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¨Sans and Alphys had on rhinestone encrusted skirts, glittery tiaras, and bows. In both their hands they had little plastic wands. Clearly, Alphys has brought plenty of items with her, including dress-up props. They were trying to stop Papyrus, who was crawling around their lego city. He stopped once in awhile to shove buildings into his mouth to chew on.¨

Scene from “Trust” by @spacegate

A/N: I know this sounds stupid, but I promise you it get’s better. 

- Let’s be honest as a bat mom you really don’t have time to go out and pamper yourself every week.

- For one you have a lot of social obligations, Wayne enterprises is pretty well known for their philanthropic work, and you have to participate in it often.

- And then you have like ten freaking kids, just yesterday you had to bake an entire tray of muffins for Cass, because she was on her period and she wanted your muffins. And then you had to drive across town to give them to her.

- And then at least once a week you get a call from the school, saying your son skipped school to go play with some neighborhood dogs that are on the other side of the fence. 

- “I’m on my way, thanks for calling Judy.”

- And then Dick calls at least once a week with a really obvious question that most adults should know.

- “Okay so when I do the laundry, should I put the detergent in first or the fabric softener?”

- “Dick, it literally does not matter, as long as you’re putting both of them into the water, before you put your clothes in.”

- And god help you if you actually have a job, outside all of this. 

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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.17.17

DAY FOUR: colorful wedding finds
featuring: gardenia // volumetric two-piece ivory-and-periwinkle layered tulle bridal gown with rhinestone-encrusted sheer top by mywonybridal


A/N: I have had this thought in my head for a while but I don’t know whether or not to continue, feedback would be appreciated! Thanks.

Chapter 1: Prologue

The only sound on the rooftop of the Central City’s Four Seasons hotel was the quiet clinking noise made by various strands of twinkle lights carefully strewn across the wide space. The cool October breeze tugged free a few tendrils of hair from Iris’ artfully messy up-do and she brushed them away impatiently, moving her mask to the side slightly in the process.

“Damn it.” She muttered under her breath as she straightened the rhinestone encrusted masquerade mask on her face.  She pulled her hand away and looked down at the slim silver watch encasing her wrist.

“12:02″ She said to herself darkly as she took a quick glance around the roof and confirmed that she was still alone. Her contact told her that he would meet her at Midnight sharp and he was already late.

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Hey I think I've got a request :3 sfw. So it'd be an AU, I don't know what type. Bill and Dipper probably wouldn't know each other yet (or just never talked to each other) and at some point they find themselves alone in a room (*shrugs*) and Bill goes to Dipper like, "hey, have you seen the man of my life? He's in this room right now" (insert wink) and Dip would be like "but we're the only ones here" or something before actually understanding what he meant. Aaand the rest is up to you^^

Ok sorry it took so long. So it’s a collage AU I guess? anyway I hope you like it.

-Requests are still open-

Words: 970

The party was loud and crazy with tons of people and Pyronica and Kryptos had successfully smuggled several crates of various kinds of beer in despite the college’s no alcohol rule. In other words, this was Bill’s kind of party. 

He walked around saying hey to people. Suddenly he bumped into someone. It was a girl with completely rainbow hair and a rhinestone encrusted cut off shirt that claimed unicorns were jerks. She looked more like she should be at a rave not a collage party.

“Sorry girl, didn’t see ya.”
She looked at him.
“It’s cool. You’re Bill right?”
“I guess all pretty girls have heard of me then.”

Bill winked at her for the sole purpose of being flirty. He wasn’t really interested in this glittery human rainbow. The girl giggled and punched him in the arm. The intent had been playful but she hit hard and Bill knew there would be a bruise in that spot later.

“You flirt. Sorry, I’m taken but if you want to hit on someone my brother is hiding in one of the back rooms and he’s single. You’re cute and he’s gay as fuck so you might have a chance.”

She winked at Bill.
“Good luck.”

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V E R S A C E . Spring 1991. Heavily influenced by Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement, this collection is both iconic and legendary. Saturated in a miss match of colour and embellishment and prints, it was full of joy and optimism. Leggings featured heavily in this collect along with jumpsuits, like the Marilyn Monroe ( inspired by Warhols silk screen prints of the worlds most famous blonde ) and Vogue, rhinestone encrusted numbers that sent the fashion set, and the world, into a frenzy. The campaign featured Linda, Christy and Naomi, or more commonly known as the “Trinity”, shot by Irving Penn. this collection was either loved or hated, but it was highly imitated and worn by celebrities and Supermodels, and those who aspired to be both. #versacesunday #versace #gianniversace#naomicampbell #lindaevangelista#christyturlington #karenmulder#helenachristensen #marpessahennink#yasminlebon#nadegedebospertus#stephanieseymour #yasmeenghauri#carlynecerfdedudzeele#irvingpenn#vintage#iconic#blogger#the_bearded_blogger_

Maybe You can Stop before You Start

You ought to know where I’m coming from. How I was alone when I burnt my home–Banks (You Should Know Where I’m Coming From)

Originally posted by bangtan-tv

He’s hidden between layers of dramatic irony. Kim Taehyung sticks out like a sore thumb and he’s the only one doesn’t seem to know it.

In some strip club born in the afterthought of sin, the one with black and red signs and floors the color of moonless nights, the one that begins with a narrow doorway and approximates 14 steps into the underbelly of turbulence, some substandard establishment pulsating beneath neon lights in the City of Angels.

He doesn’t even recognize you for a good hour and a half, mind too busy trying to understand the girl twisted around his lap. His hands freeze beside him. Not even a twitch runs through his muscles and you know that he hasn’t changed at all in the past few years. He’s the sleepy-eyed kitten and an endearing bundle of awkward conversations, soft-hearted kid who still believes in meticulous niceties like empathy.

The club, on a good day, is piss drunk men and hooting frat boys, ultraviolent light that dies mid-sensation and revives itself in the aftermath of ecstasy. It’s a cesspool of self-loathing and gratuitous consolation and Kim Taehyung definitely does not belong here.

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[Images not mine. This fic was requested by Peaches aka the ever so lovely @queenofiinsanityI hope you all love it. This fic is mainly fluffy/cheesy nonsense with a sexy twist at the end. WARNING: MILD DADDY KINK Requests are always open! Xoxo, Doc]

           “What’s this? What’s this?” I sang, sliding down the hallway.
           “There’s colour everywhere
           What’s this?
           There’s white things in the air-” I hummed for a little bit, forgetting some of the words as I skipped into the kitchen and began getting the ingredients ready to bake Christmas cookies. 
           “There’s children throwing snowballs
           Instead of throwing heads
           They’re busy building toys
           And absolutely no one’s dead-”
           “What the hell are you doing, Y/N?” I heard his confused growl and I whipped around, dropping the flour. 
           He sat at the island cleaning guns with Frost and I giggled, spinning around to shake the tail of my reindeer onesie before I turned back to them. 
           “I’m getting into the Christmas spirit Puddin’, it’s two days away!” I said excitedly, picking up the bag of flour and moving to grab the broom. 
           “The what now?” He grunted and I smiled. 
           Mister J never celebrated Christmas, not once, but we’ve been together a long time and I love Christmas so this year I was going to celebrate no if’s, and’s, or’s, or buts. Having cleaned up my mess I began again. 
           “Christmas silly. You know, pine trees, cookies, snow, Santa Claus and all that great junk,” Twirling around everything was silent for a long time until I started rolling the dough for my cookies. 
           “We’re not celebratin’ Christmas this year or any year doll, so you might as well toss all of that out,” Mister J said and I paused, pouting. 
           “Why not Mister J? Everyone loves Christmas! Right Frosty?” I turned to Frost who stared at me blankly.
           “I hate Christmas,” he grumbled. 
           “Traitor. Okay, fine, everyone except you two fellas loves Christmas,” I put the tray in the oven and closed it, setting the timer.
           Mister J set his gun down rolling his neck and sighing in exasperation. He can be mad all he wants the big ole’ scrooge, he can moan and fuss and when he gets his present he will kick himself for ever hating Christmas. Mister J walked around the island and flicked the bell hanging from the zipper. 
           “We are not celebrating Christmas and if you got a problem with that Rudolph, you might not be able to play in all the reindeer games that will be goin’ down tomorrow night,” he said it coldly, his tone threatening and yet amused. 
           Crossing my arms over my chest I glared at him. He knows I’ve wanted to do this job with him for weeks. I had it all planned, I had been dreaming about it since I brought it up and now he wants to take it away and all because I want to celebrate Christmas with my him. 
           “Fine Mister Grinch, but you’re on my naughty-list now, and not in a good way!”
           He grinned at me and I huffed trudging off to the bedroom and slamming the door. Bah Humbug he says, doesn’t wanna celebrate he says, why I oughta’… I sighed. 
Going into my closet I shut the door behind me and turned on the light before sinking to the floor. Lifting the corner of my pink carpet I pulled up the board and pulled out Mister J’s gift. I had had it made special just for him and I wrapped it all nice and pretty with blue wrapping paper and a nice pink bow. Tucking it back in its special place I sat there a while. Smiling to myself I jingled the little bell on my onesie and looked through the box of ornaments and lights I had stashed away. 
           I won’t push Mister J, it was never a good to bug him too much. Besides, there was always next year and the year after that. I just had to warm him up to the idea, that’s all. Slipping out of my onesie I tucked it in the box and pushed it to the back of my closet. My Puddin’ and I have some work to do, I wasn’t giving up my Christmas dreams I was just putting them on the shelf for now until he was ready.

***Mister J’s P.O.V

           “Y/N!” I yelled, getting annoyed by the grating beeping of the cooking timer.
           She didn’t reply and I growled picking it up and throwing it out the window, hopefully it hits someone walking by the building to make it a bit more satisfying. Y/N didn’t reply again when I called, I don’t understand why this Christmas business was so important to her it was ridiculous. 
           Pulling open the oven I slipped on a mitt and tossed the tray of cookies onto the counter and paused. Admittedly they smelled fantastic; the smell of ginger filled the kitchen and gave it a warmer feel which I did not particularly like. I kicked the oven door shut and turned it off, turning back to the cookies. Growling I rolled my neck and glared at them accusingly.

***Harley’s P.O.V (Christmas Day)

           I woke up feeling a slight chill and I reached beside me for Mister J but he wasn’t there. Cracking open an eye I saw a black envelope resting on his pillow. Strange. Picking it up I pulled out a note-card and in the most elegant red calligraphy Mister J had written:
“Come outside, 
                         come to play, 
                                               Daddy’s got a present, 
                                                                                    Your Mister J.” 
           My tired brain was confused for a couple of seconds. What did he mean come to play? The big game was yesterday, we played all day killing people left right and centre, and then we played all night too when we got home. I had the bite marks and the bruises to prove it. Then it clicked in my head… today is Christmas… today is Christmas does that mean… I mean it is possible, and I am hoping it means what I think it means but would he really? Quickly I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth before I threw open the bedroom door. I gasped, looking at the blinking lights that lined the hall and I followed the trail of candy canes into the living room where he sat. 
           He looked in no way happy but he looked almost pleased sitting in his chair by the fire with a big Christmas tree beside him decorated with my ornaments, and he wore a black Santa hat with a red pom-pom. There was a single present under the tree in a black box with a red bow and the entire flat was covered in tinsel, lights, cotton (snow), and candy. I grinned skipping over to him and plopping down in his lap and I swung my legs over the arm of the chair. Twirling the pom-pom around my finger my hand dropped and I stroked his cheek and gave him the biggest kiss I could. 
           “You did all this for me, Puddin’?” My cheeks hurt from grinning so widely but I couldn’t help it. 
           “You know I’d do anything for you, Y/N. Now why don’t you open your gift?” He brushed his nose against mine. 
           “Wait! I forgot yours!” 
           I bolted from his lap, returning in record time and I placed his gift in his hand and sat before him. Resting my chin on his knee I felt like bouncing around like a child with the excitement I was feeling. 
           “Open it,” I felt giddy and impatient. 
           He opened the box and pulled out the purple and black barber blade I had gotten him with a mold of a gold joker at the bottom of the handle. In tiny gold lettering at the top of the blade was “To the King of Crime, Love your Q” and I watched as he stroked the blade with his thumb. He didn’t react though; he just stared at it for a long time. 
           “You hate it,” I pouted, “oh I’m sorry Puddin’, I really messed up on-”
           “No,” he said roughly and I perked up, getting onto my knees. 
           “It’s beautiful, so thoughtful,” his thumb brushed my lower lip, “thank you, Y/N.” 
           I smiled and he gestured to my gift with the blade. Oooooh goody! I crawled over to it and pulled off the lid squealing in delight as I pulled out a blue and pink rhinestone encrusted collar I had eyed up at a joint twelve blocks from here a few months back. Mister J had had it personalised though, a little gold jester charm hung down and on a metal square in the centre had in a fancy script “Daddy’s Little Monster”. 
“Oh Mister J, I love it!” 

***Mister J P.O.V

           It looked good on her, I noted, before she crawled back into my lap and she kissed me with the skill of the devil himself. Digging my fingers into her hips, she rolled them, rubbing herself against me and I growled. 
           “Merry Christmas, Mister J,” she said in a breathless whisper. 
           “The cookies are gone,”
           She knew damn well it wasn’t Frost but I wasn’t going to confirm anything for her. 
           “I can make more,” she whispered, her teeth grazing my earlobe, “but I want some Christmas Pudding.”
           Suddenly this holiday didn’t seem all that bad. I made a move to lift her but she slid away from me, her eyes dark and playful just the way I liked them. 
           “I have one more present, count to fifty Mister J then come to the room.” 
           She didn’t take her eyes off me as she backed away slowly, tantalizing and slow before she disappeared from my sight. I only made it to thirty before I went after her like a hungry wolf on the prowl. Pushing open the bedroom door she was there and waiting. She lay on the bed wearing nothing but a red silk ribbon that barely concealed anything, the big bow tied at the front to cover her breasts and she smiled at me.
           “Time to unwrap your present, daddy,”
           “Oh honey, I think this is the greatest present yet,” I purred in satisfaction. 
           Y/N arched her back and her rouged fingernails trailed down the pale expanse of her stomach, and danced between her legs where the ribbon covered her. My body was on fire just looking at her and I began to unbutton my shirt while watching her hands move. 
           “By the way,” I said, letting it fall to the floor. 
           “I also have another present for you,” I watched as her brows knit together in confusion and curiosity. 
           Reaching into my pant pocket I pulled out a pair of red and green furry handcuffs and a red and black ball gag. A small, sexy little gasp escaped her and I smirked as I moved slowly toward her. 
           “Merry Christmas, Y/N. Now, have you been naughty or nice?”

In honor of the much-anticipated release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, enjoy this vintage photo of A Nightmare on Elm Street star Heather Langenkamp rocking some Bat-gear in a merchandise brochure for Tim Burton’s Batman.

As an added bonus, you also get a glimpse at an air-brushed, rhinestone-encrusted Batman jacket. Its $500 selling price surely pales in comparison to its current value.


Modern Day!Star Princess (Version 2)

I’ve wanted to redesign her modern day Star Princess for a while now, some of you might be familiar with the original here, I think wanting to remove it from the stripped down Star Princess costumes of the restaged tour played a big role in why I ultimately decided to change it. 

The new dress actually made its debut in one of my drawings of Christine and Raoul getting ready for the gala, but I wanted to render the full outfit since I liked her shoes so much.

The dress has a beaded bodice and a light shimmering silver overlay on the skirt, which my scanner saw fit to not pick up at all. I ended up changing the color of the belt to dark purple partially because I didn’t have a marker in the shade of magenta I wanted.

Her shoes are a dark blue stain encrusted with rhinestones at the heel.

See the rest of the series here.

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not sure if you're still accepting prompts & this isn't even the kind you asked for, but if you're feeling inspired i know i would loooove to read a timestamp/deleted scene/etc for the fashion baby verse (that's what we're calling it now, right? anyway, your farmer-harry/fashion-writer-nick au that i and so many others adore so much!) i know it's not a new prompt, but it is an au and one of the best ones out there! maybe a scene back at the farm, like the visit they're packing for at the end? xx


or, in which beleaguered urban fashion plate nick grimshaw and couture country sheperd harry styles go up to the farm for gemma’s 30th birthday. also, nick has something rather important in his pocket. from nowhere better than this place

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He finds out.

AN: And after what seems like an eternity, part five. Read parts onetwothree and four. Typos my own.

Warning: Descriptions of violence. 

There was nothing like a good sweat to clear the mind, Eponine thought as she untied the laces to her cleats. Her socks had grass stains on them and she was fairly certain her butt was covered in dirt from a tackle but it was nothing a little extra stain remover couldn’t fix. She had scored two goals and assisted another—and after struggling all season, today’s victory meant they had somehow miraculously qualified for the semifinals of the Eastern Conference.

It was times like these that she was incredibly grateful that hardly anyone on campus was interested in the women’s soccer team. Even when they won, they barely made a one-inch blurb on the inside Sports page of the school paper. And there were no photos. Ever. Not that Enjolras was likely to read the Sports page—she’d heard his diatribe about the unnecessary glorification of athletes in society while he helped her write her speech. It had been…enlightening.

Eponine frowned. The farce would be over soon, using the most intentionally unintentional dramatics possible. And as much as she dreaded his reaction, she was looking forward to getting her life back. Now it was just a matter of detaching herself for the inevitable heartbreak when he told her he was gay and no longer attracted to her. I don’t know how you do it, but you always manage to fall for guys who can’t love you back.

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