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I think I'm missing something, who is Ontari?

This is Ontari! She hasn’t been introduced to us yet…but she’s played by Rhiannon Fish and she’s Ice Nation. 

On Twitter, she says we’re not going to like her character too much so one can assume she’s there to stir up trouble! But are we expecting anything but trouble from the Ice Nation this season?

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Rhiannon Giddens - Look Down That Lonesome Road (Up Above My Head) (2015)

Rhiannon is the Celtic Goddess of the Moon, fertility, rebirth, wisdom, magick, transformation, beauty, artistic inspiration, and is the patroness of poets, as well as the Divine Queen of the Fairies.  She is reputed to be extremely beautiful and have a tremendous singing voice.  She was born at the first Moonrise, and much of what we know about her comes from the Mabinogen, an ancient book of Welsh folklore.

According to the Mabinogen, Rhiannon fell in love with a mortal and refused to marry one of her “own kind”, much to the distress of her family.  The lucky guy was Prince Pwyll.  They first met by Pwyll’s castle, at The Tors, a place reputed to be just above the entrance to the underworld, and was thought to cause enchantment and love.  Pwyll immediately fell in love, and when Rhiannon rode by, he followed her.   On and on they rode, Pwyll persuing her, however he could never bridge the distance between them, no matter how fast or long he rode.  When he could ride no more, he called out to her in desperation and she stopped to wait for him, smiling to let him know all he had to do is ask for her.

SOURCE: The Celtic Witch )0(

confessional - maddox&bayden

Maddox needed a drink. He needed to repent his sins, wash the guilt away with a few beers and shots, make the voice in his head shut up before did something a little bit more deadly than bio-terrorism. He closed up shop early – Monday nights were always dead anyway – and went to a night club – which was similarly dead, even though there was still buzz about bloodsuckers poisoning people. Which was good, because he wasn’t a bloodsucker, so therefore not a suspect. How wrong the police were. 

He stood outside the local pub, fuck-watching. He was a bit pissed off at Lock at the moment, but that would subside quickly. He couldn’t stay angry at him. He loved him too much. It was like being angry at a Labrador. Just couldn’t stay angry.

“Yes. No. No. Ew, definitely not.” Maddox murmured to himself as he checked out everyone who passed, a game he and Rhiannon used to play when they were young cafe trash. He was a bit tipsy, only three beers and four cigarettes in.

And then he saw him.

He was fucking cute. A bit young for him, but honestly, Maddox still had the idea of Ruby-Reagan stuck in his head. A hot androgynous goth kid writhing underneath him. He had to have him. Had to be distracted and purified. His own Personal Jesus.

He got up, taking his bottle with him, even though he wasn’t technically allowed to take his booze off premises. He made eye contact with him as he approached the bench where he was sitting. “Wanna go somewhere?” he asked, looking down at him, handing him his beer and puffing away on his cigarette.