This took a while to finish but I love how it turned out. I think the hardest thing was her hair 

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This is right after Howe invades the Cousland Castle. I imagined Rhiannon struggling to avoid looking at her home in flames behind her. She did not want to remember her home where she lived all of her life in such ruins. So she walks into the darkness with Duncan leading.
Rhiannon belongs to me, lenacast. Please do not alter. I worked really hard on this.
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GREY WARDENSrhiannon cousland
The youngest child of Bryce and Eleanor Cousland of Highever, Rhiannon is hardly a pampered little princess. Fergus once said that his baby sister could smell weakness like a mabari smells fear. Surviving the attack from the Howes and joining the Grey Wardens, Rhiannon was instrumental in defeating the archdemon. After the Fifth Blight, she married Alistair Theirin and ruled Ferelden as Queen with a compassionate yet firm hand.

Long overdue. 
I think I have said before that I wanted to change the name of the comic. I am horrible at titles but I decided that The Laurel Wreath was perfect since the Cousland heraldry is just that.

Does anyone have any idea where I can find a program with Speech Bubbles. You can see my hideous attempt here. My other program got erased and I cannot remember what it is called. Booooo.

Thank you to all that have been patiently waiting for this. I know I took a long time to update. I hope you will enjoy and stick around 

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Rhiannon Cousland belongs to me (lenacast) and Highever and Roland Gilmore belongs to Bioware.

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Orlesian finery in Rhiannon’s Ferelden

Forget the dresses we see in DAI’s Orlais (Sans Celene’s gorgeous blue gown), they don’t fit my image of Orlais’ elegant couture. The dresses worn above by Rhia’s faceclaim are far closer to how Orlesian fashion (Severely reduced by Fereldan influence) looks like in the Rhia universe the most notable difference being that the hoops would be slighly less wide and there’d be far more underskirts in addition to French/Orlesian hoods completing the attire.(Unless the lady in question is unmarried)

Rhia’d be fond of soft hues as shown above, the only exceptions being jewel tones in velvet (emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, all dark) as winter ensembles, lined with fur and complimentary jewels. In Orlais these dresses would be very yesteryear and modest, but they’d still be seen as very elegant.

One of my earliest Rhia screenshots from yesteryear.

I still love that hairstyle on her. And she still hacks off her hair (Last remnant of her old life) shortly before the Archdemon battle. (After Loghain rather insensitively but prudently suggests that her thigh length tresses are not only impractical but dangerous, esp. since she does plenty of melee)

She grows it back later.