rhino pieces

A Game for Those Who Seek to Find a Way to Leave Their World Behind

Summary: In which Dan finds a strange board game and ends up playing it (and releasing its horrors) with his best friend Carrie and arch enemy, Phil.

Word Count: 6.9k

TW: uhh there’s just some kind of horrifying things in there so idk good luck

Genre: angst? i guess? but it’s a happy end it’s like good angst

this is a thing now because i rewatched jumanji today and felt inspired (if you haven’t watched the movie it’s literally amazing you can find it online….. completely….. not illegal… ahem)(you can still read this even if you haven’t watched the movie but it’ll be better if you have probably)

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Nimcha sword, probably 19th century. This type of scimitar is associated with northwest Africa, particularly Morocco and parts of Algeria. Its characteristic grip is made of a single piece of rhino horn and an engraved silver collar. The guard is inlaid with gold and the silver scabbard is engraved in classical Moroccan style. The blade is probably European and has 34 inches of length.

rhino pieces.....

so i love this picture….fyi…..

then today they put out the pics for the “The French Mistake” and i was like omg so excited WAIT WHAT IS MISHA WEARING………NO…..it cant be…..then i spazzed out and i was like nah its not then i looked and it was…..


so not only did misha send out the pieces to the rhino to people…..he wore the sweater…..

maybe he did it on purpose…..

omg i love him….