rhodes to the future

mcu au where tony gets de-aged, and suddenly the avengers have a sulky teenage stark and no idea how to Deal With Him

they call rhodes for help within two hours

when he shows up tony recognizes him immediately, even tho this man is 40+ yrs old and greying and much more serious-looking than his rhodey

he blurts out: “we’re still friends?”

“tones. you’re my best friend.”

and tony might be a skinny little runt of a teen but he still almost manages to knock rhodey over when he leaps right into his arms

She is still pretty young but starting to look like a looker nonetheless. I think she rather liked me and now I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a thing for me. The knee breeches are cut tight to show off my crotch at its best, and the uniform – worn by everyone but Dad at these court functions – seems to have caught the polite eye of the young heir.
—  22-year-old future President John F. Kennedy, writing in 1939 to his friend (and future U.S. Senator from Rhode Island Claiborne Pell), on his interaction with the 13-year-old future Queen Elizabeth II at a royal function for diplomats hosted by King George VI that JFK attended (in traditional court dress) alongside his father, U.S. Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy. 

Another addition to the growing cast of Supernatural Next Generation! 😍👶

OMG Jared 😂😂😂 (x)

P.S your kids already have the Ackles kids to match up with 😜🙊


J2 GOLD San Francisco 2016

This picture surfaced online of Cody Rhodes at the funeral of Elijah Mainville. Elijah was Cody’s friend, and became known to the wrestling world as future WWE Superstar Drax Shadow. Rhodes cancelled 5 European dates and missed out on potentially thousands of dollars to pay his respects to Mainville and his family.

Good guy Cody, indeed. Rest in peace, Elijah.

Don’t fear the darkness, fear the Shadow!

also before i go frantically work on my CPBB out of excitement i want to talk about the new AU idea i had

so ya see what had happened was I started a new job: I now work at a diner. 

(you can already see where this is going, can’t you?)

Bitty’s shift started at 11PM. He’ll only be waiting tables for part of it, he knows, so he’s really been trying to turn up the charm, because there’s a new set of figure skates he’s got his eye on, and he’s only about $100 dollars away from being able to afford them. 

The door opens, and Bitty doesn’t even turn to look. He keeps on clearing his last table and uses his cheeriest voice. It’s only 1AM; he hasn’t even had to have coffee yet. 

“Have a seat wherever you’d like, I’ll be with you in just a sec!”

Normally, he can hear movement after this. Instead, there’s nothing. Bin full of dishes and table wiped down, he turns to look, only to find Falconer Jack Zimmermann standing there, shifting nervously. 

“Just you, hon?” He asks, moving to put the dish bin in the window so Nursey can grab it. Zimmermann nods, and Bitty goes ahead and pours him a glass of water. Probably best to pretend he doesn’t recognize him, he decides. Must get enough of that during the day, and already he seems unsettled. “Why don’t you sit at the counter, then. You’ll get a better look at the pies, that way.” He pauses. “Course, they aren’t fresh. They’re yesterdays. I normally start makin’ the next days around four.” Zimmermann nods, taking a drink of his water. 

“Here’s a menu; just let me know when you’re ready to order.” As he grabs one of the silverware bins to start folding forks and knifes into napkins, he turns back to Zimmermann. “D’ya want some coffee, hon?”

“Decaf, please.” 

Bitty pours the cup, leaving a little room for cream, just as a guess. If nothing else, he figures, he’ll probably get a good tip. Might make up for the lack of good conversation. 

CP AU where Bitty moved to Providence to go to culinary school, and ended up making pies and waiting tables at the Broad Street Diner. He’s not really sure how it happened, either, but he loves his job and his bosses, Hall and Murray, let him choose the whole dessert menu, and use the ovens for a bit of his personal baking, so Bitty doesn’t question it. (He does some days wonder why he doesn’t know their real names. Johnson, their nighttime cashier, just tells him something about how “the author didn’t feel like making up names, and it’s not like their important enough characters to really need them in either story.” Bitty doesn’t ever understand what Johnson is saying, or what Johnson does. Again, he doesn’t question his job, much.)

In our crew, there are some real hard workers. 

  • SHITTY - Daytime cashier and night time dishboy. He’s somehow able to pull himself together enough during the day to charm all the old people they get, and at night he keeps morale high by making a complete fool of himself. In a pinch, he can work the line, as long as you don’t mind listening to rants about how “even though it’s ingrained in our minds that women are supposed to cook for men, all the highest paid chefs in professional kitchens are men,” while you’re trying to cook sixteen eggs five different ways at once. Holster can handle this. Ransom CANNOT. He’s taking classes at community college when he can afford them, because he was tired of living off his father’s money. 
  • LARDO - Part-time server, full-time straggler. She got hired because she was always coming in at night and sitting at the counter, working on her drawings. Shitty suggested that she apply to work weeknights, because they’re normally slow enough that she’d have time to draw anyway. So she did, and now she can afford to use slightly nicer paint. She and Shitty may have a thing, but no one’s brave enough to ask either of them. She does all the menu boards when she’s not in class at Rhode Island School of Design.
  • RANSOM - Part-time cook, full-time future doctor. He’s finishing up his last year of pre-med, and cooking at the diner is less a way to make money, for him, and more a way to force himself to stop thinking about school. Can’t think about biochem when you’re ears deep in tickets and trying not to kill your dishwasher.
  • HOLSTER - Full-time cook, graduated with a degree in Economics. He’s waiting until Ransom finishes school and chooses a med school before he starts looking for a real job. Can’t really move somewhere without your best bro, can you? (And by best bro, we mean boyfriend. Probably. No one’s really sure, honestly.)
  • DEX - Full-time server, part-time handy man. He doesn’t really know what he wants to study, so he’s working at the diner until he figures that out. Hall and Murray pay him extra to do maintenance on all the kitchen equipment. He’s the one who you get yelled at by, if you forget to clean a cold table all the way, because he’s the one who’s gotta get in there and deep-clean them once a month. Spends too much of the time he could be stocking arguing with Nursey. 
  • NURSEY - Part-time dishwasher, full-time English Major, over-time pretentious asshat (if you ask Dex). Doesn’t need this job, but likes to use what he sees as inspiration for his writing. Was hired as a server, but after he dropped six plates his first day, he was moved to the back of the house. He still drops plates, but at least now they don’t have food on them that has to be remade. 
  • CHOWDER - Part-time server. He’s like, so excited to have this job? He thinks it’s going to be really great experience. What? No, he doesn’t want to work in food service. He just? Really likes talking to people. Spills water every once in awhile, but is always to polite and apologetic that no one has ever gotten mad at him. An awful customer once started yelling at him, and his fake crying was so convincing that the customer started crying and left a $20 tip on a $15 order. Seems sweet, is secretly a little evil. 
  • JOHNSON - “It feels weird to have been such an important role. Like, I don’t even really fit into the narrative, yet, as far as the author knows, and yet here I am, getting my own bullet point. I think I’m just supposed to serve as a break between the employees and the customers? I work as the night time cashier on all the slow nights, because Shitty has school in the morning. I may also make the donuts? Who knows. Anyway, I’m not really important to the story, probably. Maybe. We don’t really know anything, yet. There’s no plot and a lot of world building.” (Bitty doesn’t know who Johnson is talking to, from his seat at the cash register. It’s 3AM and the place is empty. What a weirdo.)
  • JACK ZIMMERMANN - Full-time hockey player, part-time patron. Sometimes, when his anxiety is keeping him up, he does walking. during one of those walks, he comes across the Broad Street Diner, and decides that he could really used some pancakes. (Not that this place will have real maple syrup, of course.) So he goes inside, and there is the cutest server he’s ever seen, who makes the best pie he’s ever tasted. It takes him twenty minutes to decide that he’s going to become a regular at this dumb little place. 

And that’s all I’ve got so far folks but I love this AU with my heart so 


The best friend and cousin of the Queen, Margaret Rhodes has died aged 91, Buckingham Palace confirmed today.

Mrs Rhodes passed away on Friday night following a short illness. It is believed that the Queen had visited her regularly over the past few weeks.

Buckingham Palace has said it will not be issuing a statement because it is a private matter, although the Queen has sent her condolences to the family.

An insider told the Sunday Express: “The Queen will be devastated to have lost her best friend. She grew up with Mrs Rhodes and they had so much shared history. They remained close throughout the Queen’s reign and Her Majesty continued to be a regular visitor at Mrs Rhodes’s Windsor home until very recently.”

“One of the disadvantages of the Queen having such a long life is that she has had to say goodbye to so many dear friends and relatives.”

“It is such a sad loss for Her Majesty, Mrs Rhodes’s family and everyone in the royal household. She was an extraordinary woman.”

Born Margaret Elphinstone, Mrs Rhodes was the youngest daughter of Sidney Elphinstone, the 16th Lord Elphinstone and his wife Lady Mary Bowes-Lyon - sister to the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

The Queen and Mrs Rhodes have been close friends since childhood and were only 10 months apart in age. They spent regular holidays together growing up and during the Second World War Mrs Rhodes lived alongside the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, when she studied at secretarial school and then worked as a secretary for MI6.

In 1947 Mrs Rhodes was one of eight bridesmaids at the future Queen’s wedding to Lt Philip Mountbatten, now the Duke of Edinburgh.

She married the writer Denys Gravenor Rhodes in 1950, with Princess Margaret as one of the bridesmaids. The couple brought up two sons and two daughters in Devon.

When Mr Rhodes was diagnosed with cancer, the Queen offered the couple the Garden House in Windsor Great Park so they could be closer to London for treatment. Mr Rhodes died in 1981 and his widow remained there.

The cousins remained so close that they would take tea together every Sunday after church when the Queen was in Windsor.

In 1991, Mrs Rhodes became Woman of the Bedchamber, a mixture of lady-in-waiting and companion, to her aunt, the Queen Mother, until her death in 2002. That year the Queen appointed Mrs Rhodes Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order (LVO).

In her 2011 autobiography, The Final Curtsey, she described how as teenagers she and her royal cousins slipped out of Buckingham Palace on May 8, 1945, and celebrated VE Day with the crowds in The Mall, inspiring the 2015 film A Royal Night Out.

She also revealed how the future Queen did the conga through the palace and sang until 2am on VJ Day.

Scott Hall [1984]

The future Razor Ramon debuted in Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF). This was a part of the NWA at the time, and sure enough, his first feud was against a fellow future legend, Dusty Rhodes, who had already made quite a name for himself. A year later, Hall formed a tag team with Dan Spivey that was known as the (get a load of this) American Starship, with Hall going by Starship Coyote and Spivey as Starship Eagle. They wore big bright masks, furry boots, and ripped their shirts off when they got in the ring.


Leap of Faith: Arrow 5X03 Review (A Matter of Trust)

I am not a wrestling fan. The WWE is where Stephen and I go separate ways. Well… WWE and Ninja Turtles. So, I was a little nervous about Cody Rhodes.  I didn’t know if this was going to turn into the WWE round 2, but it turns out that Mr. Rhodes can ACT. Who knew right? I see a future for you sir post wrestling. Think about it.

Arrow finally delved into Felicity’s PTSD storyline a little deeper. How Arrow has presented Felicity’s S5 storyline in the press has been one of many hot button issues in the fandom.  My number one rule whenever is comes to Arrow is “wait and watch.” Thus far, Arrow hasn’t let me down this season.

Let’s dig in…

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