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Resting Demon Face

Oh Rhino.

I love you. You’re a lovely dog. Very intelligent. Want affection. But most people aren’t interested in you. You see, Rhino, you have resting demon face. Your near-white ‘zombie’ eye doesn’t help of course, but you see you had some sort of injury as a very tiny pup and it made your upper jaw malformed. Your upper canine teeth never erupted, but they’re still there in your skull. One is parallel to your hard palate, and the other is parallel… but also at a 45* angle across the hard palate and we think it might be in your sinuses. Your nose is crooked and snubbed and you… well…

But I love you and your demonic derpy face. We’ll find you a good home, we swear.

Headcanon that Dirk is so impressed by Todd’s scientific knowledge (even though it’s basic physics from high school) and he’s always looking at him with dreamy eyes like he’s the smartest person in the room.
(Todd secretly loves it and starts reading scientific books just to keep impressing Dirk.)

Age Gap Sentence Starters

Both platonic and romantic options. Adjust pronouns as necessary!

“Why do you want to hang out with an old guy/lady like me?”
“Aren’t you a bit too young for this?”
“Aren’t you a bit too old for this?”
“What can I say? I’m mature for my age.”
“You don’t think this is weird? Us hanging out like this?”
“Yeah, I admit it: I’ve got a thing for older guys/women.”
“Does that make me a cougar/rhino?”
“Mm, I do love me some silver fox.”
“My friends won’t quit making fun of me for ‘robbing the cradle.’”
“I don’t care how young/old you are! It won’t change how I feel about you.”
“We’re both legal, consenting adults. What does it matter?”
“Wait, you’re HOW old?!”
“Jeez, you could be my dad/mom!”
“We’re getting some weird looks.”
“I think they think you’re some sort of old pervert.”
“My parents don’t like us hanging out.”
“I don’t get it! We’re not doing anything wrong.”
“I never got along with people my own age.”
“Nobody cares who you hang out with once you hit 30.”
“We just need to hold off until you’re 18.”
“You’re way too young for me.”
“You’re way too old for me!”

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Zookeeper!Nico and Big Animal Vet!Will AU :)

boi ive seen like one zookeeper au ever (for a different fandom ofc) but i loved it????? so much???

  • so nico generally gets to work about two hours before he needs to be there and leaves an hour or so after closing bc like he doesn’t have anything better to do and he loves all of the animals??? so much
    • so nico’s the one that notices whenever one of the animals gets sick and it’s usually his responsibility to call a vet anyway and usually the veterinary office closest to the zoo sends someone who knows their way around the park but nico always makes sure they get to the animal asap ok bc these animals are important to him
  • one day hes doing his job checking up on all of his favorites when he notices that the rhino named daisy (he loves these guys but honestly hates all of their names if he ever gets to name one of the animals its gonna have a cool name ok) isn’t doing too hot so he calls the vet and they send a guy immediately
    • so nico waits at the gate for this guy with one of the zoo’s golf carts and this guy walks up to the entrance that he’s never seen before??? but hes pretty and nico kinda forgets what theyre doing for a second before the guy introduces himself as will who just got hired last week and came from tennessee where he was a vet hired straight through the zoo isn’t it strange that this zoo doesnt have a resident vet??
  • every time after that the vet office nearby sends will whenever there’s a sick animal and nico thinks its the weirdest thing?? like they used to send a rotation of like four different vets but now its just will???? all the time (not that nico minds) but he also notices that will is always super happy and bouncy and bright like whether its 6am or 10pm hes so nice
    • one time will has to hang out for almost a full day bc one of the giraffes is having a baby and he makes sure nico’s there when she’s born bc he remembered nico telling him once that he wanted to name one of the animals and will totally doesnt have that kind of authority at the zoo but he does it anyway
  • one time one of the crocs gets sick and when nico goes to check on her she’s pretty unresponsive so he calls will (directly now instead of going through the vet’s offce - will told him to its just easier that way tbh) and when will goes to see what’s up the croc snaps at him and bites his leg (she was apparently just hungry and knew nico too well to snap at him)
    • so nico drives will to the hospital and then home and takes a few days off work to take care of him (1. bc nico wants to and 2. bc he feels a little guilty for putting will in that mess in the first place) and when will finally gets nico to go back to the zoo will’s like “im gonna pay you back for taking care of me how does dinner sound next friday??”

also whenever will has a few free minutes when he’s at the zoo he insists that nico take him to the penguins and puffins bc theyre his favorites

thanks for the suggestion, I hope you liked these!!

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It's my birthday! Thanks for another great year. Can I get some trivia on my favourite animal, rhinos, in Magic - maybe about one of my favourite commanders, Roon?

My friend Michael (the person who co-created the Weatherlight Saga with me) loves rhinos, so for his birthday one year, artist Amy Weber gave him the original painting for Ebony Rhino.

Happy Birthday!


8 April 2016!

More from the V&A’s Theatre and Performance galleries - my personal favorites because that was what I studied in undergrad. Some beautiful costumes and set models are there as well as some great poster design and rocker outfits. Half of the galleries are updated and they’re beautiful - the other half is still probably about 25 years old and while the pieces are still cool to see the presentation and interpretation is still a bit dated.