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I just want you to know, when someone says late teens it means ages 16 to 19 not just 16 and 17. I fully realize that you have points on the age limits for pidge but Keith lance and hunk could well be into 17-19 because of the fact they are late teens and involved in a military base of opps where the legal age to actually be in service is no earlier than 17 for the USA. Since they all have been there at least a year since lance and Keith were rivals I think they are all adults by this point.

okay i just want you to know that in a show about flying lions and aliens, i don’t see why they would have to get to technical over the age limit of a nonexistent military boarding school. they’re at a goddamn school you guys. hunk was literally just confirmed as seventeen years old making him the oldest out of the three ( h/l/k ) and honestly y’all. ……….. they’re still wearing student uniforms ……………

shiro, i honest to god cant believe i have to keep repeating myself, is an adult around the age of twenty five. HE’S A PROFESSOR …. AT THE SCHOOL. he’s been shown to wear teachers uniforms and even has fucking badges recognizing his feats as a full on fucking pilot.

👀👀👀 oh shit whats this ? teacher uniforms ????? oh woooooooooooooow i could have NEVER expected shiro, a motherfucking beefcake w rhinoceroses for arms, to be a anything but a TEENAGER ………… wooooooooow i guess y’all got me again though, aw dang

anyway since i guess y’all can’t seem to take my correct word on it, here’s the official confirmation on all of their ages ://

age resource

confirmed ages

comic con confirmation

final statement


Chauvet Cave, located in southern France, is a cave that contatin the earliest—and best preserved cave paintings in the world. The images are from the Upper Paleolithic period and are at least 37 000 years old, but aside from the intricate paintings, the cave was also discovered to contain the fossilized remains of various extinct animals and plants.

One of the larger cave painting sites, Chauvet Cave is embedded into limestone cliffs and the sheer quantity of paintings and artwork is in itself spectacular, nevermind the size and quality of the pictures (which are themselves remarkable). What the images depict is also unique compared to other finds of this nature. As opposed to specifically painting typical herbivores (likely the quarry of prehistoric human hunters), the cave also depicts predatory animals as well, such as cave lions, panthers, bears, and hyenas. All told, there are at least 13 different species depicted in the paintins, including rhinoceroses. These images do not exist outside of context, however, and many of them depict complex scenes or interaction between species and other artistic and more abstract depictions (such as red ochre reliefs of hands, and other lines and dashes).

Chauvet Cave recently re-entered the public eye just this past March when a researchers recently claimed that the cave depicts various volcanic eruptions and that such paintings are the first time humans recorded and depicted those eruptions in history. Splashes of red ochre and what appears to be an impromptu dive into deeply abstract imagery (a notable departure from some fairly realistic animals) would seem to support this hypothesis.

The cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but unfortunately has been off limits to the public since 1994. As with the caves in Lascaux, frequent human activity inside the cave slowly cultivated a species of mould which could have damaged the paintings. A replica was opened to the public in April, 2015.

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❛complaining helps the situation, like, not at all.❜ gramander :3

I’m sorry for lateness /o\

Sometimes, Newt didn’t understand humans like, at all.

Why Mr. Graves was going all crazy about a little incident and on top of everything, kept frying Newt’s brain as if he was at fault of every thing happening around them, was a mystery for the magizoologist.

So, what if Newt broke another set of unbreakable - not so very - laws? The erumpent was back in his case, the damage was done, yes, but still, Mr. Graves had at least to be happy that it won’t cause any more, right?

“So, what are we going to do with two frightened rhinoceroses set loose in New York? You can’t obliviate animals! Or can you?“ Graves paced around a tree in Central Park, the crime scene, as he referred to it earlier, hands in pockets and turning his glare at Newt from time to time- well, when he wasn’t glaring at the tree, or his shoes.

Newt opened his mouth to respond, but got interrupted for the fifth time in the last three minutes, so he just rolled his eyes again.

“But firstly we have to find them, right, Scamander?“ Graves stopped in front of him and pointed his chin at Newt accusingly “Do you know how to find those at least?“ His brows furrowed, deepening his scowl and Newt found himself wondering how looks the relaxed face of director Graves, because it happened that around Newt he never was relaxed. Like never.

Always waiting for something to happen, for something to pop out, for chasing, for repairing, for obliviating, because Newt is Newt. And Newt is sorry for that, just Mr. Graves rarely appreciated his sincere apologies. As at the very moment, for example.

“I’m sorry-“

“I swear, Scamander, if you say that word again, I’ll- I’ll-“

Newt was silent, because Graves already didn’t know how to threaten him anymore. Because Graves wasn’t cruel enough to take his case, or even to punch him in the face, even if Newt knew he deserved it sometimes.

After some moments of silence and deep breathing, Graves seemed to calm a bit down and just then, Newt decided it’s time to make the director relax. Graves didn’t relax.

“Well, I know how to find them, but I guess we’ll have to use Emily’s help.“

“Oh, no-“ Graves closed his eyes and groaned “fuck, Scamander, no! We’re not getting your erumpent out to chase those two!“ He made that face again, the face of a man wondering just what the fuck, drawing his eyebrows together as two sides of triangle “You want to scare them even more?“

“Come on, Mr. Graves. Your complaining helps the situation, like, not at all.“

A scandalized gasp left Graves’ lips.

“Complaining? You call it complaining?“ Graves said, fixing Newt with another glare. Did he even stop glaring? No, he didn’t. “I’m gonna die young and you’ll be the death of me!“

Newt pouted. Why was it so hard with Mr. Graves?

“You’re hardly young-“

“Shut up!“

Graves’ flushed cheeks were either because of the embarrassment or the blood pressure increasing dangerously fast, and Newt, Newt didn’t want to wreck Graves’ nerves more than he already did, so he just pursed his lips and did what he was supposed to.

He opened his case only to hear more screaming, cursing and complaining from the stoic director of Magical Security. And it made him smile, because only Newt was able to pull such emotions from Graves.


Gan Ying, a Chinese explorer in Ancient Rome

As some of this blog’s most loyal followers may know, one topic which Peashooter is especially obsessed with is Ancient Roman contacts with Han dynasty China, or Chinese contacts with Ancient Rome.  One piece of history that piques his interest Is the story of Gan Ying, an ancient Chinese explorer that almost made it to the Roman Empire. In the year 97 AD Gan Ying was sent west by the Chinese General Ban Chao to explore rumors of a mysterious empire to the west whose power was said to rival that of China.  At the time, both China and Rome had vague notions of each other’s existence, as both powers shared trade goods across the Silk Road.  In years previous, there were rumors of Sino-Roman contact, including tales of Chinese ambassadors visiting the court of Emperor Augustus.  However, the journey of Gan Ying is the first well documented and proven attempt at Chinese-Roman contact.

Gan Ying journeyed the well traveled merchant routes of the Silk Road.  According to records of his journey, he made it as far as the “Western Sea”.  Most historians believe the Western Sea to be the Persian Gulf.  However, other historians cite that the Western Sea was described as a vast ocean that took weeks, perhaps months to cross.  Given that the Persian Gulf is no vast sea, some historians speculate that Gan Ying was referring to the Mediterranean.  Peashooter is one of the few who agrees.  Deterred by tales of a vast ocean, Gan Ying decided to return home rather than continue on to Rome itself.  However, before leaving for his return journey, Gan Ying interviewed various peoples to learn more about Rome.  He describes the Roman Empire as thus,

“Roman territory extends for several thousands of li (Chinese miles). It has more than four hundred walled cities. There are several tens of smaller dependent kingdoms. The walls of the towns are made of stone. They have established postal relays at intervals, which are all plastered and whitewashed. There are pines andcypresses, as well as trees and plants of all kinds”

Gan Ying further describes the Roman government and economy,

Their kings are not permanent. They select and appoint the most worthy man. If there are unexpected calamities in the kingdom, such as frequent extraordinary winds or rains, he is unceremoniously rejected and replaced. The one who has been dismissed quietly accepts his demotion, and is not angry. The people of this country are all tall and honest. They resemble the people of the Middle Kingdom and that is why this kingdom is called Da Qin [or ‘Great China’]. This country produces plenty of gold [and] silver, [and of] rare and precious [things] they have luminous jade, 'bright moon pearls,’ Haiji rhinoceroses, coral, yellow amber, opaque glass, whitish chalcedony, red cinnabar, green gemstones, goldthread embroideries, rugs woven with gold thread, delicate polychrome silks painted with gold, and asbestos cloth. They also have a fine cloth which some people say is made from the down of 'water sheep,’ but which is made, in fact, from the cocoons of wild silkworms. They blend all sorts of fragrances, and by boiling the juice, make a compound perfume. [They have] all the precious and rare things that come from the various foreign kingdoms. They make gold and silver coins. Ten silver coins are worth one gold coin. They trade with Anxi [Parthia] and Tianzhu [Northwest India] by sea. The profit margin is ten to one. … The king of this country always wanted to send envoys to Han, but Anxi [Parthia], wishing to control the trade in multi-coloured Chinese silks, blocked the route to prevent [the Romans] getting through [to China].“

All of the above is accurate, with the various goods described being produced somewhere in the Roman Empire or imported from foreign lands.  Gan Ying’s description of Roman government at the time, however, is a bit off as Roman Emperors tended to either live a very long prosperous reign, or a short reign ending in extreme violence.  Most historians believe that Gan Ying was ascribing Roman Government with traditional Chinese government, which relied upon elected ministers who shared power with the Han Emperor.  Peashooter speculates that Gan Ying may have confused the government of the Roman Empire with that of the fallen Roman Republic, whose consuls were limited to serving only 1 year terms.

After Gan Ying’s journeys to Rome, the Chinese would continue to refer to the Romans as the “Da Qin”.  While Gan Ying may or may not have reached the Roman Empire it was the first fully record attempt to do so. The first official contact between Rome and China occurred in 166 AD when Chinese records show that envoys from the DaQin sent by King Andun (Emperor Marcus Aurelius) visited the court of the Han Emperor.  Since then several other envoys were sent by the Roman Empire, and later the Eastern (Byzantine) Roman Empire.  Further proof of the Roman-Chinese contact can be found with the many Roman trade goods discovered in China such as coins, asbestos fireproof textiles, and glassware, as well as the many surviving Chinese trade goods found in Europe, such as silk and jewelry.

Evan sat in a chair beside Connor, reading Brave New World. He knew it was one of Connor’s favorite books. Evan couldn’t really follow what was happening in the plot, but this was for Connor’s benefit instead of his own.

Evan read, “‘You can’t teach a rhinoceros tricks,’ he had explained in his brief and vigorous style. ‘Some men are almost rhinoceroses; they don’t respond properly to conditioning. Poor Devils! Bernard’s one of them.’”

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

 Sheldon: All right, I’m ready for my next question.

Amy: In a world where rhinoceroses are domesticated pets, who wins the Second World War?

Sheldon: Uganda.

Amy: Defend.

Sheldon: Kenya rises to power on the export of rhinoceroses. A Central African power block is formed, colonizing North Africa and Europe. When war breaks out, no one can afford the luxury of a rhino. Kenya withers, Uganda triumphs.

Amy: Correct. My turn.

Sheldon: In a world where a piano is a weapon, not a musical instrument, on what does Scott Joplin play The Maple Leaf Rag?

Amy: Tuned bayonets.

Sheldon: Defend.

Amy: Isn’t it obvious?

Sheldon: You’re right. My apologies.

Leonard: What the hell are you guys playing?

Sheldon: It’s a game we invented. It’s called Counterfactuals.

Amy: We postulate an alternate world that differs from ours in one key aspect and then pose questions to each other.

Sheldon: It’s fun for ages eight to eighty. Join us.

Leonard: All right. I like a good brainteaser. Give it a whirl.

Sheldon: You’re in luck, this is an easy one. In a world where mankind is ruled by a giant intelligent beaver, what food is no longer consumed?

Leonard: Uh, a BLT where the B stands for beaver? I don’t know.

Sheldon: Leonard, be serious. We’re playing a game here.

Leonard: I can figure this out, let’s see. Um, well, beavers eat tree bark. The only tree bark I know that humans consume is cinnamon. So, I’ll say cinnamon.

Sheldon: Incorrect. Obviously, the answer is cheese Danish.

Leonard: What?

Amy: In a world ruled by a giant beaver, mankind builds many dams to please the beaver overlord. The low-lying city of Copenhagen is flooded. Thousands die. Devastated, the Danes never invent their namesake pastry. How does one miss that?

Leonard: This is ridiculous. You’re just making stuff up.

Amy: Is he always like this when he loses?

Sheldon: Oh, yes. You should’ve been here for the great Jenga tantrum of 2008.

Leonard: You bumped the table and you know it.

Amy: Perhaps it would be kinder to play a game more suited to his abilities. We’ll close our eyes and count to ten while you hide.

Leonard: I’m going to my room.

Amy: Very good, Leonard. But next time, don’t tell us where you’re hiding. 

4 x 03 -  The Zazzy Substitution 

Book 1: The Invasion, Chapters 4-5


(Housekeeping: I don’t really have a strict timeline in mind for this, I may squish multiple chapters into one post if they’re short enough, after all, we have A LOT OF BOOKS TO GET THROUGH):

Chapter 4

And we’re back: Yeerks descending, Alienstag dying, Our Heroes trying to decide whether they want some ill-defined magic powers.  Which: yes, obviously, given the title of the series, they do.

Magic ritual time!  Conveniently, this ritual seems to involve everyone touching one side of the magic box thing that Jake brought back, and five of them plus the Alienstag is exactly enough people.  Handy, that.  Would suck if it were a magic dodecahedron and they couldn’t do the ritual.

Weirdly, the actual Getting Of Magic Powers is over in a very short paragraph. Everyone touches the cube, Everyone gets a little tingly zap from the cube. Boom!  You now have powers.

Also, says the Alienstag, make sure you don’t stay morphed for more than two hours or you can’t shift back.  Which raises a lot more questions about exactly how precise this timing is, why the powers tie so neatly into Earthling time measurements, etc., but there’s no time to get into that because it is time for ACTION and EXPOSITION.

Specifically a Big Bad Dude is arriving along with the Yeerks.  Big Bad Dude is named Visser Three, and he’s the only Yeerk who can morph, and he is basically just not a nice dude. Alienstag really thinks the kids should get to running.  Which they do, but not before Tobias pets the Alienstag and gets a little extra zap of some sort, which I assume will be important later - did he get an extra power, or the ability to morph for an extra five minutes, or something?  

Once Tobias is zapped, they all take off running. And now we’re going to meet two new kinds of creatures who just landed!

  1. The Hork-Bajir, who are doing nothing to disprove my theory that Applegate is just naming these characters after cat-vomiting noises.  They are basically some kind of knife-dinosaur-snake hybrid, but Alienstag is still telepathing from a distance, and he says they’re a soft and cuddly race generally, though these particular ones have been Controlled by Yeerks and thus aren’t soft and cuddly anymore.
  2. The Taxxon, which sounds like a prescription medication of some sort.  They’re some sort of tube-like centipede things with a bunch of teeth and lobster claws.  It is at this point that I suddenly remember @theglintoftherail​ once telling me about some sort of Hunger Tube alien, and I have a terrible feeling this is probably it.  The Alienstag is not so happy about these guys, he has nothing nice to say about their cuddliness factor even when they are not Yeerk-controlled.

And now the Alienstag and K.A. Applegate are tired from infodumping at us, so we go to chapter break, apparently.

Chapter Five

Alienstag Wikipedias some more knowledge into the kids’ heads: The Hork-Bajir are basically Space Rhinoceroses, in that they can hear really well but have terrible vision.  So probably the kids’ best chance of surviving is to hold really still and pretend to be weirdly shaped rocks.

The Alienstag is also exuding some sort of Space Xanax, telepathically calming the kids so they don’t flip out and start screaming.  Which is probably a good idea because I have to assume that sometime in the FIFTY THREE REMAINING BOOKS, things are going to continue to escalate, and so they should probably try to achieve some chill at this early juncture or they’re not going to fare well later.

So everyone holds really still, and Alienstag thinks calming thoughts at them, and Marco recovers from his terror enough to make a joke about the Hork-Bajir looking like a SaladShooter. I feel like that wouldn’t be the reference we’d reach for today.  Can’t quite make up my mind what the 2017 version of “basically a ball of knives” is, though.

The Hork-Bajir are at least temporarily fooled by all this freezing-in-place, which lets us get back to the next wave of invasion, namely: Visser Three’s landing . Visser Three, because he is a Bad Dude, is going to monologue at us for a while.  Let’s just bullet-point this:

  • V3 tells us the Alienstag’s name!  It’s Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, which is…a lot.  “My First Fantasy Novel” a lot. Also I am now left with some thoughts about database design.   I feel as if a lot of Earthling databases have enough trouble just handling things like hyphenated last names, and people with two middle names, and special characters in names.  Now I really want to know about the alien database designer responsible for keeping track of all sorts of different aliens with all sorts of naming conventions, and how he makes sure his database isn’t going to choke on triple-hyphenated first names with no last name attached.
  • We find out that V3 really wants to be Visser One, which he hopes to achieve by impressing everyone back home with his conquering of earth.  So I guess the number is a rank thing and not that he’s Visser Son of Visser, Also Son Of Visser.
  • We find out that V3 is into conquering earth because we have LOT of people and also those people are ignorant and easy to take over.  We have so many people, in fact, that back home they’re going to have to build more “Yeerk pools” to make new Yeerks to occupy all the human brains.  So I guess finding out what a Yeerk Pool is, is something we can all look forward to together.  

Finally the Alienstag, whose name I am not going to bother to learn to type if he’s dying in this chapter, gets tired of this and gets to his feet and stabs V3 with his pointy tail.  You go, Alienstag.  Might as well do some damage on your way out.

V3 gets bloody and pissy and has his minions burn the Alienstag’s ship.   The glowing light of the ship-burning artistically illuminates the fact that there are some humans hanging out behind V3. That seems important and like something we’re gonna be coming back to at some point.

But we don’t really get to dig into that right now because V3 is pissed off now and apparently when he’s pissed off he morphs into a giant head with a giant mouth and, for some reason, tentacles.  (Am I going to be saying “for some reason, tentacles” a lot in recapping these books?  Let us hope so.)  (Also I want to know whether morphing into a different animal resets the two-hour clock or not.)

V3 tentacle-grabs the Alienstag, and the kids are feeling NOT GREAT BOB about all of this, and we just sort of end the chapter on this note of Alienstag dangling over V3’s gaping maw.

Good times, good times.


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So, I have a question about pathfinder's bestiary, specifically about the Gorgon and Medusa. Mytho-historically, the Medusa was an individual Gorgon, and the only mortal of the three. However, in PF's bestiary, the Medusa is the catchall species of snake-haired, scaled persons, and the Gorgon is a weird pertification-breathing, metallic bull from I don't even know where. I understand that these conventions was inherited from D&D, but was there any consideration to 'fixing' this?

For anyone who doesn’t already know, beside from being the guy that scripts what monsters go into the Pathfinder RPG’s hardcover bestiaries, I used to be the editor in charge of the monster ecologies series for Dragon magazine and was the editor-in-chief of Dragon: Monster Ecologies. Monsters are the reason I got into RPGs and I’ve spent a significant portion of my career and off-hours researching monsters, cryptids, aliens, and the collections (both scholarly and fantastical) that detail them. So I like to think I know a thing or two about monsters, particularly those that have appeared in RPGs.

So, gorgons…

Like the OP says, the two monsters above are both technically gorgons… right? From Greek mythology we know that the name “gorgon“ collectively refers to the monstrous sisters Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa (the trio being a particularly monstrous vision of the triple-deity theme running through so many mythologies). Beyond even this, though, numerous films, games, and other works of fiction have referenced the gorgons for their fearful nature and ability to petrify those who look upon them. Snakes, at the very least in Medusa’s case, typically also enter into the mix.

So then who’s this guy?

The first edition Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual would tell you it’s a gorgon. A few pages later, it will also tell you that a different race of snake-hair petrifiers are called medusas. So now we have two very different looking creatures with the ability to petrify who both draw inspiration from the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa. Did the Monster Manual just get it wrong?

Possibly. No scholar’s looking to 1977’s collection of threats for D&D as a gospel source on world myth. That said, the creators of Dungeons & Dragons were no slouches when it came to drawing upon historical and mythological sources when populating their fantasy game. In a pre-internet world, Gygax’s personal interests in myth and medievalism didn’t take him to his home computer. Rather, it was likely led him to his personal and public library.

Were Gygax’s sources just flawed? Likely not. Rather, the creator of the fantasy RPG genre was probably looking at more primary sources than we—mired in an internet full of niche articles (like this one)—typically do. (Don’t let this suggest that the creators of D&D were entirely high-minded historians, though. They were just as nerdy as today’s game designers and certainly weren’t against adding creatures from whole-cloth imagination and their favorite pulp adventures into their new game—ask me about the displacer beast some time.)

So what sources might result in Medusa and her sisters being simultaneously presented in something like their classical form, while only pages earlier being spun off as weird bull monsters.

One possibility is that the Monster Manual conflated the classic gorgon with the Khalkotauroi—fire-breathing bronze bulls that also hail from Greek myth. They’re cool, dangerous monsters, but they’ve got a name that’s not terribly recognizable and is kind of a mouthful. It’s possible the Khalkotauroi were renamed “gorgons” in an edit that prioritized accessibility over mythological sanctity, and so lent their bovine shapes and metal skin to the creature that would be the gorgon, but the story’s likely more complicated than that.

There’s another significant mythological ungulate known for being able end a life from fifty paces: the catoblepas. Mythological accounts of the creature claim that its breath or gaze could either kill or petrify a person—both appealing powers for tormenting heroes. So could the gorgon be a renamed version of the catoblepas? Well, the catoblepas appears in the first edition Monster Manual, so probably not… or maybe.

The truth of the matter likely involves all of the above, along with Gygax’s likely familiarity with Edward Topsell 1607 zoological text, The Historie of Foure Footed Beasts. In his work, Topsell presents a zoological exploration of the world—a world he was hardly an authority on. Rather than basing his work on his personal observations, Topsell cited diverse zoological accounts, including the Swiss Historiae Animalium and Pliny’s somewhat dated Natural History from circa 77–79 C.E.—“therefore we will follow the authority of Pliny and Atheneus” (Topsell 1607, pp 263). Among such mundane creatures as dogs and weasels, the author included numerous facts he had on good authority from writers like Pliny—who included imaginary beings like cynocephalus and monopods in his Natural History. Among Topsell’s work are such facts as elephants having the coldest blood in the world and bearing an intense hatred for dragons (1607, pp 198). Topsell also includes whole creatures entirely on his predecessor’s recommendations.

One such inclusion was the “strange Lybian Beast” or the “Gorgon.” Topsell describes the creature as such:

“It is a feareful and terrible beast to beholdd, it hath high and thicke eie lids, eies not very great, but much like an Oxe or Bugils, but all fiery-bloudy, which neyther looke directly forwarde, nor yet upwards, but continuallye downe to the earth, and therefore are called in Greeke Catobleponta. From the crowne of their head downe to their nose they have a long hanging mane, which maketh them to looke fearefully. It eateth deadly and poysonfull hearbs, and if at any time he see a Bull or other creature whereof he is afraid, he presently causeth his mane to stand upright, and being so lifted up, opening his lips, and gaping wide, sendeth forth of his throat a certaine sharpe and horrible breath, which infecteth and poysoneth the air above his head, so that all living creatures which draw in the breath of that aire are greevously afflicted thereby, loosing both voyce and sight, they fall into leathall and deadly convulsions.” (1607, pp 262)

Here we finally find the gorgon presented as an ox- or bull-like beast with breath that kills. But Topsell’s book isn’t just known for its detailed descriptions, it’s famed for its lavish inclusion of dozens of woodcut images. Even the mundane woodcuts are still fascinating, investing creatures like rhinoceroses and baboons with fantastical aspects, whether they be in poses no natural creature would strike or possess radically embellished features. Which of course implies that even the entirely fictional creatures—like the lamia, manticore, and sphinx—receive illustrations. The gorgon, though, bears the highest honor in the book, with its depiction of a mop-topped scale-bull occupying the collection’s front cover. From this piece it’s easy to infer how the scaled, gas-mouthed bull of the Monster Manual took shape.

How can we be sure that Gygax knew anything about Topsell’s book, though? Flip through the rest of The Historie of Foure Footed Beasts and you’ll find numerous other connections to the pages of Dungeons & Dragons bestiaries. While several classical myth stock creatures make appearances, there are a couple of peculiarities. Lamia, the tragic Libyan queen of Greek myth, for example, appears not as an individual but as an entire species of amalgam woman-lion creatures, just like in the Monster Manual. There’s also a creature listed as “Wilde Beast in the New found World called SU,” which, with its monkey-like limbs and prominent tail, parallels the su-monster from 1976’s Eldritch Wizardry. These, along with the appearances of other obscure D&D creatures, like the crocotta, suggest if not a familiarity with Topsell’s work, at least Gygax’s knowledge of other medieval bestiaries.

But any historic evidence of bull-gorgons aside, the ship is certainly sailed on the name “gorgon” as it pertains to Pathfinder RPG monsters. Even without the aforementioned sources, deference to Mr. Gygax’s work alone would be more than enough to keep the gorgon the creature it is. The Pathfinder RPG owes its existence to a 40-year-old tradition of gaming, ripe with entirely unique peculiarities and nostalgia. Even if the gorgon’s name were a decades-old typo, it would be a typo that’s been propagated across games, bestiaries, articles, and adventures, to say nothing of the memories of gamers all over the world. That momentum—that pedigree—alone has a value that neither I, nor any game-maker at Paizo, would casually part with.

Fantastic question. Thanks so much for asking!


Work Cited

Topsell, Edward. The History of Four-Footed Beasts. London: Printed by William Iaggard, 1607.

Other Reading

References to Libya in the Histories of Herodotus

Strange Science Goof Gallery: Mammals

Topsell on the Gorgon

Wikipedia: Edward Topsell

Topsell’s The History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents Woodcuts

Put out my senses | Ch.4

Length (8.9k) FUCC

Pairing: Jikook

Description: It’s Jungkook and Jimin’s 2nd year anniversary and he still can’t catch a break (as per usual). But at least he got laid.


Jungkook feels that it’s on Thursdays in which his group of unruly friends are at their peak of annoyingness.

Keep reading

you and I are painting pictures in the sky

for @jakepurralta, who was, once upon a time (ages ago), in agreement with me in our desperate need for more fic - and, thus, I took it upon myself to comply with Ducky’s request that I write something, and I … wrote something. See, I cant’ quite figure it out, but apparently my ability to be concise flies out the window whenever brooklyn nine nine is concerned. So like … 13k. And stuff. *clears throat* The good news? I WROTE FLUFF. No seriously - no one dies. Isn’t that nice? Good job, me. Anyway, I read so much fanfic that many of my ideas and headcanons are an amalgamation of other people’s fics, and usually my fic reading is done late at night so I wake up in the morning with ideas in my head and no idea where they came from. For that, I ask forgiveness. General disclaimer, here. Also: title’s from TSwfit (as if it’d be anything else) specifically mentioned because I think that the song Only Me When I’m With You not only fits well with this couple, but also with the theme of family that … well, that this fic is all about. Timeline’s spanning from pre-Holt all the way to post-Current Events.

Hopefully it’s not too cliche but: 4 times Jake meets Amy’s family - and counting.

See, her problem – once she’s acknowledged the fact that it’s maybe a bit of a problem – is that for all intents and purposes, they could have been dating long before they actually … you know.

Started dating.

Going through a mental checklist, Amy can name at least five things that have remained basically the same since she declared herself Officially In A Mature Adult Relationship With Jake Peralta. They still text at any and all obscene hours of the day and he still peppers her with heart emojis all the time. They share the same friends – have shared them always, with maybe the exception of Kylie, so it was never as though they started dating and had to meld their friend groups together. They tease each other, and have a million – zillion – stupid inside jokes that probably nobody but themselves and that one perp they put away for chronic public urination that time and maybe Gina will ever vaguely be able to decipher. And they still (as if there was ever a time when they didn’t) see each other every day anyway, mandatorily, work-required seeing, even when all Amy wants to do is upend the contents of the trash bin in the women’s bathroom over Jake’s head (pre- and post-relationship, yes).

So it would only make sense – only fit – that this was another one of those things that falls into the “we were practically dating anyway” list that she’s so meticulously put together in her head.

“Santi-aaaagoooo. You’re clutching at the steering wheel again.”

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Daily Monster 323: Vyala

Region of origin: India

A creature featured as a grotesque or carving in many Hindu temples, the vyalas or yali are chimeric beasts often incorporating elements of lions, elephants and serpents but appear in a variety of forms and may also feature other animals such as birds, rhinoceroses and horses. They are said to be a fearsome beast from ancient times, their images symbolically used as guardians of the temples.

Jason Headcanons for his birthday

- Jason is a nerd (obviously)
- Biggest Solangelo shipper ever, always tries and fails to set them up or take ‘paparazzi’ pictures of them
- Piper and he always plays cards against humanity with them
- when he’s card master he always knows what she puts down and always lets her win
- he has lucky underwear to keep away sea rhinoceroses
- he loves spongebob and he always makes Piper watch it with him
- hes a very competitive eater and him and Percy always have eating contests
- he always gracefully loses
- did I forget to say that he loves playing Minecraft cause he’s a freaking NERD


I love rhinoceroses cause they either make very deep snorting/grumbling sounds you would expect, but also make these really whiney squealing sounds that doesn’t fit them at all

Bonus for baby rhinos who whine even more

'Cave of forgotten dreams' may hold earliest painting of volcanic eruption

Mysterious paintings in one of the world’s most famous caves could mark the oldest-known depiction of a volcanic eruption. Spray-shaped images in Chauvet cave in France were painted at around the same time as nearby volcanoes spewed lava high into the sky, reports a paper published this month in PLoS ONE.

Chauvet-Pont D'Arc cave, in southern France, is one of the world’s oldest and most impressive cave-art sites. Discovered in 1994 and popularized in the Werner Herzog documentary ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’, Chauvet contains hundreds of paintings that were made as early as 37,000 years ago.

Fearsome animals such as woolly rhinoceroses, cave lions and bears dominate Chauvet’s imagery. But one of its innermost galleries — named after a giant deer species, Megaloceros, that is depicted there — also contains a series of mysterious spray-shaped drawings, partly covered by the Megaloceros painting. Read more.

anonymous asked:

Hi Ryan! Can you name your top 10 Narry PDAs? PS: I'm not as big as rhino, but I'm the biggest ryano fan.

See, that was a worry for me with the ‘fandom name’ thing. Because, even though they were my favorite (non-dinosaur) animals when I was a kid, rhinoceroses are not exactly aesthetically pleasing animals. 

Anyways, let’s get to the fun part, yeah? (warning, I have a slight 2015 bias in this post, because they’ve been pretty lit this year)


Niall gets so irrationally excited about those dice, and, while that’s cute enough all on its own, the fact that his first thought when he’s this excited is to immediately inform Harry about the presence of some fuzzy dice makes this moment one of my favorites.


The fact that this one is so low on the list shows just how hard it was for me to pick a top 10. I love everything about this moment, from Niall not even trying to repress his desire to stroke Harry’s chest, to touching Harry’s love handle (aka Niall’s public-private way of saying I love you), to him wrapping his arm around Harry’s waist when Harry wasn’t even going for more contact like he usually does, to Harry immediately pulling Niall to him when he’s been given permission by Niall’s arm. So, for it to be number 9 is saying something.


So, this moment is huge for Narries because of Niall stroking Harry’s cheek and chin. I’ve always thought Niall’s other hand was underrated though. The gentle caress down Harry’s chest was completely overshadowed, and I’d like to draw attention to it now. Plus, Lilac!Niall was a treasure that I will personally never get over.


This moment was a completely unexpected blessing. Harry taking every opportunity to grind on Niall was more of a WWAT thing, so for him to just randomly rut against Niall’s leg in public like a dog in heat, and for Niall to respond by shaking his ass, was just- Miraculous.


This wasn’t totally public, per se, but I count it. I count it because Niall is doing his thing where he indulges in his obsession with Harry’s love handles, and Harry is full on groping Niall’s ass, while they both look so incredibly happy with being together. The fact that it happened in front of a Larrie is just icing on the cake.


Dublin 2k15 was like a Narry bomb, and this whole exchange was one of the best parts of the whole series of concerts. It was so unnecessary, but completely amazing. They were so fucking flirty, so completely entranced by each other, that I’m not sure they even realized that they were giving a concert.


Do I even need to say it? Yes. Yes, I do.

I FUCKING DIED when this footage surfaced. I watched the vine of it about 524546 times. I ascended to heaven, and then God sent me back, saying, ‘They’re not done yet. You don’t want to miss the rest.’


I don’t even know what to say about this moment. Just look at it and enjoy.


The deliberately slow way that Harry leans down, the pucker of his lips, the kiss, the way he looks to see how Niall reacts, the way that Niall just leans slightly into Harry afterwards, all of this, combined with how completely random it was, makes this one of the best moments of all time for me.



Every Niall-stan Narrie will admit that Niall making the first move is rarer than Harry doing it. So for Niall to not only make the first move, but for it to be a public kiss, when it was unprompted (Meghan was trying to get a kiss for herself, not send me to heaven) is nothing short of perfection for me.