Can we just talk about how nice it is to have a multiple black men in a film that are fully fleshed out characters with different personalities and opinions.

 I know Luke Cage isn’t in the film (he’s still in the universe, though), but he’s one of my favorite black male characters on TV at the moment and he reminds me of the same reasons I love Finn. He’s not that Overly-Masculine Black Male stereotype. Sure, he’s got big muscles, but he’s sweet and like a puppy that you just want to care for.

Now let’s get some more awesome “Move or be moved” Women of Color in here.


col. james rupert rhodes, war machine, rhodey, a disabled black superhero with unshakable faith in his actions because the decisions he made are not for himself, but for the world, who understands that you cannot force your protection upon the people, you need to work with them, rhodey who truly planted himself like a tree beside the river of truth, the truth that in situations like these you truly do need to compromise, no matter how much the personal cost, the one who never placed his own importance of being a hero over the wants and needs and the VOICES of the very people he swore to serve and protect. James. Rupert. Rhodes. 

Rhodey is the only person Tony lets in to see him at his very worst, very lowest, as well as at his best.

Tony has known Rhodey since he was a teenager, going to MIT. Rhodey was the first friend he’d ever really had that wasn’t on the Stark payroll, that wasn’t friends with him out of obligation or greed.

Rhodey was there for him after his parent’s deaths, after Edwin Jarvis’s death.

He was there when Tony took control of SI a few months later.

Rhodey found him after months and months of hopeless searching. Rhodey is the one that continued to search when everyone else told him to give up, that Stark was dead. Rhodey’s the one that brought him home.

Rhodey doesn’t care if Tony calls him sourpatch or honeybear. He doesn’t care that he programmed himself as “The Starkster” in his phone with that annoying ringtone. He laughs at his dumb jokes, even at a Senate committee hearing. 

Rhodey’s there for him after Obie’s betrayal. There for him when his drinking got out of control. There for him when he thought he was dying. 

Rhodey’s always there for Tony, always has his back.

Wired Magazine, June 2016

It doesn’t take long for the media to get their grubby noses in Rhodey’s business, so he decides to talk about his disability on his own terms.

The trash rags, meanwhile, focus on the fact he’s standing on the cover, and as you can imagine, become obsessed with finding evidence he’s faking his injury.

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