Today for the daily *I don’t have finals so the teachers take me on adventures* adventure we went to the famous inari shrine/market in gifu.
I will go more in-depth in a sperate post but for now I want to talk about fatso ,the giant bug I impulsively bought.
One of the biggest insects I’ve ever handled by far. According to the internet and my personal experience they are completely harmless.
Rhinoserous beetles are a popular pet amoung children in japan from what I’ve gathered and were part of the original inspiration for pokemon. People battle them and bet on the winner. However being harmless its more like a sumo fight than an actual “fight”.
It pains me but fatso is a no-go to get back into canada so I will release him back into the forest in gifu where they naturally occur. Either that or my teacher was eyeing him so maybe she want him too lol. Poor bug cant keep the ladies off him 😥.