Viktor is closer to done, just need to make the gloves! It’s so very sparkly and I regret nothing. Pleased with how it’s turned out so far considering I made it in under a week, don’t leave things late kids

Playing with some new babies!

My brother got me 5 OPIs that I didn’t already have, and this one in particular caught my eye. In the bottle it has a beautiful teal chrome, which unfortunately doesn’t translate onto the nail. Fortunately, however, a color he gave me last year is the EXACT color of the chrome, so I was able to give it the same look :)

OPI Yoga-ta Get this Blue!, Teal the Cows Come Home, Purple with a Purpose
Mundo de Unas Violet, Blue, Pastel Blue (Uber Chic 9-02)

When applying rhinestones, it is much easier to use a wax-tipped stick to pickup and place the stones than it is to use your fingers. Place a dot of glue on your material where you want to place the stone, then lightly press the wax end of the stick onto the top of a rhinestone (so that the flat back is facing downwards and the side you want to show is against the wax), and then lightly press the stone into the glue. It should stick into the glue and come right off the wax with little fuss.

They sell wax sticks and wax pencils for this purpose, but for a job like this, it is just as easy to melt a small amount of candle wax onto the end of a bamboo skewer and use that instead. You may need to refresh the wax after some time, since it might get slightly smooshed the more stones you place, though I was able to place all of my stones without having to reshape or reapply the wax.

Apologies for the clumsiness of the video – I’m trying to apply stones with my non-dominant hand while trying to hold the camera still.


An Elsa Schiaparelli couture embroidered midnight-blue velvet evening jacket, Autumn-Winter, 1937-38

Paris label with date, richly embroidered by Lesage with gilt strip, gilt cord and sequins, blue and pink rhinestones, with three turquoise tinted metal star-burst ‘buttons’ with brass closure hooks, discreet pocket vents inserted at the hips, small shoulder pads, lined in blue silk