• mcu rhodey:accomplished military officer, aeronautical engineer, capable hero who has consistently proven his worth, near constant presence in tony's life since they were in college, all around good guy
  • mcu sam:accomplished military officer, special operative who knows how to work classified equipment, capable hero who helped take down a quazi-nazi organization, offers to help steve find bucky despite the fact that he has no personal stake in the matter, all around good guy
  • mcu loki:villian of not one but three movies, killed his biological father, strong evidence he killed his adoptive father, tried to kill his brother multiple times, tried to kill phil coulson, threatened natasha romanoff, took away the autonomy of two people, mistrusted by literally everyone, complicated moral character who lacked the redemptive arc of his 616 counterpart, not an all around good guy
  • mcu fans:writes 1000000000 fics about loki becoming an avenger

Things fandom needs to know about Rhodey

  • He’s met all the Avengers in MCU already
  • He’s good friends with Clint Barton in the comics
  • He’s an Avenger in the comics
  • He’s a founding member of an Avengers team in the comics
  • He’s friends with Steve Rogers (yes, outside of their relationships with Tony Stark)
  • He’s been Iron Man multiple times
  • He’s run Stark’s company before
  • He’s has multiple solo books (so, yes, there are stories about Rhodey out there)
  • He does not revolve around the military
  • He doesn’t exist to be your ship cheerleader
  • He doesn’t exist to be your ship’s enemy
  • He’d probably have a threesome with Tony if the opportunity presented itself (he and tony have canonically agreed to this in the comics so this is relevant)


can we please remember some things about james rhodes
  • he received both his bachelor’s and master’s from MIT
  • he’s an aviation engineer
  • works in the air force in weapons development (Iron Man)
  • was the one asked to arm War Machine, indicating deep skill and knowledge of military grade weapons and technology
  • is asked to review Hammer’s weapons, indicating ditto
  • knows exactly how to replace the palladium chips in the arc reactor, indicating that tony trusts him with more complicated tech that goes in tony’s body

in conclusion, we should all appreciate Rhodey’s genius ass