Mission Stardust (1967)    

A team of astronauts is sent to the moon to rescue an alien who is seeking help to save her dying race. They are attacked by a force of bandit robots and discover that enemy spies are out to kill the alien.             - IMDb

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Any potential for foreign vintage geek culture, like early anime or retro European comics?

You bet there is! Of all the movies this year, I am the most pumped about the upcoming adaptation of the Valérian comics. I keep on going back to this, but people who think the adventure scifi of the past was all good vs. evil were way off: Valérian was all about how most conflicts were due to misunderstandings, an inability to live and let live. It was very Star Trek in that way.

I love the German science fiction novel series Perry Rhodan, maybe the longest running novel series in the world. It’s fascinating because every German science fiction fan has read it, and may even have gotten into scifi because of it, but few people admit to liking it except as a guilty pleasure. How many people have read this series and decided to do something romantic with their lives, like becoming a scientist or wildlife photojournalist?

And from what I can read of the series, it’s absolutely great and lots of fun. Perry Rhodan has a much cooler, Mr. Spock-like alien sidekick, and his love interest is his sidekick’s sexy sister. So imagine if Captain Kirk’s true love was Mr. Spock’s sister, who happened to be Gwen Stacey (oh…um…spoilers).

For a long time, I’ve championed French writer J.H. Rosny as one of the foundational figures of early science fiction. In France, Rosny and his brother are considered crucial figures for the adventure and science fiction genre - up there with Jules Verne - but they’re unknown in the English speaking world, except maybe as the guys who wrote the stone age adventure novel, Quest for Fire

The Rosny brothers did amazing stuff: Xipehuz is a science fiction series about an invasion of earth during Babylonian times by totally incomprehensible, non-anthropomorphized aliens who’s motives we never understand and who we never truly communicate with. Because our heroes are pre-scientific, they have no frame of reference, so they never really quite grasp what’s going on. An extraordinary book.

J.H. Rosny wrote Quest for Fire, but he wrote a novel set at the end of time, the Death of the Earth. The last few paragraphs, where the last living thing on earth shuts its eyes on a dead earth forever, may be the most moving passage in all of scifi. It also features evil minerals coming to life, which, together with the silicon based life in the Xipehuz, seems to be one of Rosny’s great fears and recurring menaces. 

(If I say “them” and “he” interchangeably, it’s because it’s not clear, even to many scholars, when it’s J.H. Rosny writing alone, or when it was the brothers together.)

As for anime…as a red-blooded, whiskey drinking, meat-eating American, I was never able to understand anime, with its spiky haired, femmy, androgynous heroes, schoolgirls, and talking animal sidekicks. However, a crucial part of being an adult is realizing not everything is made for you, and to let other people do their own thing and like what they like. Maybe I feel this way because I haven’t encountered the right one. 

In that same vein, I’m not in the habit of begrudging anybody their taste, but I don’t entirely understand Steven Universe’s appeal. I watched an episode where he’s charmed with a Juno-style cheeseburger backpack, and it always struck me as basically being Justice Society of America, if they made Johnny Thunder the central character. I was always pleased when Johnny Thunder was replaced in the pages of the JSA with a cooler, more hardboiled character, Black Canary. I don’t hate it, I just don’t understand the appeal. 

Overwatch Characters and their favorite Science Fiction stories
  • Symmetra: Star Trek
  • McCree: Firefly (the 2033 remake) S
  • Soldier 76: Robocop or Judge Dredd (doesn't get the satire)
  • Tracer: Slaughterhouse 5; actually never had time to sit down to all 110 years of Doctor Who material even though you would think-
  • Winston: DragonBall
  • Sombra: DragonBall Z
  • Orisa: Has not actually had the time to consume any media at all
  • Bastion: one day hopes to find and work for Optimus Prime, who he thinks is real
  • Mei: the Day After Tomorrow
  • Zenyatta: people kept prompting him with Bicentennial Man and I, Robot but he actually likes Philip José Farmer. A lot.
  • Torbjorn: dense, technical Greg Bear novels
  • Widowmaker: says she can't "like" anything anymore but Möbius and Jodorowsky collaborations are pretty decent to bring along on sniper missions
  • Junkrat: Mad Max, which he thinks are historical fiction
  • Roadhog: Lelo & Stitch
  • Pharah: Stargate SG-1
  • Ana: "Science fiction? Why would I waste my time on something silly like that? What did Fareeha say, by the way? Does it have merchandise?"
  • Lucio: Tron Legacy but only because Daftpunk's Soundtrack
  • D.va: O.G. Starcraft lore, stopped caring after Zeratul died
  • Hanzo: will tell you to talk to Genji about such things. It's Samurai Jack btw.
  • Genji: just straight up points at his Kamen Rider costume and jumps around.
  • Reinhardt: will say Warhammer 40K (Grey Knights), but actually Knight Rider
  • Reaper: will say Warhammer 40K (Chaos Space Marines), but actually Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Mercy: will say Perry Rhodan, then look around awkwardly, before defeatedly saying Warhammer 40K (Sisters of Battle)
  • Zarya: will just say 40K.