Forgotten Hollow, 12.40 a.m.

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I couldn’t wait to begin my fantasy story but also I didn’t want to leave Leah’s story incomplete so I decided to merge them into a new project named: Bloodline. I’ve already updated the tags.

[She pulls out a collection of photographs] This is Rhiannon, without a doubt. [The picture, of Nicks, does not look like her] Well, you see, it turns. It goes right into…[she pulls out another photograph, of herself on stage with Lindsey] This is the killer. And the pale shadow of Dragon Boy, always behind me, always behind me. [She is speaking almost to herself, in a hoarse whisper] You see, I just want to make you realize that when I get carried off, really carried off into ‘Rhiannon’, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not carried off into Fleetwood Mac. ‘Cause I’m just as carried off into them. Rhiannon has to wait. She just has to wait; that’s all there is to it.

[Answer to why she refers to Rhiannon as ‘she’] Well, because…I don’t know why. She is some sort of reality. If I didn’t know she was a mythical character, I would think she lived down the street.

Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stone, 1979