rhode island comic con 2014

RICC 2014

So I don’t normally talk about my con experiences, but this is a bit special. I went to RICC last year and thought, oh this is a nice con, there’s not tons and tons of stuff, but it’s a nice venue, the people are very nice, and there’s a decent amount of people. This year I go and Wham! I was not expecting what happened. I got a group together and we all traveled quite a ways RI, got a hotel room and thought we would have a good time. The next day we get to the convention and I start getting suspicious, it was before doors opened so we got there before the whole fiasco, but the ticket lines were different. The pre-reg people had a long line going out the door. I hadn’t pre-registered, so I had to buy a ticket. The at-door line had only like 2 people. So I got my ticket and two others in my party had pre-registered so they didn’t have to, so we jumped in line. We didn’t complain since it saved us from the rain. They had everybody line up and go around the arena. When they were giving out wrist bands, they didn’t even look at my ticket and took my word that I had a weekend pass. So we get in and for the first hour or so, we’re going through the dealers room then went to a panel. We go upstairs and find that the room the schedule said it was in was laser tag. We see a bunch of people on the room next door and ask what it was. It turns out it was the panel I wanted to go to. When the panel starts, the speaker says he was supposed to show a slide show, but they never gave him a projector, on top of that, he didn’t have a table nor a chair until halfway through the panel. During the panel we kept hearing announcements of people going missing and it was getting really annoying since there was an announcement almost every 10 minutes. So after the panel, we meet up with the other two people of our party and have a group of 5 now. So we all go down to the dealer’s room since the other two hadn’t seen it yet. That was a huge mistake. It was hot and crowded in there and it was terrible! So we leave and decide to go out for lunch. We rest for a moment and notice a long line of people trying to get in and other people going to the doors and turning back so we ask a security guard and we find out the building was closed and that if we left, we couldn’t get back in. We had to eat overpriced food for lunch on top of that, the people couldn’t keep up with the orders and we had to wait a few extra minutes so they could make more. After that, we wandered around for the rest of the day. Today was better though, in terms of people. We got there before doors opened and they didn’t have people going around the arena again so there was tons of people outside. Today I also heard of the venders having problems too. Ricc was very disorganized and crowded this year and I’m considering not trying again next year. But, overall I had a bittersweet time. I got a few prints, an awesome hat, and an ear cuff. I cosplayed as Armin Arlert on the first day and Rose Lalonde (with the hat on) on the second day. I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do, but I got tons of compliments and people taking pictures. I do believe that we found the Dashcon of New England though