rhiannon ellis

St. Ellis // Intentions

As much as Jesse was an asshole, his last intention was to get with Rhiannon now or ever. He had his sights set on well… Himself. And Broadway. Sure he was a dick, but when it came down to it, it was true what he said. He did love love. The last thing he wanted was for this woman to get hurt, so he would go nowhere near her heart. Perhaps it was the drama of it all that compelled him to see her, to make sure she didn’t hurt herself or get too drunk. Or perhaps it was just in his nature to be exceedingly protective of women in despair, even if they didn’t know it, having had to be when it came to his sister. Call it the gentleman in him but regardless of the reason, here he was, driving to the abode of a woman he hardly knew.

The place came up quicker than he thought, grinning and making sure his hair was perfectly smoothed back and in place as he got down. He was in tight black slacks, a deep royal blue button down that he had tucked in and his signature leather jacket. It screamed Jesse St. James, just likes most girls would be begging to do by the end of the night. As he approached the door, the cool air touched his skin and he shivered lightly as he rang the doorbell, remembering as well that this was where a tiny dancer lived as well.