okay though show of hands who here’s excited for vision and rhodey

because you’d have this tension on rhodey’s side of things because vision’s a reminder, whether he knows it or not -

there’d be no vision without ultron, and ultron existed because ultimately the only person tony stark trusted to keep the world safe was himself, not the other avengers, not shield and not rhodey

not that he sees it that way - tony would call it responsibility, or doing everything he could, and he trusts rhodey with his own life - but whether he’s aware of it or not he doesn’t trust rhodey to do his actual job and yeah, that stings a little.

but astro boy’s on the team now, one way or another, and it’s not like it’s his fault he exists

and sometimes he still sounds a little bit like jarvis, and rhodey wonders if he remembers monitoring satellite feeds and radio chatter for three months looking for any sign of tony in the desert and answering rhodey’s queries with i’m sorry, sir.

can we please remember some things about james rhodes
  • he received both his bachelor’s and master’s from MIT
  • he’s an aviation engineer
  • works in the air force in weapons development (Iron Man)
  • was the one asked to arm War Machine, indicating deep skill and knowledge of military grade weapons and technology
  • is asked to review Hammer’s weapons, indicating ditto
  • knows exactly how to replace the palladium chips in the arc reactor, indicating that tony trusts him with more complicated tech that goes in tony’s body

in conclusion, we should all appreciate Rhodey’s genius ass