rhiannon f


For a self indulgent birthday present, and to commemorate the million years I’ve been playing GW, I commissioned iheartapostates to do a set of busts for my legacy characters. On the left are my main GW1 characters, one for each of the continents/places and expansions (Elona, Cantha, and Ascalon). On the right are their GW2 descendants, 250 years later, all with little backstories of how they came to be. So, Imani (v2) ended up being a direct namesake of her ancestor and is rocking the Sunspear colors. Hadrian’s ancestor ran off with a Kurzick (House Vasburg) and fled Cantha before the emperor went nuts and the border closed forever.  Deirdre grew up on tales of the family’s trek from Ascalon through to Kryta. Well, most of them.

The one exception to the pairs being direct lines are the last set, Rhiannon and Deirdre. Rhia actually wasn’t the one I finished my Prophecies campaign and left for Kryta (I ended up making her brother, Corwin, for that). Rhia stayed behind (gotta love that Legendary Defender of Ascalon title) until the very end. You know what means?


I can’t stop staring at it. I think it might be my new favorite everything.

A million and a half thank yous to Charlotte for being an absolute gem to work with. I just love these so so much. Eeeeee!