rhino calf

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A rhino calf bottle feeding at the San Diego Zoo

An adorable critically endangered baby female rhino born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo - and the first pictures of her show she’s very attached to her mum.

The yet-to-be-named Southern Black Rhino calf is the fourth born in the past 12 years to the Zoo’s breeding program, but the first to her mother Kufara.

She weighed between 25 and 30 kilograms at birth, and as an adult could reach 900kg.

it’s so weird spending time with Zeke and Toto because Toto is just so damn Big. He’s not that tall (maybe closer to 15 than 14, idk I have to measure) but he is thick, and I don’t mean fat. His bones just feel huge. There is a giant different in feeling Zeke’s shoulder and feeling Toto’s. He’s definitely more physically intimidating. Like I’m not scared of him but I feel more like he could trample me like a rhino calf. I know Zeke could knock me over and beat me up if he wanted, but he is not that physically imposing lol. But Toto is Big! He’s really just a chunky monkey. He’s like a great dane puppy, all confused faces and giant feet. I need more mustangs because I need to know how universal this amount of Chunk is.


Rhino calf Embu was the THIRD Eastern Black Rhino calf to be born at Chester Zoo in a 10 month period. Amazing success story and super cute!

I wish I had videoed this sequence as he kept pushing his mother to get her to play when all she wanted to do was sleep!

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A 9-week-old greater one-horned rhino calf made her debut at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park today, under the watchful eye of her attentive mother. The pair came out of the Park’s maternity corral, and mother Alta led her calf around the Safari Park’s 40-acre Asian Plains habitat. While the calf walked, a layer of young, pink skin could be spied underneath the folds of her thickening, armor-like, dark gray top layer of skin. More info.