rhino dragon


010. Re-design of an old thing. (I keep forgetting to post my doodlies here, haha!)

Safe pose is safe, but I was aiming at re-rendering/designing a monster from a reallyyyy old piece I did back in 2005 (shown below the first drawing — not sure why I was in advanced placement art, lol).

I believe different, more exciting poses/compositions might be in the works for this one…. I like the concept. The idea of random snowy monsters roaming around some ancient graveyards marked by sweet dead trees is appealing to me. B: 

Kakliosaurs were being mentioned on CDN so I wanted to sketch the personal design I made up for them. Never really made up a character sheet even though this one is rough.

When I first came up with the look I wanted to go for something scary looking (since this IS Tuchanka) and basing it off the tuchankan ruin paintings I added horns and tusks. After much experimenting I eventually came up with this dragon/rhino/bull looking creature and I’m pretty happy with it :D 

In my old pictures I had a personal head canon that their horns eventually develop/curve in different ways so there can be very unique kakliosaurs!