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Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Hello all!

About a week ago, I won the collector’s edition of Resident Evil 7 by correctly answering a trivia question during one of Capcom’s twitch streams. (Aside: Definitely check out their twitch channel. I really enjoyed watching them show off the new Banned Footage modes for the game.) The collector’s edition arrived today so I thought I would thank Capcom again for such a cool prize and share some unboxing photos, as well as a short video clip of the music box. :)



First, we have the VHS tape replica, the game disc for Xbox One, and the steelbook on the side.

The tape is the Derelict House tape from June 1st - featured in both Beginning Hour and the final game as the night when the Sewer Gators first visited the Baker Estate. Opening the tape reveals…

The warning message, from how it looks after completing the tape in game. “I will dash them YOU against the stones.” It also includes the dummy finger.

Surprise! It’s also a USB flash drive. To the side we have the steelbook, which has a nice minimalist design on the outside, and the estate artwork in the inside.

Next we have a black letter with the games logo embossed. The envelope contains a lithograph of the Baker family enjoying an…interesting…dinner.

Last but not least, we have the replica of the Baker house. This thing is impressively detailed.

If you remove the chimney, you’ll find a crank that activates a particularly dark version of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody” - the same one that plays in the menu opening cut scene.

That’s all folks! Thanks again Capcom for the awesome prize, and hope you all have a wonderful day :)

Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Piano Cover)
RE7 OST | Synaesantos
Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Piano Cover)

I call to him and he will come
She runs to him like he’s the one
His arms outstretch, but when she’s done
He’ll be torn apart 

I spent the entire day alone, so what better way to use my time than to record a piano cover of Go Tell Aunt Rhody? :) Reblogs appreciated so everyone can see and hear. \o/ 

anonymous asked:

May I request James Rhodes wearing his prosthetics post Civil War please?

I found it surprisingly difficult to draw today, so I couldn’t muster up anything more heart wrenching, which Anon might have liked? Just a stab in the dark, people tend to enjoy a bit of angst. 

It was also rather difficult to find any reference images for his braces, so perhaps in future when there’s clearer images, I may return to this.

Winning at Saturday. Slept in, coffee on porch, shower, and then market run for the first strawberries and a ton of greens, plus some jalapeno cheddar scones for tomorrow’s breakfast, and refilled soap. Then a bit of birthday present shopping in downtown for the cousins. Kitchen is now clean, produce put away, tidied up the living room, and am headed back downtown to have market brunch at Erie Street Kitchen with Ami and Liz. The whole neighborhood smells like flowers, it’s dizzying. The mock orange is particularly fragrant after all the rain. It is SO nice to not work on Saturdays anymore – I feel so relaxed. Hope your day is stellar, too. <3