rhinestone shoe

So, you think yr a DIY'er?? Today I did a makeover on my $300 Bejeweled stilettos. The footbed was completely worn out and I couldn’t even wear them anymore, you know how it’s time for new shoes when your foot just keeps sliding forward and out the shoe lol?? Well the rhinestone part looked mostly fine and I just couldn’t stand to throw them away!
I took the footbed out, threw it away. Took the footbed out of a pair of shoes that are practically new but I never wear (clear shoes in the pics). I took the straps off of another pair of shoes I use to practice bedazzling on (weird white shoes) and changed the rhinestone shoes to a double strap instead of a single strap–I hate single strap shoes but when I got the Bejeweled shoes, they were the first style ever introduced and they didn’t offer a double strap shoe.
So, I just brought these shoes back from the dead and saved myself from having to spend a chunk of change on a new pair.
Strippers MF only, biatchhhh!!!!!

Frankie will be for sale shortly on Ebay. She comes with 2 dresses, a matching houndstooth peplum and crop jacket, a ruffled tutu skirt with black and white chevron tulle and pink metallic tulle, a pair of shoes, rhinestone bow earrings, an oversized bow headband and pink mesh armwarmers.