Douglas Sirk (1897-1987) is one of the greatest film directors ever. E-VER. trust me!! So here is a list of his movies you can watch online. I hope you’ll like them! I personally highly recommend Written on the wind but that’s just because it is my favourite. I mean Rock Hudson + Lauren Bacall. best.

la habanera (1937) - watch

summer storm (1944) - watch

lured (1947) - watch

thunder on the hill (1951) - watch

no room for the groom (1952) - watch

all I desire (1953) - watch

magnificent obsession (1954) - watch here or here

captain lightfoot (1955) - watch

all that heaven allows (1955) - watch

written on the wind (1956) - watch

there’s always tomorrow (1956) - watch

the tarnished angels (1957) - watch

a time to love and a time to die (1958) - watch

imitation of life (1959) - watch

let me know if one of the links is dead! Enjoy!

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