rhizome collective

The Rhizome Collective — a local Austin organization — and I worked on a Day of the Dead-theme retablo and altar exhibition. Participating artists ranged from members of Austin’s Queer Artist’s of Color Collective and other local queer artists.

Photo: Lori Lockhart, They will meet again some day, Mixed media, 2011

Exhibition Title: Rise Up! with the Rhizome Collective

Exhibition Dates: November 4, 2011

Artist(s): Raquel Rodriguez, Joaquin Jesus Padilla, Ashley Hicks, Alexis Herrera, khattieq, Gabi Padilla, Tamicka Phillips, Lori Lockhart, Roy Martinez, Annelize Machado, Tamara Valdez, Kelly Newhouse, Gabi Vidal

Curator: Claudia Elisa Zapata

Location: Orun Center for Cultural Arts