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Perospero x Jules requested by @jules-the-lynx

Charlotte Bacheofe, the son of Charlotte Perospero and  Jules Rhodonite. 

He’s as mean as he looks, not being afraid to push his way around anything or anyone to get his way. He takes after his father in terms of odd sense of fashion, combining all sorts of different clothes to feel comfortable in them though he isn’t a fan of wearing shoes in general (often preferring to go barefoot wherever he goes). He loves to play rough with the other kids as evident with the amount of scratches he proudly wears on his body. 

He highly admires his aunt Pudding for her superior acting skills and hopes to be just like her. He also loves sweets like his dad, namely preferring sour candy. However, despite his pushy/bossy personality, he respects his parents a great deal and knows better to try and sass them.   


Steven (Rose Quartz) + Ruby = Rhodonite!

I have a lot of feelings about these two and their relationship, nevermind that I relate to Ruby the most out of the SU cast, and I wanted to try my hand at a fusion design! Plus, I wanted to escape my noisy life situation and get some SU art out of my system. 

Rhodonite is about Smokey Quartz’s height, a force to be reckoned with, and a freakin’ softie. They get Ruby’s markings in the form of rose sleeve “tattoos” because I thought it would be rad.

Thanks for looking!

Finally got a good gemsona ref done!! (〃^∇^)ノ

This is Rhodonite! Idk where she’d fit in Homeworld, maybe a more lower ranking gem but not quite as low as pearls? Since she has those black “impurities” she wouldn’t be considered “royalty” despite her rarity. Only extremely rare “perfect” rhodonite without the black would be royal. I’m thinking she worked under Pink Diamond, then Blue after you-know-what. 

Backstory?? How she ended up on Earth??? Idk yet haha… ^^;; but she’s a fan of Earth’s life and not being considered “impure”

Please feel free to draw her or fusions w/ you own gemsona!! please do it I’d frikken die of happiness if you did


crystals for self love 🌹✨
Rose quartz for self love. Rhodochrosite helps to raise your self-esteem and sense of self-worth by increasing self love. Rhodonite has a powerful healing vibration. Helps to keeps our heart and heart chakra grounded.
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Welp seeing as I most likely won’t finish it - my gemsona Rhodonite from yonks ago! They’re a scientisty type who researches stuff and so they’re fairly respected in the ranks of homeworld * or at the very least not questioned in their methods *. So they are free to do whatever they like so long as it gets results. This particular one likes to make their obstacles disappear in an explosion : >.

sharonn00dles  asked:

Ciao! Could I get a colour pallette for an iolite, a Rhodonite and a fusion of them? Thank you ever so much if you can do it

First of all, that’s a beautiful profile picture. Second of all, yes you can get some color palettes! Here’s your Iolite!

Here’s the reference image!

And now, here’s Rhodonite!

And here’s their reference image!

As for the fusion of them, I would recommend a Purple Dragon Vein Agate. They have the vein design of a Rhodonite as well as a combination of both pink and purple!

And here’s the color palette for their fusion!

I hope this helped you!

-Mod Charoite 

Stone Properties Part 1

Jade- helps with balance and serenity even in chaos. 

Nephrite Jade- helps with emotional balance and stability.

Adventurine- boosts optimism, balance and calmness. 

Moss Agate- abundance in crops and prosperity. Put one in your garden or flower pot to help your plants grow.

Tiger Iron- clarity, clarity of knowledge, and artistic ability. It is good for when you are trying to figure out the property of a rock or plant while only relying on intuition. 

Yellow Jasper- aids in social issues. Protects against petty gossip and fights against self consciousness.  

Golden Tiger’s Eye- helps with stability, willpower and grounding. 

Blue Tiger’s Eye- helps with integrity, honesty and communication.

Mahogany Obsidian- boosts gentleness and friendliness.

Rhodonite- helps with self control.