• Loki: [to Tony] No, I think you're damaged, delusional and believe in a higher power. In your case, it's yourself. And somebody loves you. Oh, if I had to punch that face...
  • Loki: [looks over at Rhodey] ... I'd avoid your nose and teeth, too.

let’s talk about James Rupert Rhodes, outside of his friendship with Tony Stark

he’s a Colonel in the Air Force. he graduated MIT. he’s a genius in his own right. and while Tony built it, he flies War Machine. here’s a black man who is well respected in the military; a soldier who risks his life and fights terrorists as a job. he’s an avenger by himself.

y’all, he’s more than just Tony Stark’s best friend! he’s amazing in his own right!! please! remember Rhodey! 

So Tony owns the Avengers merchandising rights and he starts pushing them hard, and there’s a lot of crappy stories going around, accusing him of being money-grubbing and making a dime anywhere he can.

Only it comes out pretty quick that a.) Tony doesn’t see a dime of the money, all the profit is going to children’s advocacy charities or something along those lines. And b.) Tony really only did this, it’s evidently clear, so he could completely deck out his life in War Machine merchandise.

He hasn’t been seen in anything but his War Machine hoodie in a month and a half now. His sunglasses are War Machine. He has a War Machine bobble-head on his desk. When he visits kids in hospitals, he brings them War Machine-themed toys.

Rhodey is horrifically embarrassed but also really, really pleased and maybe just a little bit more in love than he was before, as hard as that might be to believe (although if he could just get Tony to wash that sweatshirt now, that would be great. It’s starting to get gross).

“This job… we try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody.”


Looking at yourself in the mirror, you have to hand it to the two female Avengers. You look stunning. While you had chosen your dress, they had worked on your hair and makeup for an hour.

And now you can’t stop looking at yourself. This is the biggest change from your usual style: Jeans, button downs, and your hair in a messy ponytail with glasses perched on your nose. You’re the team’s technical analyst and public manager, so it’s not like you NEED to dress up for anything. But tonight there’s a gala, so you kind of have no choice.

If you’re being honest, you can’t remember the last time you’ve worn a dress in your life.

Now, looking at yourself dressed in the sparkling, (f/c) fabric, your heart is filled with a sort of lightness. You smile to yourself and spin around, watching the skirt swish around you. You feel so pretty.

After pulling on your shoes, you exit your room and start your way down the hall to meet the rest of the team in the living area. The beautiful, soft fabric swishes around your legs pleasantly, and the weight of the dress sits perfectly with your feelings right now.

When you reach the living area you freeze in your tracks, glancing nervously around at your team. “What?”

All of their eyes are wide as they stare at you, none of them uttering a single word. You shift uncomfortably under their gazes, and Steve swallows nervously. “You look beautiful, (y/n).”

You blush, shifting again. “Thank you.” When none of them move or speak, you clear your throat. “Come on, we can’t be late.”

  • Tony: I have three overprotective boyfriends, trust me, I don't need more people to take care of me.
  • Rhodey: Since Bucky and Steve are on a mission, and T'Challa is in Wakanda, I have valid reasons to be worried.