Alternate view of the Anderson abode…

Note the odd angle of the walls, etc.

Then refer to Mae’s Awesome Analysis of Blaine’s Room.

The slanted feature you’ve mentioned strongly indicates that Blaine’s room is at the top of his house, as those features (like sloped ceilings) are integral parts of the building’s structure. I am by no means a building expert (lol, no) but going on my own knowledge, houses with 2 or more floors tend to taper at the top and a room like Blaine’s would normally either be a storage room, or at best modified into a spare/guest room. (more on the potential original uses for this room to come near the end of this post)

Look at Blaine’s door as well - it has slats in one half like a utility room door. The one window I can see is off-center, very small, and the backlit screen they’ve used shows the tops of tree branches. The wall facing the dresser with the mirror and stereo is an internal one and won’t have another window, so that’s the only one he has. I really don’t think this room was intended for daily use.

And here is where I get to freak out about one very minute headcanon I’ve always had about Blaine: that he picked the bedroom tucked furthest away from everything. It has a nested quality about it, almost like a tree house - an escape. I have never once imagined Blaine’s bedroom any other way. Nothing grand, nothing bright or cheerful, and nothing at all like most teenage bedrooms look. Remote, dark and private.

See slanted wall. (Photo courtesy of rhilex)

(Gif courtesy of blaineandersons)

Note the single window. Light obviously coming from a streetlight outside with a gobo effect from any possible nearby trees…

So until proven wrong, that room above the driveway is Blaine’s room in my mind.

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This might be a loaded ask, but... What on earth started John Adams' hatred of Hamilton? Why did he dislike him so much that he basically made it his life's mission to do so in every way?

I made a post a couple weeks ago where I stated I think the Adams-Hamilton feud was the result of three things: personality conflict, political differences, and culture clash rooted in xenophobia (in that post I discussed Adams’s hangups about Hamilton’s being a Scotch West Indian). So let’s discuss some of the former.

Let’s start with the political. In actuality, Hamilton and Adams had a lot of political beliefs in common, though Adams was more of a moderate Federalist and Hamilton the leader of the High Federalists. Both believed in a strong centralized government and were wary of France. But there were some key differences: Adams did not trust banking systems, whereas Hamilton obviously wanted to consolidate the state banks into a centralized banking system that answered to the federal government. Hamilton believed a standing army was becoming necessary to combat European forces in the West, but Adams believe a strong Navy would keep them at bey. 

But what really caused the political conflict started when, after Washington stepped down after two terms, it came up for a vote for who would take his place. Adams, naturally, thought as having been vice-president, he was the natural choice. Hamilton wanted someone more along High Federalist values, and so lobbied for Thomas Pinckney: in Hamilton’s ideal world, he wanted Pinckney as president and Adams back as vice-president (and he did the thing period to keep Jefferson from being either, remember this is when the person with the second highest votes became VP). Obviously it didn’t work, with Adams becoming president and Jefferson his VP. But Adams never forgot and never forgave Hamilton was his meddling - nor would the Republicans let him. 

During Adams’s presidency, he inherited Washington’s Cabinet and didn’t make any changes. The Cabinet members, being High Federalists, increasingly started going to Hamilton for his opinions on matters. This, understandably, upset Adams, tho he never actually cleaned out his Cabinet until it was too late. Then he and Hamilton got into an ugly mess with regards to the army being built after the XYZ Affair and the Quasi-War - after making Hamilton the second-in-command, Adams began pushing for peace with France, which upset Hamilton who suspected France was just going to fake peace with America and then later use its connections via its allyship with Spain and land in North America to launch an attack. Adams got his peace (and Jefferson lucked out when France did begin sending troops to the New World) and disbanded the army. That, coupled with a lot of nasty personal remarks leveled at Hamilton made the latter issue an affair of honor against the POTUS, which Adams understandably ignored, and then that pushed Hamilton to release the infamous Adams Pamphlet.

Then the Election of 1800 happens, and since it obviously worked so well the first time, Hamilton pushed the Federalists to vote for Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and withhold enough votes from Adams to make him the VP again. Many factors ended up getting the Republicans elected (the biggest ones being the 3/5ths Clause, and Cotesworth Pinckney’s cousin Charles Pinckney straight-up bribing South Carolina electors to vote for Jefferson and Burr) but Hamilton got the blame and Adams never forgave him for his loss of a second term.

With regards to the personality conflict: Adams was an older statesmen, had been part of the Revolution since Massachusetts started the thing, and so believed he was due a degree of deference he frequently didn’t feel he was getting. He was utterly appalled by what he felt was the lack of respect he was getting from Washington’s administration, being stuck in the Senate where people wouldn’t listen to him. But then Washington’s listening to Hamilton, this young “upstart” in Adams’s view, giving him responsibilities and seeking out his counsel. This was a problem when Adams became president. Hamilton was used to having older statesmen seek out and agree with his opinions, but Adams found this aspect of Hamilton insolent. Hamilton found Adams’s snubbing of him, that he wasn’t grateful for his opinions, to be degrading.

They were also both really bad at compromising when they believed themselves to be in the right opinion, they were both extraordinarily indiscreet, very vain, and both seemed to have a sort of “fuck this I’m going to blow this mother up” mentality when things got to their boiling points rather than keep level headed. 

Now had they both sat down and actually got it all out with one another, I think things might have turned out for the better. But Adams always aimed his hatred of Hamilton to anyone who wasn’t Hamilton, meaning Hamilton was getting all of this info from his friends who were telling him that Adams was saying all of these terrible things about him (that he’s an agent of the British, constant snipes at his illegitimacy, etc.) that Adams would refuse to admit or source; Adams had been much the same with Benjamin Franklin. Which was a bit of a core difference: Hamilton’s hypersensitivity made him start issuing challenges when he was insulted; Adams stewed on abuse for years before confronting it via a third party (he didn’t respond to Hamilton’s pamphlet against him until nine years later, five years after Hamilton’s death when Hamilton couldn’t counter). 

There was also things about Hamilton that Adams just found morally repugnant. He, of course, found his adultery to be a sign of weak character, tho later used this as an excuse to believe the worst in Hamilton whenever he heard - or made - an amorous story about him (Timothy Pickering said Adams collected such stories obsessively). He also had huge hangups about Hamilton’s illegitimacy, basically believing that good fathers produced good sons, and because Hamilton was born a bastard, he was exempt from ever being capable of good character. 

Tbh it’s really tragic that Adams and Hamilton just constantly assumed the worst of each other because if they had been capable of working together, things nationwide might have had better outcomes in the long run. 

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So, I remember bits of a quote that I *think* belonged to Laurens, where it said something akin to throwing his hands up in the air and proclaiming despair at having been alive on this day, due to something stupid that someone said/did. I know this is VERY vague and I apologize, but I remember loving the quote but accidentally removing it from my likes, and I can't remember where I found it. In the chance it might've been here, I thought I'd ask. I kind of wanted to print it on a t-shirt, lol.

This quote was said by Laurens after the Siege of Savannah, and there are a few variations, depending on which account you read:

While d’Estaing praised Laurens’s courage, two separate and slightly different accounts, when taken together, depict an officer dispirited by the deaths of men under his command and by the cowardice exhibited by others.  Mason Locke Weems, in his often fanciful biography of Francis Marion, wrote that Laurens, when the retreat was ordered, looked on his fallen men and exclaimed, “Poor fellows, I envy you!”  Then he angrily flung his sword on the ground and left the field.  John C. Hamilton, in his biography of his father Alexander Hamilton, described Laurens at the moment of defeat, standing facing the British volleys, “with his arms wide extended,” inviting death.  When a comrade criticized this display of rashness, Laurens replied, “My honour does not permit me to survive the disgrace of this day.”  Different in detail, these stories make a similar point: Laurens, in keeping with his reputation for rashness, recklessly courted death at Savannah.  (“The Political Education of John Laurens” by Gregory D. Massey)

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In future years of GeekyCon, will you be working to make the registration more affordable? It's my first year going because it's the first year I can afford it, but even so, it's breaking my bank. I feel like GeekyCon is easily twice as (or more) expensive as most other conventions, and I'd hate for the experience to always only be available to fans who have a lot of money to spend. This isn't meant to be a negative question, but just hoping to bring some concerns to you!

It’s a fair question. The short answer is we want to, the longer answer is that our price is higher precisely because our economic engine does not include charing for autographs and photographs. Often at conventions where that’s the main focus, you pay maybe $40 to get in the door but there isn’t too much to that doesn’t involve spending money for merch or autographs and photographs. And you end up spending more than it would have cost you to go to GeekyCon anyway.

Our autographs and photographs are, and always will be, free. This means we carefully control how many people go through an autograph or photograph line, and that the talent is then freed up to get really invested in the convention and its attendees. 

It means, though, that we have less money than most conventions. On an order of magnitude you cannot believe. So we can’t pay what most TV/Film actors are used to, to bring them out. We need people like Anthony Rapp and Evanna Lynch and Ty Simpkins and Hank and John Green, who understand what we are trying to do and prioritize the experience of being in person with these amazing fans, getting to engage, and creating special moments for everyone. So many known people come to GeekyCon without getting a dime for it, because they believe in what we are trying to do. It’s heartening, but we need more people like them or a lot of sponsor support or financing before we can lower the prices for people.

But we want to. :)


Submitted by anon

Title: Awakening
Author: rhilex
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete

Short, super sweet, lovely, wonderful one shot in which Blaine lies awake while Kurt sleeps after their first time and thinks about Kurt, reflects on their relationship and thinks about his future and whether or not Kurt is in it.

Note: book a dentist’s appointment.

You take my breath away - Coffee. 

Oh, what a joyous day! Someone must be excited that I opened my submit box.

How precious! If this is what it’s like to open submissions, I should have done this ages ago!

Oh my goodness, it looks like it’s asking for something, “pretty, pretty please.” Of course, kitty! Whatever you desire, I will make it yours.






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I know it's tough, but try not to let things like that video and that article get to you. For being mere silly shippy fangirls, we're clearly eons more mature than she could ever be, both in our conduct and based on the fact that she disastrously misunderstands our feelings towards our passions (or misunderstands a deep passion for something in general?). Who needs her approval when we have amazing people who understand and love what we do like LMM and, better yet, each other?

Very true.  Thanks for your message.

rhilex replied to your post “How did I ever dislike Boromir? What was wrong with me? He has the…”

I LOVE BOROMIR. He’s the one who incites the biggest argumentative flame inside me when people hate on him. That EE scene in the two towers with Faramir kills me every time.

greatpretending replied to your post “How did I ever dislike Boromir? What was wrong with me? He has the…”

How could you.

In my defense, I was 12 when the first movie came out, and I went into it knowing literally nothing about the series. I think it’s easy to be influenced by the scene where Boromir tries to take the ring, and all the suspicion he’s treated with prior to that moment. I’ve clearly wised up over the years.

And that extra scene is everything. I’ve actually only seen it once, but I remember thinking, “THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.”

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Ghirardelli and Lindt are basically the only good chocolates that don't taste waxy, and Lindt isn't even American, lmao. Twix are actually pretty good, but not quite up to par as foreign chocolate. Like every other food in the US. I don't know who told you Butterfingers were good, because when I took my 4 siblings trick or treating this year, EVERYONE kept trying to trade away their butterfingers. Nasty stuff.

we have twix here and theyre amazing but im guessing they’re different to your twix??? god the butterfinger was so gross…so gross i’m never going to forgive him for saying it was delicious 

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Mumbai and Cairo!

Mumbai - What is your favorite scent?

Lavender or coconut, both of which remind me of my childhood. And of course leaves in the fall.

Cairo - What’s your favorite quote?

“Breathe in. Breathe out. Oxygen is carcinogenic and likely puts a limit on our lifespan. It would be unwise, though, to try to extend life by not breathing at all.” -Jeanette Winterson, Weight

Bonus quote: “If you can’t annoy somebody, there is little point in writing.” - Kingsley Amis

  1. rhilex said: We can agree to disagree. =) Like I said, different things work for different people. Just in my experience, giving up great opportunities and taking the safe path because you might otherwise fail hasn’t worked out for many people I know.

That we can! :D

I think both Broadway and NYADA qualify as great opportunities, I just want Rachel to be successful and I want her to learn the lessons she should be learning from the past. I mean, she did just that with L.A. and she did fail. If were her, I’d want to do everything I could to still chase my dreams, but do in a way that I wouldn’t be at risk of putting myself through that again.

Also, if I were her, I’d just cuddle into Sam’s chest forever and ever and ever and like that would be an entire episode. Just Samchel cuddles. It’s too bad I don;’t write the show >.<

  1. rhilex said: Honestly, I think going straight to a show again is fine. I think Rachel dropping out of NYADA because she got offered the starring role in the Funny Girl revival wasn’t a mistake. The thing is, school will always be there. Opportunities come and go.

I totally respect your opinion on that, bb. I don’t agree with it, but I get where you’re coming from. The way I see it - yes, any old college will always be there, but NYADA will not - especially if Rachel turns this chance down. NYADA, in my mind, is her best bet for success and I don’t want her to blow it.

I also want her to side with her amazing boyfriend and marry him and have cute little babies with him and live happily ever after the end.

rhilex replied to your post: What is “cloen”?

Did the placement of the ‘e’ come from a typo that stuck, or…? lol I’ve been wondering about this for a while.

It’s actually a convoluted story but BASICALLY what happened was that I saw someone else angrily talk about the “cloen doctor” multiple times and I joked to a friend about it – they spelled it “cloen” every time, I dunno why, whether it was a typo or they think that’s how you spell clone or what. And at the time fandom was in a big tizzy over what to call him – “Handy” was disrespectful apparently, Ten2/Ten II/10.5/etc, and me and the friend kind of joked like “ha ha we should just start calling him Cloen and see if it sticks”. …It did. For me, and tbh for a lot of people who were in the fandom at the time, lolol.
  1. rhilex said: The thing is though, NYADA isn’t the only school, and there are SO MANY amazing schools out there that people have achieved success from. I’m not upset at Sam, but what’s best for Sam might not be what’s best for Rachel. They’re two different people.

I don’t think he’s really taking himself into account with this at all, honestly. Yes, he said that he doesn’t want her to make the same mistake that he did in not getting an education, but I think this is all genuinely coming from a place of sincere concern. He saw what failing did to Rachel with her television show, and he doesn’t want that to happen again. I agree with him with the idea that going to college before jumping into another risky situation would be the best way to avoid her falling apart again. He just wants her to be secure, and you honestly can’t tell me that throwing yourself into the biggest, most cut-throat city in the country, and possibly the world with the hopes that you’ll be able to support yourself on an original Broadway show that may or may not work out is a practical, intelligent idea. It’s a lovely one, but it’s not very safe - and although I support Rachel’s dreams, I think she needs safety to back herself up so that she doesn’t crash and burn like she did before.