rhinestone studded


A Reville Ltd of Paris couture court dress and train, circa 1928, 

Labelled Reville Ltd, and with inscribed ribbon label ‘Lady Holcroft’, the extensively beaded flapper-style dress in black and white seed beads with clear droplet beads, the bodice and waist defined by rhinestone studded bands, the matching train in dramatic black and white with foliate bands, edged in black velvet; together with court presentation plumes and veils and an ostrich feather fan (qty) This dress was worn by Lady Annie Holcroft at the Presentation Court of 9th May 1928.

I mean, sure, we all know the soft, pink, satin-covered, porcelain Aphrodite with Her delicate lingerie and rosy cheeks but just imagine the leather-clad, rhinestone-studded, blood red, lipstick-stained Aphrodite with Her big hair, 6-inch heels, thick eyeliner and a cigarette hanging out of Her mouth stepping down from a jet black Harley outside a glam metal concert or some dingy inner-city bar with the taste of dark rum and sin on Her lips like wow, just imagine…     

Black Mirror's San Junipero and how to blend genres [Spoilers]

EDIT: First post on the episode titled “Black Mirror’s San Junipero or How to dismantle the Bury Your Gays trope is here.

If you’ve followed me a while you know speculative fiction, in all its iterations, is by far my favourite. One of the big reasons for that is that it is an incredibly versatile genre.

Black Mirror, as an anthology series showcases some amazingly original takes on various speculative genres: dystopias, horror, zombie survival, social commentary slice of life stories, sci-fi, time travel, virtual reality, androids, etc… The way it finds the new twists on these genres is beautifully complimented by the way it presents them from a deeply human and personal point of view.

San Junipero is no exception.

At first glance, San Junipero starts as historical fiction. This is the 80s. Alexander O'Neal’s Fake is playing and clubbers are wearing studded and rhinestoned jackets, big curly hair and scrunchies holding sideways pony tails, high waisted jeans, big accessories, lots of colours. Yorkie gets on the arcade machines under neon tubes.

But the hints are there already that this isn’t quite what it seems. Kelly mentions everyone is dressed like something they saw in a movie. The girls mention they only have until midnight. If you’re observant, you’ll note the 80s setting changes. On their first encounter, Kelly’s car has a 1987 registration, but later as Yorkie wanders the street “a week later”, she passes advertising for the brand new 1980 Chrysler Cordoba car. Then we get another time jump, and it is the 90s. Scream is playing at the cinema and Alanis Morissette is singing on TV. Yorkie ends up finding Kelly again in the early 2000s. The Bourne Identity is playing at the cinema and at the arcade, Kelly is playing Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution and both girls are now sporting long wavy hair.

At this point, the viewer is thinking “time travel”. But then Kelly punches and breaks a mirror. She looks down at her hand, uninjured, and looks back up at the mirror, which now appears all fixed. When she meets Yorkie sitting on a roof, she mentions a “pain slider” that needs to be set to zero and Yorkie asks how many of the people below are now dead, which Kelly answers with 80-85%, which if the girls are actually from somewhere around 2040 (Kelly passes at 73 and was in her early twenties in 1987) seems like a pretty high death toll.

Finally, the episode unveils the actual meaning of San Junipero: it’s a virtual reality program which allows elderly nursing home patients to upload their consciousness, for test runs at first, then after death permanently.

San Junipero plays with our perception to make us guess what subgenre it is. But this comes second to the development of the romance. Each big revelation about the world we are in comes first and foremost through the development of the two characters and their relationship. When we’re first dropped into the 80s setting, like Yorkie, we have eyes only for Kelly. When we skip from era to era, it’s because of Yorkie’s frantic search for Kelly who has not been in touch. The reveal that this is a virtual reality world comes only because Kelly wishes to meet Yorkie in person. The setting is incidental. This is all about their love.

Hannah Montana to Hit Screens Again! Our Favorite Old School Moments

Our lives haven’t been the same since, thanks to Miley Cyrus


Miley, please bring back these fashions.

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Also, where might we purchase Emily Osment a.k.a. Lilly Truscott’s stylish green cap?

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Billy Ray Cyrus was robbed of an Emmy. Period.

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Before Gomez starred on Wizards of Waverly Place, she played Miley’s rival Mikayla in a three-episode arc.

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Nowadays television shows don’t incorporate nearly enough wig gags.

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Every episode ends in a lesson, whether it’s “always be there for your friends” or “never keep secrets from your dad, Billy Ray Cyrus” or “listen to your ghost mom, Brooke Shields, when she talks to you in your dreams.”

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Dolly Parton appeared on two episodes as Aunt Dolly, a longtime friend of the Stewart family. (Dolly Parton is Cyrus’s godmother in real life.)

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Jackson Stewart, Miley’s older brother on the show, was played by Jason Earles, owner of the best, goofiest smile on the planet.

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Comedy gold, every time.

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I was feeling sad about losing my magnificent natural nails to a falling ornament box last month. :(
I lost about 4 months of growth and was ready to hang it up for a while until i saw this theme. I couldn’t pass it up. So I pulled all the stops out on these! Lilac and violet in a different stamp on each nail, with rhinestones, half-pearls, studs, lacey sticker, striping tape, and nail caviar. Love the look, totally worth the effort!!

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