rhino puzzle

My Rhino puzzle piece from Misha!

Seriously, I nearly lost my shit when I got this today. I stood at my mail box and jumped up and down! I had to go and have a drink with a friend, a non-Supernatural fan (I know, obviously she is INSANE), and I took it to show her and I made her read the letter. She actually thought it was brilliant….BECAUSE IT IS!

I am a Dean-girl….but right at this moment, I would marry Misha Collins. The man is made of awesomeness.

Misha’s PasCon 2015 Panel


  • Favorite part of being on set: constant free food. First time being on a movie set he told Vicki to drive half an hour to come get some food. Also Jared tickling his balls.
  • What prompted GISHWHES: told fans he would be given a rhino if SPN won a PCA and that he would share it with fans. They won, and he went “well, shit”. So he told everyone to send in a self-addressed envelope to buy time, then called the zoo to ask if he could have rhino shit (they said no). Sent everyone a piece of a rhino puzzle, each “team” had the pieces to complete one puzzle.
  • Has always done accents, would go into character for months at a time and use that to get stuff: got into a concert by pretending he was in a Russian tour group that went in without him, got to spend the night at a teen center (as an adult) with his friends (but then had to talk to the guy there about Russia). Once asked a NYC cop for directions in an Indian accent and cop was very confused.
  • If he wasn’t an actor: (joking) would still somehow be minor C-List celebrity, maybe be a famous serial killer to get fame, then make cooking videos with his son
  • GISHWHES items taken off for legal reasons: standing on top of a roof wrapped in Christmas lights was taken off after 1 submission (his reaction: ”it’s a miracle this person is still alive and someone will die if we leave this up”), grandpa dressed in drag on a playground, and West’s item involving a boat on top of a flying plane. “thinking about steps down the road isn’t my strong suit”
  • Girl says she is scared of him: “What are you fucking scared of me for?”
  • “there’s a lawsuit right now”, didn’t go into detail or say what that’s about
  • There have been off-camera wrestling sessions. One led to Jensen having rugburn on his face, Misha had a bad elbow for 3-4 months, Jared had a cracked rib.
  • Favorite GISHWHES items: ones that exceed expectations, shut down businesses. likes seeing the strain it places on the economy and the squandered military hours (mentions floating Christmas trees and helicopter picking up Humvee) 
  • Favorite bands from ‘70s: Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin. “Everything was so fucking rockstar” in the ‘70s. Would sit on his dad’s dash while he was driving.
  • “Any 15 second sample of our conversations on set would ruin our careers”. “Don’t tell Jared I told you” is often said. Jared once put fish under his seat and someone warned him. He parked next to Jared’s car so he couldn’t get in, Jared let air out of his tires, he was about to have Jared’s car towed when Jared showed up, Jared said he would probably have rammed Misha’s car bc he could afford it and it would have been worth it.
  • Since Cas discovered Netflix and Misha discovered Netflix and chill would Misha Netflix and chill with Cas?: “You guys know this thing, Netflix and chill?” “Does it mean make out?” Fan tells him it means sex, “That is disgusting. I did not know that. I’m glad I fact checked it before tweeting it to millions of people”. “So it means seriously balls deep?” “So you’re asking if I would fuck myself?”
  • Favorite angel: Trickster
  • Tibetan throat singing