to the solution. To create such a vehicle, Britain’s First Lord of the Admiralty, Sir Winston Churchill, established the Landships Committee in 1915.  Despite the skepticism of the War Office, a a number of enterprising engineers rose to the challenge, presenting various ideas for an armored landship.  At first, there were many different ideas how best to build something.  One school favored huge wheels, another caterpillar tractor tractors, the design which eventually prevailed.  Some prototypes had very specific designs, such as barbed-wire cutting vehicles fitted with wire-cutters at the front, like the American Killen-Strait tractor, or designed to bridge trenches.

An American Killen-Straight tractor fitted at the front with barbed wire cutters.  At testing it proved unimpressive.

Other nations tried out their own designs.  The French produced the incredibly strange Boirault machine, a “rhomboid-shaped skeleton tank without armour, with single overhead track", essentially a set of tracks with nothing else, that could roll over barbed wire.  The Russians made their own monstrosities, like the Tsar tank, a humongous tricycle with a turret on top.  Less ambitious projects focused on making small, personal armored carapaces for soldiers to crawl forward under in No Man’s Land, or armored machine gun shields that could be pushed forward and fired while under cover.

The Boirault machine undergoing tests.

An Austrian soldier demonstrates a small armored shield designed for covering a single man under fire.

In the end, it was one of the caterpillar-tracked machines invented by a pair of British engineers that prevailed.  William Tritton and Walter Wilson, two automobile engineers, produced a prototype called Little Willie that was tested by the Landships Committee.  Though modern-looking, Little Willie failed to cross trenches well, and wasn’t given much more thought.  In January, the two returned with an upgraded design: Big Willie.  Big Willie weighed over 27 tons, and blew away its competitors at trials.  The British Army immediately ordered 100 as the Mark I “tank”, so called because it was felt that the design looked like a vehicle for carrying water, and also to preserve secrecy in case spies saw it and tried to figure out its intention.  The name stuck.

Little Willie, the predecessor of the world’s first tank.  Today Little Willie is a museum exhibit.

The Mark I tank got its first trial by fire during the Battle of the Somme.  No one really knew what to expect of the 50 that went into combat.  The general hope was that they would crush barbed-wire, knock out machine gun nests, and serve as a shield for infantry crossing No Man’s Land.  The initial tanks proved vulnerable to artillery, and even more to mechanical failure.  They were also slow and ungainly, the crew inside was forced to fight in stifling and incredibly hot conditions, barely able to communicate with the world outside.  However, the first tanks terrified German soldiers, many who ran at first sight of these mechanical monsters.   Throughout the rest of the war, the design would be improved, and other nations came up with their own “tanks”.  Though the tank went through some growing pains, by the end of the war it was used in its thousands, and was a vital war-winning weapon for the Entente.

A Mark I tank crushes all before it.

fit-physicist  asked:

Hey, I have a lordosis of the thoracic spine, which means I really need to strenghten my middle/lower trapezius and rhomboids. I'm struggling with hitting this area during my bent over rows. Any tips? (I don't have access to machines).

Hey, there are several ways to help you strengthen this area.

Since Bent Over Row is a compound exercise, it will help you get overall back strength and volume. In your case, you want to find isolation exercises that will help you focus on your trapezius and rhomboids.

Try exercise like:

  • Reverse lat pulldown
  • Close grip cable row
  • Bilateral trap 3 raise
  • Dumbbell shrug

Try them out and tell us how it goes ;)

More motivation:


ulysses; yoongi [pt.1]

Originally posted by yoonkooks

info: +++ Min Yoongi X Reader +++ ft. YoonMin +++bad boy!au +++
>>Min Yoongi is the embodiment of your typical bad boy—he smokes, he drinks alcohol, he has fun beating up people, steals and sprays unconstitutional symbols on subway trains in his spare time. He knows that he has probably wasted a lot of his time hurting people, and he knows very well that he’d end up in hell for his actions; as his best friend, Park Jimin, a man who might as well be what Yoongi should have been all along, is diagnosed with a valve insufficiency, he is told to die if he won’t receive a donor heart by the next three months—Yoongi decides to donate his heart to his friend as his “last and only good deed on earth”. However, as his friend has to do a one month lasting transplant preparation, Yoongi finds himself falling for a woman, who might as well be a reason to keep his heart—he is torn apart in an Ulysses voyage between love and friendship. 

word count: 6376

genre: angst, fluff (later parts will contain smut, yes)

warnings: rated M for strong language, themes of drug consumption etc. (later parts)

a/n: I’ve been writing on this chapter for days and have this planned for weeks. I’m so excited to write for this! This is like a modernized and darker themed version of Ulysses/Odysseus, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I will enjoy writing it.

Anyway, gonna tag @scissorhandedly (ayyy, em i didn’t forget) and @yoonminnings (THERE, YOU GOT LIKE 5500 WORDS OF YOONMIN AND SOME YOONGI X READER, GIRL //CRIES)

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