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anything lilith/alastair pls?

She felt it. She didn’t understand it for a second, but when the sudden panic died down in her stomach, it was clear. He was dead.

She sat down, sending all the demons away that were around her and stared into nothing for a moment. Demons do not love, they don’t understand the concept of it, they do not feel loss or grief. Then why did it shaken her up so much? She knew the war would claim many of them - including herself.

But he was more than just another collateral damage; he was her progeny, her brother, her other half of the coin. 

Lilith swore revenge. Sam Winchester might be her Father’s true vessel, but that didn’t mean she can’t make him suffer. 

Oh, and he will - she swore to make sure he will feel suffering in every way imaginable. In every way that would make Alastair proud.