The picture was taken in the Mankwe Wildlife Reserve, South Africa, and shows worker Lynne McTavish grieving for a rhino on the reserve who had been tragically killed by poachers. Imgur user Speldhurst, who shared this powerful photograph, said, “I have met this woman and her team and they sacrifice everything they have daily in the fight against poachers. I have seen them care for the very rhinos that are now dead; with hourly patrols, daily counts and countless checkups. Their selflessness and extraordinary kindness are like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.” 



A 9-week-old greater one-horned rhino calf made her debut at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park today, under the watchful eye of her attentive mother. The pair came out of the Park’s maternity corral, and mother Alta led her calf around the Safari Park’s 40-acre Asian Plains habitat. While the calf walked, a layer of young, pink skin could be spied underneath the folds of her thickening, armor-like, dark gray top layer of skin. More info.