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Crowded (Chris Evans x Reader)

Request: Idk if you’re taking any requests or not but can I request a one-shot where reader is shopping at a crowded street and she slightly gets anxious at how crowded and unsafe the streets are at night then she bumps into her crush Chris Evans and he offers to be her chaperon for the night and she feels safer? Thank you

Requested By: @dramaqueenlito

Word Count: 2,342

A/N: Ok, I got a bit carried away with this, sorry it’s so long! I hope you like it.  This is my first request ever.  I wasn’t even planning on doing requests, but I got one, and I thought it was a nice little break from the series I’m working on.  Enjoy!


Thanksgiving was always a stressful time for you as it always seemed so hectic.  You were born and raised in Boston, but moved a few years ago to Newport, Rhode Island.  Being a freelance photographer was a dream job for you.  You were able to take the jobs you wanted, dictate your own schedule, and most importantly, less people to deal with.  You were always anxious around big crowds of people, which is one of the reasons you decided to move out of Boston.  Sure, you could have stayed in Massachusetts at least, but you wanted something different.  That was how you found Newport in Rhode Island.  A population of 25,000 people was much more appreciated in your eyes compared to Boston’s 673,000; and it was only an hour and 45 minute drive away.  

That’s where you found yourself for Thanksgiving, at your parents’ house, along with all your siblings. You made the drive two days ago, trying to beat that last minute rush of people; you did not want to deal with that kind of traffic.  

You were all sitting around the dining room table, eating the delicious meal you helped prepare with your mother and sister.  While Thanksgiving was stressful, you were thankful for your family and how they always supported you in what you did.  Your sister started talking about Black Friday shopping and you cringed. You didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.  Was it worth waiting in line for hours to get the cheapest brand TV, which you know would break within a year or two?  

Your sister noticed your reaction and just had to pipe in her remarks.  “Oooh, is Y/N going to be a wet blanket again and not come shopping with us?”

“Wet blanket?  Really Y/S/N?  Is that the best you could come up with?” you glared back at her.  You loved your sister of course.  You and your siblings always had that annoying “no matter how old we are we will always pick on each other” thing going on.  It was all fun and games, until someone made a bet.  You couldn’t back down from a bet.  No one in your family could; that’s just how competitive you were.

Your sister gave you a villainous grin, and you knew what was to come.  “Damnit” you scolded internally.  She was going to make a bet about going Black Friday shopping.

“I bet you couldn’t last the entire night Black Friday, without mom or me!” your sister said, loud and proud.

“And what do I get if I win?” you asked, trying not to sound too nervous.  Black Friday shopping was something you had nightmares about.  The crowds of people; congestion of bodies everywhere.  Hell, people have been trampled to death before!!  

“I will pay for anything photography related, as long as it stays below the $250 limit” your sister stated, pretty sure of herself that she would win.

You probably would have just thrown in the towel when she first announced it.  Your anxiety of crowds and crowded places at night not worth anything, until she said what your winnings would be.  Photography was not only your life, but your job, and you could always use a few upgrades to go with your camera, seeing as some of it was expensive.  You just couldn’t pass up this bet; it was too good.

“You got yourself a deal dear sister!”

“YES!  Ok, we will all ride to the mall together, but then you will split up from us.  I will be texting you ever hour for a reminder, and at that time, you have to snap a picture of yourself in front of a store.  AND it has to be a different store each time.  You can stay in the mall, or go outside to the boutiques.  I really don’t care, as long as I get a picture every hour.  Deal?”

“Deal” you say as you extend your hand across the table to shake your sisters.  A deal was never cemented until you shook on it.  

A few hours later, you were waiting in line to the mall.  Standing in a long ass line full of people, bundled up in a jacket and scarf, shivering.  The streets were littered with people.  Everywhere you looked there were people standing and walking.  It reminded you of Times Square in NYC.  Your anxiety started creeping up and you felt yourself getting restless.  The stores and malls that aligned downtown Boston would all be opening at the same time in a matter of seconds.  You felt your heart rate increase a bit as you anxiously waited, hoping the night would go by fast.  

Up ahead you heard people start to cheer and you knew the mall doors were opening.  People started pushing forwards and your breath hitched. You clung to your sisters’ hands until you made it inside the mall, and she let go.  

“It’s 11pm now Y/N, so I expect a picture the first picture of you at midnight.  Go buy some stuff while you’re out tonight” your sister says to you as she starts to speed walk deeper into the mall.

People were rushing all around you to get to their designated stores; for their damn deals. You were getting pushed around in all different directions.  You felt your breathing becoming really shallow, thoughts of impending death from being trampled running through your mind.  You needed air; you needed to get outside to get some fresh air before you collapsed.

You started jogging towards the front door but nothing was working.  People came stampeding towards you to get into the mall, while you were struggling to get outside.  You felt the sweat start to bead on your forehead, your jacket making your body feel like you were wearing a sweater and ugg boots on a July day in Arizona.  

After pushing past people for what felt like hours, you finally broke free and stumbled towards a lamp post.  You hung onto it for dear life; you were trembling and started to hyperventilate. Nobody was paying attention to you, or trying to help you.  Until he showed up.

“Hey, hey are you okay miss?” you heard a man’s voice ask you.

You could barely breathe, let alone talk, so you just shook your head violently back and forth.

“You need to sit down. Can I help you to a bench?” he asked.

“Pl-please” you choked out.

He gently put his hand on your back and pried your hand off the lamp post.  You kept your head down, watching where you were walking so you wouldn’t fall down; the man had your arm gripped tightly, yet affectionately, so he could guide you to sit down.

Once you reached the bench, you plopped down, trying to take deep breaths.

“Lean your head down a little” you did as he said, “there you go, now concentrate on deep breaths.”

As your mind started to clear up and you could concentrate a little more, you listened to his voice. It sounded oddly familiar to you. He kept talking to your throughout your attack, telling you encouraging words.  

It took a few more minutes, but you were able to regain your breathing and your shaking subsided.  You perch your head up and turn to the left, looking into the eyes of the man who saved you, and realized who it was. Chris Evans just saved you.  You couldn’t believe your eyes; maybe it was your brain being foggy from everything that happened.  You’ve had a massive crush on him for years!

“Thank you” you say to him, a thankful smile appearing on your face.

“It’s really no problem, I’m Chris” he says extending his hand to you.

You take his hand in yours, and you can’t quite explain it, but you felt safe there with him.  

“Y/N” you respond, “and I’m actually a big fan of yours”, blush immediately creeping onto your face.

You didn’t lie there. You loved his movies, and not just Avengers and Captain America.  

“Thank you” he says with a chuckle.  “I always love to meet my fans.  So, you doing some Black Friday shopping?”

“Uhh, well, not exactly” you express, “I’m actually out here because of a bet with my sister.  She didn’t think I’d be able to last Black Friday shopping because of my anxiety towards crowds.”

“Wow, you braved these crowds for a bet?  I hope there is something worth it in the end” he barked out a laugh.

You gave him a huge grin “oh there is, otherwise I wouldn’t be out here.  I’m a photographer and she said she would buy me accessories.  I couldn’t back down from that!”

“Do you want company tonight?”

You completely taken aback. Why would he offer such a thing? Surely he had plans, and you didn’t want to bother him.

“Oh, no you don’t have to do that.  I don’t want to keep you from your plans.  Thank you though.”

He gave you that boy next store smile that you always loved when you saw him in pictures.  “I actually don’t have any plans.  I actually don’t really know why I came out tonight.  I’d just rather you not be alone if you had an anxiety attack.  At least I could help you if you had another one.”

You had to admit, just sitting here next to him and talking to him made you feel safe.  You didn’t even notice the crowds of people walking all around you; if was as if everything disappeared.  

“Umm, well, I guess if you have nothing better to do” you replied bashfully.

“Alright then, let’s get to it!”

The two of you walked around the rest of the night, his hand tightly in yours to keep you grounded. You didn’t mind one bit, this was Chris Evans you were talking to!  He wanted to hear all about your job and you happily did so.  You described to him the few cameras you owned, and also told him about the camera you had wanted to get.  It was the best camera out there, but it was just too expensive.  The two of you even walked by a camera store and you pointed out that you were planning on coming back here tomorrow afternoon so your sister could pay off her debt.  He seemed to really enjoy hearing about your work, and it made you smile.

The two of you talked about growing up in Massachusetts and where your favorite places were.  Chris pointed out his favorite pub that he always comes to when he is in town visiting his family.  You mentioned to him that you now lived in Newport and you boasted about the beautiful waterfront views.  “I just might have to visit there” he stated after, which made you blush profusely.

You also told him about having to take pictures every hour, and Chris certainly helped you out with that. He would recommend stores to take pictures in front of, along with telling you to make goofy faces.  The night was coming to an end and you were kind of bummed.

He wrapped you in his arms, giving you a bear hug and you didn’t want to let go.  

“Thank you Chris, for keeping me company tonight.  I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“It was my pleasure Y/N. Thank you for letting me into your life for the night.  Maybe I’ll see you again sometime, wondering around Boston” he said giving you a big smile.

You two parted ways as you walked to your sisters’ car.  You waited there another ten minutes before your sister and mom showed up, bags in hands.

“I win” you gloat to your sister as she glares at you.

The next afternoon, you and your sister were on your way to the little camera store you pointed out to Chris.  You knew the exact accessories you were looking for and couldn’t wait for your sister to pay off her debt to you.  You didn’t win the bets very often, so you were in a pretty good mood today.  Your mind drifting to Chris, wishing there was another way to say thank you for keeping you company and keeping you safe.

You walked into the camera shop and immediately went to the glass case, looking for the dream camera you wanted, but didn’t see it there.  

“Excuse me, but are you Y/N?” the salesperson asks.  

“Yes” you state confused.

“You have a gift here for you” the clerk said as they went in back to grab the gift.  They placed it on the counter and walked away to greet another customer.  You looked around and noticed your sister was standing along the wall, phone in her hand, oblivious as to what was going around.  

You grabbed the letter on top of the box and opened it.


Thank you for last night.  I really didn’t know what made me want to go to downtown Boston during Black Friday, but I’m glad I did.  I got to meet you.  I want you to know that I had a great time simply wandering around and talking.  I could see it in your eyes the love you have for your job, so I wanted to give you something.  Think of it as a Thank You gift, and an early Christmas gift.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  XOXO Chris

Your arms were trembling slightly while you opened the box.  You let out a gasp at what you saw; the dream camera that you’ve always wanted, but was too expensive to buy.  Chris must have really paid attention to everything you said last night, because this was the exact camera you wanted; every detail you explained.  

You felt a tear of happiness slide down your cheek as you examined your new camera.  You couldn’t wait to try it out.  You could only hope that you were lucky enough to run into Chris again in the future to say thank you for such a generous gift.