rhino eye

“Hopeless Stare” - a quick study of a rhino’s eye. The nearly extinct Northern White Rhinos will be one of my main focuses this year. It’s so heartbreaking that only four of these magnificent creatures are left…and the reason for their extinction is us. Starting big project this Sunday, stay tune!

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Just like in a Fairytale

(Cinderella AU)

           Nick Wilde could accept the fact that he had a kind of-to put it nicely-talent for getting himself into weird situations and getting mixed into unfortunate events.

But hiding in the hallway of the Ella Palace’s Ballroom (said ballroom filled with city officials such as the ZPD and even the mayor) was definitely not his fault. It was Officer Judy Hopps.

But Nick could admit it wasn’t her fault he was currently in a blue ball gown, or that he thought he actually wore it quite well. That was Finnick’s.

           It all started when Nick was sent off on an errand for his boss/slave driver Mr. Big. The shrew had practically raised the fox and he was going to make sure Nick never forgot it. Though running Mr. Big’s errands wasn’t always the most morally pure of jobs (him being a crime boss) and all, but luckily this errand only had Nick walking across Tundra Town to deliver a birthday cake to his number one employee Kozlov, a bear that probably iced far too many animals in his life but Nick certainly wasn’t going to ask about it.

           Having not been told he had to return straight away Nick stuffed his paws in his pockets and casually strolled through the snow, whistling a random song he had heard yesterday on Finnick’s radio.

The pleasant stroll quickly turned terrifying when he was nearly run over by one of those miniature clown cars given to meter maids. The fox yelped and fell to the ground as the vehicle screeched to a halt.

“Oh my gosh!” a feminine voice spoke up, Nick was staring up at the sky as his life passed before his eyes. Did he really look that silly in floral print?

“Are you okay?” his vision was then filled with that of a scared bunny, her big violet eyes staring down at him.

“Are you the devil?” he asked.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” her ears fell with relief before she grabbed his paw and helped him back onto his feet. “I’m so sorry, it’s so hard to control one of these”-she nodded to her joke-mobile as Nick decided to call it since he was taller than that thing-“in the snow.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t drive it in Tundra Town then,” Nick offered a little bitingly, in his defense she did almost run him over.

She cringed, “I really am sorry.” The rabbit shot her paw out to him, “I’m Officer Judy Hopps, ZPD.”

Nick took in her meter maid vest and just managed to bite back his smirk, shaking her smaller paw, “Nick Wilde.”
“Um, Mr. Wilde you wouldn’t happen to know…” she trailed off as she fished a slip of paper out of her pocket and read it aloud, “Where Basil and Bailey’s Dress Shop is?”

“I do,” Nick said, “But I’m not really in the habit of helping out someone who nearly killed me.”

“I don’t think it wouldn’t killed you,” she pointed out with a frown, “But if you take me there I’d be happy to buy you a cup of hot chocolate.”

“…Can I get a mocha latte instead?”

“Of course.”

Nick sat down in the joke-mobile, “We’ll need to take a left.”


           A few minutes of perilous driving in the snow later Nick sat in a chair in the warm Basil and Bailey’s Dress Shop.

Judy was at the counter, talking to a well dress mouse that he assumed was either Basil and Bailey, apparently she was suppose to be picking an outfit up here. Nick was curious as to why she needed it.

“Going to a ball?” he joking asked from his spot on the chair.

Judy looked at him over her shoulder and offered a small smile that a part of Nick’s brain thought was cute, “Actually yes.”

The fox blinked and she continued, “City Hall is hosting a ball for Zootopia’s anniversary, all of the ZPD are invited. My friend Clawhauser ordered me an outfit from here so I came to pick it up.”

“Sounds like a fairy tale,” he commented.

Judy’s cute smile only grew, “It does, doesn’t it? I’m pretty excited.” Her ears then fell, “Though I wish I had gotten more time to find a date.”

Nick leaned his head back against the chair, “I’d offer but I’d too easily sweep you off your feet and I just don’t have the energy to catch a swooning bunny.”

Judy chuckled, but Nick could tell she doubted his superior charming skills.


           After finally receiving her outfit (which she kept in the bag because she didn’t want exposed to the snow) Judy took Nick to a nearby Snarlbucks to get him his promised mocha latte. She bought herself a cup of hot cocoa.

The fox and rabbit sat at one of the smaller tables of the store, enjoying their steamy beverages and breathing in the scent of coffee grounds and melting snow.

“Does this make up for me accidentally killing you?” she asked in an almost sincere manner.

Nick took another sip and smacked his lips as he considered, “It’s a start.”

Judy giggled again and Nick found he liked the sound of it.

“So, tell me,” she began, leaning back against her chair, “What’s a fox like you doing in a place like this?”

Knowing the last thing he needed to do was tell a member of the ZPD he worked for the mafia so instead he showed off his fangs in a teasing grin, “Wish I could tell ya, Carrots.” His voice went low, “But if I did I’d have to eat you.”
Judy rolled her eyes but her cute smile stayed in place, “Okay, okay.”

But now Nick wanted to ask a question, “Correct me if I’m wrong but I think you’re the first bunny cop in like-ever.”

Judy sat up straighter, her chest practically swelling with pride, “That’s right. Everyone told me it was impossible,” she let out a confident snort, “I proved them wrong.”

Nick slowly clapped for her, making her ears blush, “Congrats.”

           Nick’s phone chose then to buzz, pulling it out of his pocket he saw he had a message from Mr. Big telling him to return. Nick held back a sigh.

“I need to get going, Carrots,” he said with an apologetic shrug.

“That’s fine,” she replied, “I should be getting back too.”

Nick stood up to leave but only got a few feet before Judy called out his name, he turned to look at her and saw she was fiddling with her fingers, looking bashful.

“The thing is…” she began awkwardly, “We’re allowed a plus one and if you don’t already have plans you are welcome to come.”

A lot of strange things had happened to Nick in his lifetime but getting asked out by a bunny was not one of them. “I…don’t really have any clothes fit for a fancy ball,” he informed her.

“You can wear whatever you want,” she quickly assured him. “It’s just, you have a very calming presence and I could really use that right now.” She even added with a gloating smile, “Plus it’d be interesting to see you try to sweep me off my feet.”

Nick returned her smirk, “I’ll think about it, Fluff.”

“I’ll put your name on the list either way.”


           After returning to Mr. Big’s place and doing his usual housewife chores Nick realized, very quickly, that he definitely wanted to go to that ball with Judy.

He wasn’t completely sure why. Maybe he was bored. Maybe he was curious. Maybe he wanted to try something he had never done before just to say he had done it. Maybe he thought the rabbit was kind of the most adorable thing he had ever seen. Whatever, it didn’t matter why.

What mattered is that now that he knew he wanted to go, how would he get some appropriate attire. Despite what Judy said he wasn’t walking into a ballroom that had the mayor and ZPD wearing his flora print shirt and stripped tie. No he needed something fancy.

           But first he needed to find a way to leave without Mr. Big being none the wiser.

Turns out fate, luck, and pixie dust were on his side because right after he finished mopping one of the many bathrooms in the mansion the arctic shrew found him and informed the fox that he, his daughter, and a handful of his favorite polar bears, were going to a party in Tundra Town. Nick had to bite back his smile as he waved goodbye.

           Then he grabbed his phone and dialed Finnick’s number.

“This had better be good,” the older fox grumbled from the other line.

“I need you to be my fairy godmother,” Nick said immediately.

There was a pause and then Finnick spoke, “You have my attention.”

“As soon as I dialed your number I came to a realization,” Nick began, “Tonight, tonight I’ve become Cinderelephant!”

“…the fairy tale?”

“Yes! Thank about it! I’m a fox with no love having to be a slave to a pack of animals who could care less and then quite suddenly an animal with a type of superiority asks me to go to the ball and now all I need is you to get me something to wear to this ball and I can go dance away until the clock strikes midnight!”

Finnick smacked his lips, “Nick, do you realize that you sometimes talk and it provides more questions than answers.”

“Get me something to wear tonight, Finnick and I swear to Marian I will give you all the details tomorrow!”

The fennec sighed, “I’ll see what’s in my inventory.”


           Which led to where Nick was now, though he had given Nick some choice words as he pulled the dress on and ran out the door, but his confidence quickly faded when he arrived at the ballroom and saw it had already started.

He peeked through the semi-open doors at the fancily dressed animals, taking a moment to find Judy. He laughed at the irony of the world when he saw she was wearing a tux, and she was looking around as if searching for him. But Nick doubted she cared that much if he showed up, he was sure she had asked because it was merely convenient.

           “Ma’am?” a gruff voice made Nick’s tail bristle.

He looked up to see he had caught the eye of a smartly dressed rhino who held a guest list in one large hand.

Nick swallowed as the rhino narrowed his eyes at him (“Or…sir?”), “Are you on the guest list.”
“Why-why yes I am,” Nick tried to appear suave like he went to balls all the time. “Do you think I’d be here if I wasn’t?”

The rhino looked eager to throw the fox out, “Name?”
“Nick Wilde?”

As the rhino’s beady eyes skimmed over the list Nick had a moment of intense terror that Judy hadn’t put his name on the list, had only said she would so he’d show up and get kicked out and she could have a good laugh about it.

But then the rhino spoke: “Your Officer Hopps’ guest?”

Nick nodded and the rhino ushered him into the room before he was ready.

           All eyes on him Nick sucked in a breath and straightened up, male or not he looked fabulous in this dress and he wasn’t going to let any animal tell him otherwise.

Nick took a few confident steps forward, before tripping on his skirt and falling down, said skirt flying over his head.

Nick’s ears pressed back against his skull as he heard the chuckles. But then a familiar voice cut through, “You really are something else.”

Nick moved the skirt off his head to see Judy standing before, smiling both warmly yet bemusedly. He sat up and smiled cheekily, “You did say I could wear whatever I want.”

She giggled, “So I did.” She reached her paw out to him, her smile still the cutest thing he had ever seen and her violet eyes sparkling like a pair of gems (or glass slippers). “May I have this dance?”

Ready to dance the night away like in a fairy tail Nick reached his arm out and took her paw.

changedmystars  asked:

Zayn bringing in his puppy to the vet because he's an overprotective dog parent and Liam being the new veterinarian at the clinic who checks his dog out

Zayn sits anxiously in the waiting area with Rhino lying at his feet, his stomach writhed with nerves as his eyes flicker from the clock and back to Rhino in a constant cycle.

“Rhino?” A deep voice calls from the other side of the room, Zayn immediately standing from the chair.

He pauses as he reaches the door, lips parting a little breathlessly as he sees the vet. He’s suddenly looking into warm, chestnut eyes; a wide grin stretching the bubblegum pink of his lips.

It takes him a moment to snap out of the momentary daze he’s been swept into, his brain kicking into gear as he steps forward and shakes the man’s hand.

“Hi, I’m Liam,” the man says happily, crouching down in front of Zayn to card long fingers through Rhino’s hair. “This is Rhino?”

Zayn nods, internally rolling his eyes at his loss of words. “Yeah, s’ Rhino. I’m Zayn.”

“Nice to meet you both,” Liam smiles, a smear of wrinkles around his eyes as Rhino cranes his neck to lick over Liam’s face.

“Is there — you,” Zayn babbles, frowning. “Is Kate not in today? She normally sees Rhino when I bring him in.”

Liam rises to his feet, straightening out his shirt.

“Kate’s ill today so I’m covering her,” he explains, running a hand through his hair. “Is that alright?”

Zayn nods quickly, stuttering out a smile. “Yeah, of course.”

Liam’s expression seems to brighten a little, a wider smile shifting over his lips as he leans back down to pet Rhino.

“What seems to be the problem?”

“He’s been limping all day,” Zayn mumbles, another stir of butterflies in his stomach. “Every time he gets up he whimpers and — yeah, I’m just worried.”

Liam nods, a slight pinch of his brow as he listens. “Okay, let’s have a look.”

Zayn crouches down when Liam does, tickling at Rhino’s ears and kissing the top of his head for comfort.

He stays quiet as he watches Liam massage the muscles of Rhino’s hind legs, a concentrated frown provoking panic in Zayn’s mind.

He forces himself not to tear up when Rhino suddenly whimpers loudly, shying away from Liam and into Zayn’s lap as he whines.

“Okay,” Liam says softly, stroking gentle fingers over Rhino’s spine. “It’s okay, gorgeous.”

Zayn smiles a little, biting over his bottom lip as he looks to Liam. “Do you know what’s wrong?”

“I reckon it’s just a sprain,” he says with a reassuring smile, fingertips tickling underneath Rhino’s chin. “I’ll prescribe some painkillers for him to take for a week or so — and I suggest lots of rest.”

Zayn sighs a breath of release, cuddling Rhino into his chest.

“Thanks, Liam.”

Liam shakes his head, shrugging with a smile. “No worries. It was lovely to meet the both of you.”

Zayn pauses as he gets to the door, turning back to Liam with shy eyes.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” Liam asks, eyebrows raised questioningly.

“I, urm — yeah,” Zayn breathes, chewing on the inside of his lip. “Can I, I don’t know, get your number, maybe?”

Zayn waits a little breathlessly as he finally forces himself to look at Liam’s eyes; relief flooding through him for the second time as an impossibly brighter grin spills over Liam’s lips.