Artist Jeff Thompson received a Rhizome commission in 2012 for his project Computers on Law & Order, for which he watched every episode of the long-running television series and took screenshots of all the computers. Thompson will present an illustrated lecture based on the project  this Saturday, Feb 1 at 4 pm at the Museum of the Moving Image, followed by a discussion with Law & Order graphic designer Kevin Raper. View the project here.

More information on the Saturday February 1 lecture “Rhizome Presents: Computers on Law & Order" at the Museum of the Moving Image.

an anonymous source from deep within rhizome’s sticky server rooms has sent us this shocking image.
i believe what we see here is the selfie-obsessed infernal internet hippie jessie darling, merging her brain with her croc at a seapunk convention. seapunk conventions and wiring your brain into a croc have both been made illegal in the art world by jonathan jones, who believes the croc shoes reference the culling of reptiles for fashion. 
what we say: how can rhizome stand by and condone this?

Snapshots of Occupy Wall Street from Rhizome

via rhizome.org

[E]very Occupy Wall Street march in New York seems to poetically incorporate the history and semiotics of the city. Times Square marchers in Milton Glasner’s “I (Heart) NY” t-shirts, waving sparklers in the air, singing show tunes along with a brass band behind the TKTS booth while tourists feverishly snapped photos, as they would any other urban spectacle. Another photo op: the wall of riot cops beneath the Washington Square arch, the Empire State Building gleaming directly north, lights piercing the night sky. After the General Assembly meeting disassembled for the midnight curfew, it seemed like anyone out on Bleecker Street that Saturday night could have been part of it.

The Rhizome blog has been really good recently, not just in their coverage of #OWS.

What Did http://rhizome.org Look Like From 1998 To 2015?

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