The Rhodesian Air Force’s COIN demon, the Cessna Skymaster (known as the “Lynx” to the RAF). Armed with dual .303 machine guns mounted over the wings, the Lynx was best known for a nasty weapon known as the “Frantan”. Made from deactivated fragmentation bombs and filled with rejected aviation fuel and soap flakes, these homegrown napalm bombs were the preferred weapon for attacking targets hidden in the bush.

well, here we are! The Dream Daddy: Dog AU, as promised.(pls click for HD!)
This took a very very long time to make and I put in lost of effort to keep a cartoony yet semi-realistic style for the dog-dads!

I hope you enjoy <3 
Commissions are Open! Requests regarding the Dream Daddy Dogs as well!

if anyone is curious the breeds used are:
king shepard, afghan hound, akita inu, golden retriver, rhodesian ridgeback, giant schnauzer, and great st. bernhard (in that order left to right!)


untitled-67 copy by Marina Plevako


Rhodesia was, at one point, the most successful and developed country in all of Southern Africa. The Rhodesian Bush War wasn’t a civil race war. It was a cold war gone hot scenario where communist ZANU forces (lead by the current Zimbabwean leader Mugabe) were repelled time and time again by both Native Rhodesians and Colonial (white) Rhodesians until news outlets like those in America had falsely interpreted the Rhodesian conflict to be racially motivated. The country was forced by the UN to hold an election which Ian Smith won against Robert Mugabe. The UN then forced another election to which the ZANU had threatened to kill native Rhodesians who voted for Ian Smith again. Mugabe won and they held a co-op tp which both Smith and Mugabe had held office, until Mugabe forced him to step down.

Tl;dr, Rhodesia was not a racist regime. Rhodesia has never been a racist regime.
Rhodesia =/= South Africa.

Races of The Elder Scrolls as dogs and cats

Imperial - Weimaraner

Breton - Scottish Deerhound

Redguard - Rhodesian Ridgeback

Nord - Jämthund

Altmer (High Elf) - Oriental Shorthair

Bosmer (Wood Elf) - Abyssinian

Dunmer (Dark Elves) - Ukrainian Levkoy

Orsimer (Orcs) - Pallas’s Cat

Khajiit - This Cat

Argonian - ???