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🎓 how to decorate a sorority grad cap! 🎓

Graduation is the perfect time to display your sorority spirit! Decorate your grad cap in memorable greek girl style with these step-by-step instructions. 


Before your trip to the craft store, plan your design on paper. The first decision is ~ do you want to cover the surface of the grad cap with scrapbook paper, or decorate directly onto the cap? Glitter paper makes an attractive base, as well as Lilly Pulitzer prints, high quality wrapping paper, maps and calendar pages. 

Base your background paper decision on what you plan to “say” on your cap. If you just want greek letters, or your personal monogram, then a pattern as the base is great. But if you want a quote and lots of embellishments, then a simpler base is better. Glitter paper is probably the most popular choice for a ‘solid’ background. 

Also pick your theme and sketch your design, so you know what supplies to buy. You may need to order sorority stickers or greek letters online, so allow time for delivery. The rest you can purchase at your local Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s.

Supplies You Will Need: {choose your favorite elements}

  • Grad cap
  • High quality paper
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Pencil for tracing
  • Scissors
  • Pearl or rhinestone trim
  • English letters - different sizes
  • Monogram
  • Greek letters
  • Crest or other sorority symbols
  • Craft flowers
  • 3-D scrapbooking accents
  • Bow 
  • Paint pens
  • Stickers/decals

STEP 1 Creating Your Base:

  • If you’re using a paper base, cut paper to size by laying the cap on top of the paper, lightly trace the shape with pencil and then cut out the square. 
  • Cut a hole in the center for your tassel by laying your cut paper on top of the cap and feeling for the button. Lightly outline the circle with pencil and carefully cut a small opening. 
  • Apply hot glue to the surface of the cap (all over or around the edges) and place your paper onto the cap. Press gently to make sure the paper is firmly adhered to the grad cap. Allow to set for a few minutes. 

STEP 2 Decorating Your Cap:

  • Determine the front and back of your cap. It must be decorated in the direction you will wear it on graduation day. Don’t craft it backwards!
  • Apply your letters (or decor) in the center of the cap. This can be your major, a message, a quote, monogram, or greek letters.
  • After your word placement, hot glue trim around the edge. Buying rhinestones or pearls in a “strand” is much easier to apply than one gemstone at a time. JoAnne Fabrics has trim in strips if you can’t find what you like at the craft store.  
  • Add small accents around your main design. 3-D scrapbooking images, pearls, rhinestones, small flowers, etc. 
  • Trim the center tassel hole with gemstones, bow or flowers to hide the paper cut-out if needed. 
  • Attach a bow at the base of the cap if you wish. A bow can be sewn on, pinned on, or attached with hot glue. Just make sure it’s securely in place.
  • Add words and/or a date to your bow with small scrapbooking letters or a paint pen. A bow can also be embroidered with your greek letters, monogram, message, date, or other information. Take your bow to an embroidery shop and have it done in advance. 

♦ 34 TOP Sayings for Grad Caps:

When picking a theme and quote for your grad cap, these are some fun ‘messages’ to consider!

  • Sorority motto!
  • Thanks Mom & Dad
  • Just did it
  • About time
  • Adventure is out there
  • Never grow up
  • The best is yet to come
  • Fortune favors the brave
  • She believed she could so she did
  • Next stop everywhere
  • Oh the places you’ll go
  • Now hotter by one degree
  • Dreams do come true
  • Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness
  • Keep calm grad on
  • Mischief managed
  • Every end has a new beginning
  • All things are possible
  • A world of possibilities awaits
  • Four years later
  • Be the change
  • If you can dream it, you can do it
  • The rest is still unwritten
  • Faith, hope & love
  • She lived happily every after
  • Peace out
  • It’s time to see what I can do
  • Thanks for the memories
  • Close my eyes and leap
  • She turned her can’t into plans & her dreams into plans
  • Class dismissed 
  • To infinity and beyond
  • May the odds be ever in your favor
  • If you’re reading this I’m graduating

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celia-rose-deactivated20151229  asked:

Hi, Jenni!! I'm visiting NYC for this weekend, and I want to visit the garment district to compare pricing (I only have a JoAnn Fabrics back home that's hella expensive) and maybe pick up materials for my Princess Serenity cosplay. Do you have any tips? Or any places in the garment district that you like best?

AWWWW YEAH lemmie hook ya up

39th street between 8th ave & 7th ave is prominently Woven fabric (non stretch!!) great for cottons, cotton sateen, twill, wool, chiffon, suiting, velvet,) but you can find some places that carry small amount of stretch - generally though if you’re looking for stretch check out 38th!! don’t forget to bring cash cause a lot of these places will give you a discount if you’re paying in cash/buying a decent amount of fabric!!! OKAY LETS RIDE

1. PARIS BAGUETTE affordable, healthy & delicious!!! grab a drink or food cause you’re gonna need it - ALSO i heavily suggest making an extensive list of EXACTLY what you need bc it can be overwhelming  

2. midtown comics!!! i just go here bc i need to buy comic books and it’s right there lol

3. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this fabric store but it’s LOVELY and it’s the only fabric store on this street!! they actually have all their fabric PRE SWATCHES so you can just go through and grab swatches which is AWESOME - they’re a little pricy but much better organized than most places and have a VERY interesting selection!! This is one of the places i go if i’m not sure what exactly i’m looking for, basically.

4. Starbuxxxx STAY HYDRATED also a good meeting spot for friends cause it’s right smack there!

5. A & K my absolute FAVORITE FABRIC PLACE they’re super nice, helpful, will order stuff for you, and if you pay in cash you can get decent deals -they have an AWESOME selection of cotton sateen, matte satin, dupioni silk, basic cottons, iron on interfacing (in the back, you have to ask!) tulle, and even velvet and some furs!! seriously if you go here tell them jenni sent you!!!

6. “that one fabric store with a lot of fur on the second floor that’s closed on weekends” I BELIEVE it’s paron fabrics, they have a decent selection, more woven stuff, relatively cheap, lots of linens and wools AND a discount jersey section where all the jersey is like 3-5$ a yard!!

7. FANCY ASS MEN’S SUITING FABRIC STORE where to shop when ur gucchi af I basically only go in there to hurt myself by looking at the price tags, everything is super expensive but GORGEOUS specializing in mens suiting!!! they also have things pre swatched so you can take swatches to cry on later when you’re thinking about the beautiful fabric you’ll never own

8. DAYTONA!!!! TRIM!!!one of the 3 holy trinity of NYC trim stores IMO, lace, buttons, zippers, notions, elastic, basically anything that isn’t literally fabric! This is also where i get my STRONK ASS horse hair!! they have 1″-8″ horse hair and it’s amazingggg and really strong!!!

9. Hammed fabric! the doors are QUITE LITERALLY right next to each other, they have a bunch of cute glittery tulle in the front, and a really nice matte satin selection!!! Very affordable satin, decent cotton sateen selection, dupioni, etc.

21. I literally forgot about fabric garden bc i never fuckin go here lmao. really good selection and MUCH better organized than other places are but DAMN they jack the prices. A last ditch effort when i can’t find what i’m looking for, basically. Good hen you wanna find  fabric…swatch it…and take it to other stores to find a better price lol

10. G&R!!! they carry well priced double knit jersey & have a FABULOUS leather hide selection and it’s pretty affordable!!! Worth popping in!!

22. Stienlauf & Stolder!!! the best place to get steel boning, steel stays, boob cups, boning at all, grommets, anything related to hoop skirts & corsets!!! their hours SUCK ASS so if you’re gonna go make sure it’s a week day before 4:30 (they also sell boning in bulk if you know you’re gonna use it, then it’s a pretty good bargain!!!)

11. A trim store i check out sometimes, they have really lovely lace & a bunch of fun little diddles you’ll have no idea what to do with lol. They specialize in burlesque and have lots of feathers!! They also have some VERY cool studs!!!

12. Pacific TRIM, part two of the holy trim trinity - actually VITAL to almost any costume! any time you’ve been looking for a costume piece and you weren’t sure what it was called?? they have it. The little bra pieces? have it. Belt buckles of VERY COLOR AND SIZE. oh yeah. that weird metal shit you don’t know the name of??? you’re basically in Ariel cave this place is IMPORTANT. they also have dye, buttons, zippers, trims, pretty much everything and it’s SUPER well organized!!! please go here!!


23. Hai’s Trimming INC. - this place is real big and has a truly awesome collection of feathers, rhinestones, beaded & glittery trim sequins, etc!!! they’re a burlesque place, so don’t come here unless you’re looking to bling the fuck out of your costume basically

14. SIL THREAD PLS DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO HERE they have fabric paint, lots of interesting sewing helpers (rulers, weird little things you wouldn’t think you need but once you get them they’re life changing) AND they have ZIPPERS & THREAD in eveeeryyyyy color, length, type and size!!! they also have big and long plastic zippers in lots of colors which are very handy for bunny suits!! i get all my serger thread here, they have EVERY GOD DAMN COLOR and it’s only like 10-12$ for 4 big ass serger spools??? go here and get fucked up

15. Spandex house!!!! the biggest spandex fabric store in the city, well organized, tons of colors - a MUST GO if you’re looking for spandex or anything stretch!!!!! floor one is the fun stuff and floor 2 is their non print/whacky fabric! their jersey selection isn’t as good as you’d expect, however there’s another stretch store that’s got u covered!!!

16. GO GO CURRY!!!! cheap delicious eats to keep you on your feet!! at this point i’m usually carrying a 25lb bag of fabric and i wanna die lol

i didn’t even put this on the map bc it’s already on the map lol, they CAN BE EXPENSIVE depending on what you need, but have a really great selection and straight up the quality here is much better than at most other places - if you’re looking for something really eye catching, or you’ve been to a lot of these other places and couldn’t find what you needed Mood is worth checking out!!! mood definitely carries a lot of fabric you just can’t find anywhere else in the garment district. They also have a great leather selection, but again, $$$$ lol

17. JOEYS - not a fabric store, but they have A SHIT LOAD OF BELTS & SHOES for super duper cheap and damn if shoes and belts don’t add up for cosplay??? i buy stuff from here alll the time!!!

18. Beauty 35 - a beauty store that carries wig!! (and extensions clip in pony tail, bangs, etc) obviously not cosplay quality, but in a pinch not bad, and they have make up/hair products you might not find in a regular pharmacy

19. STRETCH WORLD - they used to be on 38th street but they moved WHICH SUCKS ASS bc they’re a really great store for super high quality cotton jersey & they have a good spandex collection too!!! I always go here when i need jersey.

20. TOP TRIMMING - they also used to be on 39th, but they moveddddd. Trims, sequins, notions, headbands, boning, weird shit you didn’t know you needed until you see it! Very good gold trim here!!!

BONUS ROUND: MANHATTAN WARDROBE SUPPLY - located on 29th street between 8th and 7th ave, on the 8th floor of a building (there’s an elevator) - they are a hidden gem and have EVERY kind of leather paint, fabric paint, fake blood, wig heads, boob magic related products, and they recently started carrying worbla too!!!

annnd those are the place i usually hit up!!! hope that helped!!!

anonymous asked:

Fabric anon here. Thank you for that very detailed answer! I guess I'll have to stop by Queen West and take a look around this weekend :)

Haha, no problem! 

Since you’re in Toronto, some Toronto-specific tips:

  • Kon from Affordable Textiles has always been so good to me and is very kind with cosplayers. Let him know I recommended him –– it works out for both of us, haha! Usually a trip to the fabric district for me is mostly here.
  • Leather Supply Depot is the best place for zippers, especially speciality ones like heavy-duty invisible or separating invisible. I also like it for trims; they have binders full of them so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or need it in a specific colour, look there and they will fetch it for you. If you get over 10m of anything, ask for a bulk price; they’re very accomodating. Best place for interfacings, too.
  • Chu Shing has the widest colour range for fabrics. If you’re looking for satins, georgettes, silks, charmeuse, organza, chiffons and other bridal-style fabrics, they are the best place to go.
  • King Textiles has a great sale section on the lower floor that has a lot of bargain-sized packages of buttons, trims and other odds and ends.
  • Leo’s Textiles is pricey but great for formalwear type stuff. There are also some nice stretch pleathers there, too, though slightly above what I like to pay, sometimes you pay for quality.
  • Arton Beads is the best place for beads, small metal findings, cording, etc.
  • Queen Textiles has all of their fabrics in binders, so if you know what kind of fabric you’re looking for, go for those to pick your colour instead of fucking around in those awful narrow aisles. We got a lot of our Sailor Moon peau de soies from here. (What we didn’t get here, we got from Affordable Textiles.)
  • The guy who owns Downtown Fabrics is a real character. Incredibly friendly and chatty, but he’s one hell of a seller; he’ll start pulling bolts off shelves left, right and center to show off his beaaaautiful wares. Lots of fabrics from Italy here, real legit stuff. I used to come here for silk organzas and whatnot when I worked for a bespoke house, and he’s always, always ready to sell something to you. I don’t think this store has much that is useful to cosplayers, as it’s a lot of higher-end fabrics, but it’s fun to look (though he’ll try his damnedest to sell to you!)
  • L&M (next to Downtown Fabrics) generally has gloves, scarves, accessories, and a lot of cosplay-specific jewelry, if you’re into that kind of stuff. I haven’t been in for a long time but they have stuff like Elsa’s tiara and whatnot. It’s not much different stock than what you’d find at a convention dealer room, though.
  • Fabric & Buttons is button heaven, as well as Neveren’s. Neveren’s is particularly notable for good handsewing needles (John James is my fav. brand) and unusual trims like rhinestones, feathers, etc.

- Jenn

tabagithiga  asked:

Do you have tips for navigating the fashion district? I just moved to LA about a month ago and drove through that section of town and am thoroughly intimidated.

Yeah! And trust me, I get how overwhelming it can be there. I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly but I think a lot of people might benefit from this information.

~The Big Huge LA Fashion District Guide~

The best advice that I have is that the first time you go, you should do it on a day when you have time to explore and look around. It’s a big place with a lot to offer but you have to be willing to hunt for stuff and it’s not a good place for a quick trip. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of there in less than 45 minutes. For the most part the fabric, bead, rhinestone, notion, and trim stores are in the rectangle of streets made up by Maple Ave, Olympic Blvd, Wall St, and 8th St. Outside of that, specifically further south west along Maple and Wall and around Santee are TONS of clothing stores, mostly knockoffs or cheap stuff but it’s great for stuff like cosplay shoes and jewelry.

Your best starting point is a store called Michael Levine’s that is probably the most like a traditional fabric store in the area. The prices are comparable to Jo-Ann’s but the selection is much better. It’s big, clean, and bright unlike a lot of the smaller stores, and everything is labeled and clearly priced. I usually check there first just to see if I can find what I’m looking for at a price I’m willing to pay. Across the street is the Michael Levine’s upholstery store and the Loft (which sells remnants and damaged stuff by weight and can definitely be worth checking out if you’re on a strict budget).

All around that though are tons of different little fabric stores with bolts of fabric outside and racks inside. You have to just go walking around to find out what each store has and bringing swatches or reference for your fabric that you can show to the shopkeepers is very helpful. Most of the awnings will have some of the types of fabric that they stock in the store written on them, but for a lot of stuff you have to just go in and check.

Pro tip: the shopkeepers here can be very aggressive and they’ll try to sell you hard. Stand your ground and HAGGLE. Most of the fabric store but Michael Levine’s and a handful of trim shops expect it. The first price that they give you will almost always be too high. If you are not comfortable haggling alone, bring a friend along who can play “Skeptical Sally who is very cheap and always has an objection to everything”. Threatening to leave is a great trick for getting them to lower the price. Also most places prefer to deal in cash and you’ll sometimes get a better price if you can pay that way.

For rhinestones, beads and buttons I recommend Bohemian Crystal, for trims I recommend a trim shop that I don’t actually know the name of that is on Maple St between 8th and 9th. Trust me you’ll know it when you see it because it has racks and racks of trims outside of the store front. In between these two stores are more shops that sell chain and beading supplies, and more crystals, and there’s a hookah place too just for kicks I guess.

Parking on the street is a great way to get a parking ticket even if you pay the meter, but there is a rooftop parking garage that you enter (again on Maple between 8th and 9th) that is either $5 or $7 for the whole day depending on what time you get there. Be careful of the “$3 parking” guys who will try to get your attention by waving signs and flags at you: it’s not $3 all day it’s $3 for 15 minutes. Bring some water, wear comfy shoes, and don’t go on a weekend if you can help it because it gets super crowded. Also everything closes down between 4 and 5 so going earlier in the day is better.

A few specialty stores that are not in the fashion district but are worth knowing since they’re in the city: Mother Plucker for feathers, California Millinery Supply for hat making supplies and horsehair braid, and Mood Fabrics which is like Michael Levine’s on steroids. These are all within a 15-25 minute drive depending on traffic. Richard the Thread is all corset making supplies (and it’s amazing) through that is much further away from the fashion district. In the San Fernando Valley you have Plastic Depot for Worbla, clear acrylic, etc and Foam Mart for foam.

Hopefully this is helpful and if you have more specific questions I would be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Happy shopping!!

Crying about craft supplies drabbles: plastic masquerade masks for @thesnadger

Materiality Falls au probably. Or a version of the lost Labyrinth episode.

Mabel danced.

She’d been dancing forever. Or she was going to dance forever. Either. Both. Her feet stepped lightly in their white rose-petal slippers. Her gown billowed around her, sparkling and gossamer-fine. The tracery of pearls and crystals in her hair caressed her face gently as she spun. Everything was perfect. Everything would always be perfect.

The circle moved and her next partner reached for her hand. They were dressed in a glimmering orange robe and masked with a skeletal magpie face. Bright, dark eyes glittered out at her as they bowed and kissed her hand.

She curtsied, and the music struck up again. It was always the same song. The same waltz. The magpie whirled her around the ballroom, its feathers glimmering in the light of the dewdrop chandeliers that floated above them. The walls and the floor shone with their blurred, darkened reflections. She caught a glimpse of herself, her dress huge and white and perfect as a fairy bride’s, and her mask glittering with silver and white gems.


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Portrait of Isabella of Portugal (1548). Titian (Tiziano Vecelli, Italian, c.1488/1490-1576). Oil on canvas. Museo del Prado, Madrid.

The Empress holds an open book in her left hand, perhaps a missal or prayer book, and looks at a distant point with a preoccupied expression. She shows some stiffness, perhaps related to the concept of majesty. She wears a rose-colored velvet dress ornamented with rich gold braid and trimmed with rhinestones. It is decorated with jewelry, including the necklace of pearls with a clasp at the chest. 


Kittyinva: 1928 Lanvin silk tiered evening dress. Backless halter style with rhinestone trim and original inner-base slip. From Timeless Vixen. Extraordinary.