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Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Genre: angst, slight fluff
Word count: 1.6k

Summary: You’re set on a blind date and meet with someone you never expected to see again.

“It’ll be fun!” You roll your eyes, irritably smoothing out the wrinkles in your short, black dress. Looking over yourself in the mirror, you sigh softly, playfully flicking at one of the shiny white rhinestones glimmering on the rims of your shoulders. Were you really going to go through with this?

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Two items of clothing worn by George Washington on his inauguration in 1789.

The top suit, although modest in color and tone, is actually at the forefront of fashion for the time period. It’s double-breasted and is cut away in front, a style that was just beginning to appear in Europe. Cloth, double-breasted.

Washington was always extremely conscious of his appearance and how he looked to others. He was determined to look and act the part of the 18th century gentleman, as he would have understood the term. There are letters he wrote (before the Revolutionary War) to his agent in London where Washington chastises the agent for failing to send to Washington suits of the latest fashions.

One way in which Washington displayed his awareness of how he was judged was with this suit. He specifically ordered this suit from cloth produced at the Hartford Woolen Manufactory in Hartford Connecticut. 

“It will not be a great while,” Washington wrote to the Marquis de Lafayette a few months before the inauguration, “before it will be unfashionable for a gentleman to appear in any other dress.” [here Washington is referring to ordering American made products]

The second item is a set of knee buckles. This was an accessory that would have been attached to the breeches to help cinch them tight around the knee. The buckles are mother-of-pearl, brass, with paste rhinestones. The suit is at Mt. Vernon, the buckles are in the Morristown museum.


Christian Dior, “Venus” Evening Gown, fw 1949-50, silk net embroidered with opalescent sequins, rhinestones, simulated pearls, and paillettes

🎓 how to decorate a sorority grad cap! 🎓

Graduation is the perfect time to display your sorority spirit! Decorate your grad cap in memorable greek girl style with these step-by-step instructions. 


Before your trip to the craft store, plan your design on paper. The first decision is ~ do you want to cover the surface of the grad cap with scrapbook paper, or decorate directly onto the cap? Glitter paper makes an attractive base, as well as Lilly Pulitzer prints, high quality wrapping paper, maps and calendar pages. 

Base your background paper decision on what you plan to “say” on your cap. If you just want greek letters, or your personal monogram, then a pattern as the base is great. But if you want a quote and lots of embellishments, then a simpler base is better. Glitter paper is probably the most popular choice for a ‘solid’ background. 

Also pick your theme and sketch your design, so you know what supplies to buy. You may need to order sorority stickers or greek letters online, so allow time for delivery. The rest you can purchase at your local Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s.

Supplies You Will Need: {choose your favorite elements}

  • Grad cap
  • High quality paper
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Pencil for tracing
  • Scissors
  • Pearl or rhinestone trim
  • English letters - different sizes
  • Monogram
  • Greek letters
  • Crest or other sorority symbols
  • Craft flowers
  • 3-D scrapbooking accents
  • Bow 
  • Paint pens
  • Stickers/decals

STEP 1 Creating Your Base:

  • If you’re using a paper base, cut paper to size by laying the cap on top of the paper, lightly trace the shape with pencil and then cut out the square. 
  • Cut a hole in the center for your tassel by laying your cut paper on top of the cap and feeling for the button. Lightly outline the circle with pencil and carefully cut a small opening. 
  • Apply hot glue to the surface of the cap (all over or around the edges) and place your paper onto the cap. Press gently to make sure the paper is firmly adhered to the grad cap. Allow to set for a few minutes. 

STEP 2 Decorating Your Cap:

  • Determine the front and back of your cap. It must be decorated in the direction you will wear it on graduation day. Don’t craft it backwards!
  • Apply your letters (or decor) in the center of the cap. This can be your major, a message, a quote, monogram, or greek letters.
  • After your word placement, hot glue trim around the edge. Buying rhinestones or pearls in a “strand” is much easier to apply than one gemstone at a time. JoAnne Fabrics has trim in strips if you can’t find what you like at the craft store.  
  • Add small accents around your main design. 3-D scrapbooking images, pearls, rhinestones, small flowers, etc. 
  • Trim the center tassel hole with gemstones, bow or flowers to hide the paper cut-out if needed. 
  • Attach a bow at the base of the cap if you wish. A bow can be sewn on, pinned on, or attached with hot glue. Just make sure it’s securely in place.
  • Add words and/or a date to your bow with small scrapbooking letters or a paint pen. A bow can also be embroidered with your greek letters, monogram, message, date, or other information. Take your bow to an embroidery shop and have it done in advance. 

♦ 34 TOP Sayings for Grad Caps:

When picking a theme and quote for your grad cap, these are some fun ‘messages’ to consider!

  • Sorority motto!
  • Thanks Mom & Dad
  • Just did it
  • About time
  • Adventure is out there
  • Never grow up
  • The best is yet to come
  • Fortune favors the brave
  • She believed she could so she did
  • Next stop everywhere
  • Oh the places you’ll go
  • Now hotter by one degree
  • Dreams do come true
  • Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness
  • Keep calm grad on
  • Mischief managed
  • Every end has a new beginning
  • All things are possible
  • A world of possibilities awaits
  • Four years later
  • Be the change
  • If you can dream it, you can do it
  • The rest is still unwritten
  • Faith, hope & love
  • She lived happily every after
  • Peace out
  • It’s time to see what I can do
  • Thanks for the memories
  • Close my eyes and leap
  • She turned her can’t into plans & her dreams into plans
  • Class dismissed 
  • To infinity and beyond
  • May the odds be ever in your favor
  • If you’re reading this I’m graduating

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