hey dogblr

what can i do to get my dog to stop showing aggression around young children? he used to be fine around them, but now for some reason he’s started snapping and growling at them? 

idk maybe it’s something to do with them being on his eye level, but i’ve got to do something about this. he’s a BIG ASS DOG, lol; he’s a rhodesian ridgeback mixed with weinmaraner, and i’ll include a picture because i’m a proud mom and i love him

him smoosh lol

please help me and my poobear

edit: i live in jamaica. no i can’t call a dog behavioralist. is there anything i can do in terms of training him at home? i already do my best to keep him away from any visiting young kids but other than that idk

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This handsome goof is Jason. He’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback-Shepherd mix, a rescue from a kill shelter in Virginia, and the best bratty little brother anyone could ask for.


Jupiter, Labrador Retriever/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix (13 y/o), Napili Bay, Lahaina, HI • “He’s from the pound – he was a jumper, a sniffer, a barker, and a digger. Then we brought him to the beach and all of that went away. We got lucky with him.” • “He’s like a lifeguard – he likes watching over everyone.”