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Rhodes Scholar - NFL player Neurosurgeon

Myron Rolle was drafted by the Titans in 2010 and though he never played in a regular season game, he was on the practice squad for both the Titans and later the Steelers.

Rolle retired in 2013 to attend the Florida State University College of Medicine where he is a member of the class of 2017.

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Malcolm X at Oxford with Eric Abrahams, the Student Union president, before addressing university students on the subject of extremism and liberty on December 3, 1964.

Eric Abrahams was a Jamaican Rhodes Scholar who came to St. Peter’s College, Oxford, in 1962, to study Law. He served as President of the Oxford Union in Michaelmas Term 1964 (the second student from the Caribbean to hold that office). Abrahams invited Malcolm X to speak at the Union debate and he also participated. 

Reigning Madness – Chapter 43


Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: None

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Shannon’s POV

   Whoever was pounding on my door didn’t seem like they were going to go away. I was trying to find where my pants had been thrown after I had hastily pulled them off earlier but I wasn’t having any luck. Even though it was probably just Emma I didn’t think she’d appreciate the sight of me naked so I called out to whoever was on the other side to wait just a damn minute and kept looking. Kami finally came out of the bathroom and, seeing my frantic search, quickly produced my missing trousers from behind a chair and then went to answer the door herself.

   “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize Shannon had company,” I heard Caroline spluttering from the hallway.

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Any Billary anecdote you've heard or read about that you'd like to share?

Always! Here’s an excerpt from Webb Hubbell’s book, Friends in High Places (one of my favorite books on the Clintons, which I have revisited this week thanks to a reminder from a friendly anon). 

It describes Webb’s first encounter with a young Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham in Fayetteville in the summer of 1973, as they sat outdoors waiting to write the Arkansas bar. While I think some of his memory may be a bit fictionalized, and informed by what he came to see as the give-and-take of their marriage dynamic… I think it’s a sweet little excerpt, and I love the picture it paints:

        I’ll never forget my first image of Bill. We had filled our blue books for the morning session and had come outside for a break, even though the Little Rock humidity was enough to wilt us. There was a grassy area with big rocks that people congregated in, and that’s where Bill was holding court. He was tall and lean, with a bushy mop of dark brown hair that swooped down and covered his ears like he was wearing a helmet, and he was standing in the center of a circle of people who were listening to him talk.

I wasn’t close enough to hear what he was saying, but he seemed intense and charming at the same time. He would gesture with his hands, furrow his brow—and then he would cock his head and smile a kind of off-center smile that would make the people listening smile and laugh with him. He seemed to have them, his audience, and he could do anything he wanted with them. 

Hillary was sitting next to him on a big rock. She wasn’t listening to him; she was studying. He was talking; she was thinking. I remember she had frizzy hair and thick, round glasses, and she was wearing jeans and a light blue sweatshirt with the word YALE on the front of it. Under the wild hair and behind the glasses, there was something oddly attractive about her. She was quiet, and there was a power in that. 

At one point she reached over and gently tugged at Bill’s sleeve. She didn’t look up, didn’t implore—she simply tugged at his sleeve as if to say, ‘Okay, time to stop talking and start studying’. In a minute or so, he did just that. 

I was standing with a couple of friends. 

“Who is that?” I asked, nodding toward the boy with the bushy hair. 

One of my friends was Bobby Hargraves.

“That’s Bill Clinton,” he said. “He’s from Yale, he’s a Rhodes scholar, he’s going to go up to Fayetteville and teach. He’s brilliant.” 

“Who’s she?” I said, meaning the girl on the rock. Hargraves laughed. 

“Well,” he said. “The rumor is, she’s his brains.” 

One of the first times Ronan Farrow got positively on my radar was during an interview that happened right after he became a Rhodes Scholar, way, way before he started talking openly about sexual abuse,  where he was asked about his relationship with his father.

He said, “I have no relationship with my father. I try to be a moral person and I can’t have a relationship with someone like my father.” 

And the interviewer somehow had the audacity to push back on that,  his response was some variation on, “You know that he is married to my sister right?”

And I guess it says something positive about how the conversation about abuse has progressed in the past 8 years or so that this response was then considered somewhat shocking and judgy. 

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do you watch friends? there was a scene where phoebe complains that she's 30 but still hasn't had the perfect kiss. joey runs out of the coffee shop, kisses her & then says "now you can say you've had your perfect kiss." it was quite sweet. can you write a mini klaroline prompt based off that?

Thanks for the prompt nonnie and I’m sorry this took so long to do, I actually had it half written then managed to delete it and have had trouble getting the motivation again. And yes I adore Friends and this scene : )

I also want to tag @thenerdyunhealthybrit who gave me a Friends drabble prompt AGES ago and I never got around to it. Hope this will suffice, luv : )

I’ll Be There For You

“Well, that’s three months of my life I’ll never get back,” Caroline sighed, flopping onto the café’s couch next to Bonnie defeatedly.

“And another one bites the dust,” Enzo murmured, not even bothering to look up from his newspaper as Kol began to hum the melody of the aforementioned Queen song.

“It’s a little too early for your poor excuse of a comedy duo sketch, isn’t it?” She scowled in their direction. “Urgh. What’s wrong with me?”

“Well…” Kol began.

“You’re not being helpful,” Bonnie chided, giving her boyfriend a knowing look.

“She makes it too easy,” he argued, poking out his tongue.

“I meant,” she replied tersely, choosing to ignore his usually childish behaviour. “Why do I always pick the wrong guys?”

“I thought James was perfect relationship material,” Elijah offered, mimicking her premature and totally unfounded predictions and calmly taking a sip of his tea. “If I recall correctly he’s a lawyer, Harvard Rhode Scholar, has an impressive stock portfolio and likes the opera.”

“You really should have known from that opera nonsense,” Klaus interjected.  

Caroline turned to give the middle Mikaelson a weary glance. When they’d first met the Mikaelson siblings after Kol and Bonnie began to date all those years ago, his crimson lips and dimples had disarmed her briefly but then she found out just what an arrogant smartass and womaniser he was and the spell was well and truly broken. 

“It’s times like these I wish you’d not listen to anything I say just like your brothers,” Caroline said to Elijah, while choosing to ignore Klaus. She figured that unusual perceptiveness he possessed was due to Katherine’s influence over the eldest brother since they’d recently begun dating.

“Well, he must have done something wrong,” Katherine observed, snatching the last salted caramel macaron before Enzo could get his greedy hands on it. 

“Oh yeah, he did.”

“Oh, let me guess,” Rebekah offered. “He couldn’t dance like that Max fellow with the two left feet? 

“Yeah, you had bruises for weeks from memory,” Klaus shared.  

“No, it has to be Sam and his questionable fashion choices,” Enzo observed. “But between you and me, I don’t mind a good turtleneck. It can get a little nippy in New York City in the winter, after all.”

“Turtlenecks haven’t been in fashion for a long time and anyone who’d pay so little for a suit needs to have his head examined,” Klaus interjected again. 

“No, it had to of been the laugh,” Kol chuckled. “Do we all remember Nathan and that weird noise he emitted that sounded like a dinosaur dying?” 

“How in the world do you know what a dying dinosaur sounds like?” Katherine baulked. 

“I concur with Kol’s comments, just this once.” Klaus mumbled. For someone who showed zero interest in her love life certainly had a lot of unexpected opinions.

“You have to admit, it was pretty bad,” Bonnie whispered, not quietly enough though to avoid a dirty look from her best friend. 

“Is my love life really that entertaining to everyone?”


“Kol, zip it,” Rebekah warned, slapping him across the head for extra effect and some sisterly revenge. “It can be very difficult to find a good man, believe me.”

“Well, when the woman in question is your bossy, big sister then it’s not that surprising,” Kol shrugged. 

“Enzo? Are you going to defend me here?” She baulked, looking to her boyfriend who was still immersed in his newspaper. 

“You let him get to you every time, darling. You know just saying,” he murmured, his hand finding hers comfortingly. 

“Don’t take any notice,” Katherine said. “He’s hopped up on caffeine. As soon as he’s coming down from his high we can all pester him incessantly and pepper him with retaliatory insults.”

Caroline wasn’t unfamiliar with their usual banter and while she mostly found it entertaining, today she wasn’t in the mood. When would she find the guy who was going to change her perception on things, challenge her daily and give her the perfect kiss she’d craved? Call her a pathetic romantic but she’d been waiting for that kiss for almost thirty years and right now wasn’t sure it would ever happen. 

Her birthday was coming up in a month and it had taken all her strength to stay with James to that point. Yes, he was perfect on the outside and she was pretty sure would kill any job interview or parental interrogation but she wanted more. She wanted her perfect kiss and couldn’t wait any longer. She was running against the clock, after all. 

“Care?” Bonnie interrupted waving her hand in front of her face. “We lost you there, which isn’t entirely unexpected in this crowd. What was wrong with him?”

“It doesn’t really matter. I suppose he just wasn’t right for me,” she mumbled, feeling the hot water welling in her eyes and dreading having to explain her sudden reaction. “I actually need to get to work.” Before anyone could object she left, pulling her coat across her chest to ward off the winter chill.  

“Caroline,” he shouted, she’d know that familiar accent anywhere given its ability to cause a few niggling sensations down below. Why did her name have to sound so good rolling off his tongue? “Wait up.”

“What do you want Klaus?” She growled, turning around on her heel quickly and somehow finding herself rubbing against his chest teasingly, those necklaces in full view peaking out teasingly beneath his familiar henley. 

“What was wrong with him?”


“You didn’t say, no doubt due to my brother’s lack of tact as usual.”

“Oh come on, it’s growing on me,” she shot back sarcastically. 

“That’s when I know you’re delirious,” Klaus joked. Caroline was trying to ignore just how handsome he looked in that charcoal, fitted jacket and dark jeans. 

“And you must be too wanting to know about my latest relationship, I mean you’ve barely batted an eyelid.”

“Not sure where you’ve been all this time, love,” he smiled. Moving closer and fastening a stray lock of hair behind her ear, surprisingly her slightly. “Now, what did that ass do exactly and should I kick his ass?”

She was momentarily winded, struggling to breath because he felt so warm against her body and his spicy aftershave so enticing as it filled her nostrils. 

“All I wanted was the perfect kiss before I turned thirty, let’s just say he couldn’t oblige.” She noticed a slight tugging at the corners of his mouth, afraid she’d summonsed the arrogant monster from within.

“I can’t promise perfect but I’d be willing to try and help you out?” She was frozen now, wondering exactly what this would mean for their friendship but his close proximity only made her want him more. She figured you were only thirty once and as his mouth covered hers she realised just how good it felt. 

His lips massaged hers, slowly at first, almost like Klaus was relishing in the initial contact as Caroline melted into his embrace. She felt his tongue slip into into her warm and waiting mouth. She groaned against his lips unable to stifle the unfamiliar feelings he’d caused from just one kiss. 

The sound of a car horn broke them from their reverie and moving apart, albeit reluctantly. They continued to stare, their blue eyes unwavering their breathing slightly ragged. 

“I suppose I should, uh, get going,” Caroline said, finally managing to find her voice. 

“I suppose you should then, love,” Klaus smiled, those dimples making a sudden appearance.  She managed to tear away her gaze and make her way down the sidewalk even if her legs felt like jelly and her heart was racing that much faster. 

Fast forward three years and her friends relished in telling that particular story at their wedding reception but both the bride and groom liked to argue who really was the one to make the first move and if in fact it was the perfect kiss. 

Caroline liked to play her cards close to her chest to avoid inflating that already impressive ego but Klaus figured he had the winning hand given she’d agreed to marry him at all. 

Break The Rules - Mieczyslaw Stilinski Imagine (pt 5)

REQUESTED: Nooo, but I had massive ideas for this, so I’m writing it just to get those ideas out.

WARNINGS: Swearing, sexual tension

SUMMARY: Training heats up, and as it does, so does the sexual tension between you and Stiles. The girls sit down and interrogate you, but there’s someone listening in to every word you say…

NOTES: Direct continuation of pt 4, which you can find here.

Goes along with the plot for 1x03 “Cover”, after the horizontal line (not the “Keep Reading” section).

I’ve finally finished the majority of my work ready for school in two weeks! Perks of being a Year 13, I don’t start back till the 11th woo!

Also, I broke up with my boyfriend, because I didn’t feel it would be fair to him not being able to see me for ages because of our busy schedules, and the fact we live so far from each other. We agreed to stay friends though, thankfully.

Anyways, enough about me. Hope you enjoy the story!

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I’ve hit 100 followers on this sideblog, and it seems like a fair number of you at least aren’t weird spambots! Yay! So while I’m watching a docudrama for chapter seven research purposes and scoffing creme eggs, here’s a rough version of a scene that got cut from Blackbird ch. 5, in which Victor answers the phone at Yuuri’s flat for the first time.

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If Teddy Grant wrote to asktheread@gmail.com (#Scandal)

This is satire based on the ultra dramatic letters listeners of the podcast, The Read, send in every week. If you listen to the show, you will understand the spirit in which this is written. 



Dear Crissle and Kid Fury,

I am probably one of your youngest Readers (get it ^_^ ::wiggle::?), as you can see from the pictures I included. You’ll need them to fully grasp the situation I’m gonna lay out for you. I know you think that my young ears have no business listening to your show. In my defense, my mommy nanny, Marta, listens to The Read all of the time.   Marta takes care of me because my bitch ass parents are too busy fucking other people plotting each other’s demise.  

About that, I need your help. I have damn near reached the end of my crayon with everyone in this big, white house.  (Side note: I’m actually typing this on Marta’s iPad while she takes a nap.  Ain’t that some shit? I literally ran circles around her and she’s the one who’s tuckered out.  Oh, don’t worry about my command of the English language at such an early age. I’m the product of a Rhodes Scholar and former partner of a law firm, so obviously I’ve got my shit together. I just keep it private).

From what I can tell, my mom has hated my dad for infinite  X  my existence. I knew something wasn’t right before I even arrived on the scene. I have a single in-utero memory that is very strong—it was a warning text from Blue Ivy that read:

Next thing I knew, I was sliding down my mama’s thighs earlier than I was ready for. I found out that she induced labor to keep my dad from filing for a divorce…even though she thinks he ain’t shit and she’s the reason he exists.  So forth and so on. She’s even tried to play me like a pawn on a number of occasions against my dad. I know what you’re thinking: Teddy, your daddy is a fuck boy. Why would he threaten divorce against a super swole pregnant woman? Well, besides the fact that it’s War of The Roses up in this bitch most of the time between the two of them, my dad is in love with another woman. For, like, years and years from what I pick up. He’s been on his Drake steez (another artist Marta loves!) since before I got here—making her promises, dickin’ her down properly, talking about houses in Vermont, jam and caramel- colored brothers and sisters (yes, he swirls). But he’s not just a lookin’ ass ni**a  though (as Nicki Minaj would say). He actually did build that house for her. My mama doesn’t know about it. Yet.  

How does a little baby boy know all of this, you must be asking. And trust me, I’m gonna get to my actual question shortly. There’s just so much going on around here and you need to know in order to answer my question. Daddy has a very powerful job and hundreds of millions of people depend upon him every day. I know he’s not a total asshole because he’s the one who feeds me at night in his office before putting me in the bed (Marta has to go home at some point! She has children). We sometimes have daytime play dates in his office, just the two of us. They don’t tend to last long because of his job. 

When he thinks I’ve fallen asleep (I’m a muthafuckin’ ninja. These bitches don’t even know!), my dad calls his girlfriend. He puts on his velvet baritone for her. He seems really happy and calm while he’s talking to her. He even laughs sometimes. I can feel how his body relaxes when I’m fake asleep on his shoulder. But then he gets all depressed when he hangs up the phone, and then stares out the window like he ain’t got shit to do.

I wish he would just go be with her because the back and forth with him and mommy depresses me. I think the last time they had sex is when they made me. Even then my mom said he could barely get it up. Yes, she actually said this in front of me during yet another argument over how I should be fed. Can you fucking believe these people?!  At this point, I think my dad’s girlfriend might take better care of me. Then again she doesn’t seem to eat real food, so I don’t know.

Anyway, my point was my daddy is rich as fuck and could afford to give my mom whatever she wanted. But she just won’t accept a divorce from him. Sigh. She definitely thinks he’s a burden, but she seems to be really invested in his job. It makes her feel important, I guess. I think her problem is that she wants to be the most important. My mom totally doesn’t need my dad and I think she knows that. I don’t know what my mom’s afraid of. Maybe she just doesn’t want to lose? Or be alone? I’m not sure. She’s a smart, bold and beautiful woman. Not gonna lie though, the woman my dad actually loves is exquisite (how does old dude pull these ladies?!). Anyway, mommy’s known about my dad’s lover for a long time and encourages their relationship when it suits her, or if it helps daddy in his job.

My mom is no innocent either. Until recently she was getting some trim on the side. My much older sister hasn’t been the same since she saw our mom going to town on our uncle (not really our uncle but he’s been tight with my dad for a long time). She can’t even listen to Partition anymore. Just ruined.

I haven’t even gotten to the truly messed up part yet. Turns out my grandpa was the ultimate fuck boy before he died. He raped my mama back in the day before she had my older brother (who’s now dead). Not even my father knew about how big of a dick his daddy was until very recently. Guess who told him? His girlfriend. I swear on Beyoncé that this is true. My mom let the news slip out one day to her. My dad was shattered (but not surprised) that his own father did this to my mom, his wife. Mom and dad have embraced and quashed their war for now, but they still don’t wanna be together. I heard daddy’s girlfriend skipped town to get away from all this drama. I wish I had that option. Mom and dad take turns every day leaving voicemail messages for her, begging for her return…which is kinda weird. Do you see the fuckshit I’m talking about?

So here’s my question: what do you think is the best thing for everyone involved? And how can I help my parents see what is wrong with their lives?


Theodore Wallace Grant, aka Teddy

P.S. This is the kind of shit I go through. 

P.P.S Even though Marta introduced me to the show, I stan for you guys!


credits: fitz and teddy collage by livandfitz


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Good job overall NYC, as you said you don't control him. It's unbelievable he's this stupid and can't see the games being played (or chooses not to!). I never took him as Rhodes scholar, but assumed he wasn't completely daft. I just can't believe PC or HM are okay with this, ESPECIALLY HM. It's surreal and if it continues, you can be sure "Republic" talks will increase. Absurd. Desperation is not an attractive quality.

True 😉