hey so really interesting thing I noticed when watching Reborn. I decided to pause it and read the book titles that Noah pulls out. I know it’s hard to see so if you guys want to reblog with a more clearer image then great.

Basically he pulls out 5 books with interesting titles:

1. (top left) Haitian Voodoo which is pretty self explanatory as to why it is relevant.

2. I could never see the title so please help!

3. (top right) Although blocked here, it is called Finding Yourself. This could make reference to Molly Walker whose ability is to find people with powers. It could, as my brother suggested, also reference Carlos who is finding himself and learning to take on the role as El Vengador. That being said it could relate to all the new characters finding who they are!

4. (bottom left) The Invisible Man. This refers to someone with the powers of invisibility like Claude from the original series, maybe or the guy who died in the first episode. Perhaps invisibility comes into play in the future.

5. (bottom right) Pennies from Heaven. Clearly, this is in reference to the strange man who can steal thoughts using his pennies!

This is so interesting and I would love to hear your thoughts and if you know what the top middle book is :)