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010. Re-design of an old thing. (I keep forgetting to post my doodlies here, haha!)

Safe pose is safe, but I was aiming at re-rendering/designing a monster from a reallyyyy old piece I did back in 2005 (shown below the first drawing — not sure why I was in advanced placement art, lol).

I believe different, more exciting poses/compositions might be in the works for this one…. I like the concept. The idea of random snowy monsters roaming around some ancient graveyards marked by sweet dead trees is appealing to me. B: 

Needs a bit of work still but we are getting closer. I’ll rework my file and see if I can get the claws to print tomorrow. The back is flat so it can sit upside down and hold stuff but it isn’t weighted right and tips too. Happy with the face at least.

I’ll still paint this little guy and add fur down the spine in the mean time! Prepare for tiny shimada noodle dragons!


I really want everyone to know about Ellen Jewett. She’s a super talented sculptor from Ontario, Canada who makes custom handmade works of art. I found her shop, creaturesfromel, on Etsy and her work is just amazing.

Underneath the shop policies, the shop welcomes viewers and says the following:

“Each sculpture is an attempt to incorporate an understanding of animal physiology with a love of the fantastic, grotesque and absurd. Each creature is handmade and painted. Most pieces are created with complete spontaneity and find their own forms as they are sculpted. Within each piece Ellen is working towards a level of high craftsmanship and detail, seeking to create narratives which can be experienced by the viewer over time.”

Depending on the time and care she spends on a piece, the prices for her sculptures can range from $275 to $2,955 or higher.

You can find some more of her older work here (x)

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Hey previous asker, if you want to do an Old School(TM) Western dragon, take a look at the skull of a rhino. Classic heraldic dragons are based off of woolly rhino fossils. No, seriously. Look up the history of the Klagenfurt Dragon Fountain.

Hey, just looked that up and that’s really cool! By the sound of it it was he klagenfurt dragon specifically was a “reconstruction” of the rhino skull, but that’s an excellent example of the diversity in early dragon depictions. I’ve seen a lot of Old style dragons with doglike heads or hooked beaks too
Folklore seems to be full of people finding mysterious skulls and making up what they might have came from (elephant -> cyclops or protoceratops -> gryphon) and the good ol theory that dragons in general were just misidentified dinosaur bones……….

Not Appearing in ABC: The Canvey Island Monster

Since I’ve been requested to give this tumblr page more “making-of” type entries and random junk about myself (who needs to hear that? pffft), I’ve decided to discuss, at length, a few creatures that will definitely not be in ABC.

I’m not talking about things that don’t fit the criteria for inclusion, like ghosts, gods, and humans; those are things that do fit the criteria but which I don’t want to include for whatever reason. It will always be subjective so feel free to disagree with me and send me messages berating my blinkered narrow-mindedness.

So, without further ado, here’s one whose picture was taken from canveyisland.org. It’s the Canvey Island Monster!

… It’s an anglerfish. It’s a freaking anglerfish. There are some adorable fanciful interpretations of it online, but they don’t show how obviously it is a beached anglerfish. Sure, unicorns are rhinos and dragons are pythons, but there’s so little lore attached to the CIM (besides “weird thing washed up on beach”) that I see no reason in covering it.

Hold onto your butts, y'all: things are about to get Magical and sappy in this post.

I visited a game store in Uruguay yesterday, and upon sauntering in I watched a game of Magic and started talking to the players, all of whom I had never met in my life.

Within literal 5 minutes a guy named German (who speaks Spanish and is from Uruguay - stick with me here) invited me out to go watch the major Uruguay futbol match with him and his close friends.

Sure, why not?

So we go, and I’m sitting in the bar/pizza place chowing down on thick, oozing, delicious pizza that has been bought for me (“no please, I insist I pay - my country, my wallet”) by a cadre of awesome people I just met while learning about the Uruguayan tradition of putting thin crepes called faina on top of your pizza, getting further embroiled into the Futbol match, when I realize I have a Magic Standard deck in my bag. (Because I mean, I’m me.)

So after the futbol match, deck in tow, German and I head back to his house.

We talk about the game and our strategies. I meet his parents. We head to sling spells against each other for a bit. It’s what I could only describe as what I would want in the most ideal first date of my life. (Except for Uruguay losing in futbol.)

Then he takes me to the bus station so I can start the long and slow journey back to Buenos Aires.

…And of course, at the bus station I meet 3 other Magic players headed to Buenos Aires for this weekend’s Grand Prix!

So, assuredly to the chagrin of everyone sitting next to us, we swap battle stories and strategy and talk about the exciting upcoming cards for hours and then we all board the ferry back.

And so on the ferry, what do we do? Sleep? Well, we obviously sit down at a table and start to playtest decks for the tournament this weekend.

Hours pass.

It’s something like 4am on the ferry. Every chamber of my mental facilities not related to Magic play has shut down and gone numb.

Somewhere in the background of the otherwise quiet ferry there’s some torturous clown-themed pinball machine that is playing its same 8-note circus theme song on repeat. (And has been *for the entirely of the 3 hour ferry ride.*) Every other human is in a upper level of the ferry, trying to sleep.

And it’s as I’m sitting there watching rhinos slam into elder dragons that I realize something: this sequence of events is completely absurd. And this self-realization of absurdity is heightened by the fact that, up until this moment, it seemed completely normal.

And this is far from the first time this has happened either.

Just earlier this year, in Ireland, I walked into a game store on happenstance, met (my now friend) James behind the counter, then he proceeded to show me around the city, take me to dinner, and stay up until 2am battling in a variety of games.

Or how about the time a couple winters ago when I traveled around Europe, going from home to home of other Magic players that I had exchanged only a handful of words with online and saw the city through their eyes?

In all my (admittedly few) years on this planet, I’ve seen little that rivals the Magic community in its ability to immediately create lifetime friends and connections from nothing, regardless of age, background, country, beliefs, or otherwise. I haven’t seen it in college clubs, in occupations, or even in the social habits of the Eastern Canadian Mallard.

I mean, imagine you know a language, where instead of merely speaking words at each other, as you speak letters literally float out of your mouth and collide in beautiful sparks with other letters from the person you’re talking in a way that is infinitely entertaining. This kind of noun wizardry becomes a game in and of itself as you shoot letters back and forth at each other to see what new kind of sparks can be drawn up.

Or, to entirely switch metaphors because that one was kind of weird (but not irrelevant enough to edit out), it’s like you’re asked to paint an entire mural because you’re Vincent Van Gogh or something, but then when they take you where you need to paint the mural is actually already 90% done… and instead of painting the rest, you get to play a game to fill in the last 10% of the wall.

It’s easy to take for granted how wonderful that sense of community sometimes, especially when you’ve been doing this for so long.

Doubly so in my case, when you’re constantly looking at the game through a lens of moving numbers and letters in an excel spreadsheet.

And don’t get me wrong. I would probably have a torrid love affair with Microsoft Excel if I wasn’t already in a committed relationship with Microsoft Word.

But it’s a reminder that every night, while I’m sleeping, there’s someone in a country a half a world away preparing with their friends for some Magic event that is all they’ve been thinking about for the past three weeks. This game we play really does forge titanium, lifelong bonds the world over.

Which brings me back to that moment. In that ferry. To that game. To playing Magic and chatting with people I just met in a different country for what amounts to nearly 6 hours.

And the realization: despite all the many things I’ve done and will do in my life, when I’m old and have gray hair and my grandchildren are learning to take their first steps and my mind is starting to vanish like Marty McFly in a photograph that, oddly and yet perfectly, moments like these times summoning creatures on a Uruguay ferry will be some of the moments I think about most wistfully. I plan to clutch onto those memories with every straining wrinkle of my brain.

And perhaps that’s the real magic of Magic.

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I just realised we got some cards that evolved from kahns set to dragons set like clan leaders and towershell but do we know what happened to the siege rhinos ?

The dragons considered them a delicacy.