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do you know of any good places to get cool witchy clothes? tips for lowkey witchy fashions are also appreciated, because i (and many others) can't really go around in the workplace wearing full-on robes/garb

I do! Since I wear plus size clothing I’ll include those as well!

ASOS - I LOVE this site. Reasonably priced, carried a wide variety of sizes, and has beautiful flowing, lace, and crocheted clothes!

NastyGal - This site is pricier than ASOS and I don’t shop here myself since they don’t carry plus sizes, that being said I love some of their dresses and just the whole attitude of the company. I recommend checking out their Rhiannon Maxi Dress and Because The Night Lace-Up Chiffon Top.

Free People - I know this brand can seem somewhat pretentious since it got popular a few years back, but they have lots of light, flowing, witchy clothing. This is one of the stores I, personally, have never been able to shop at but I appreciate their products and their prices run about the same as NastyGal.

Forever 21 - Another store I love. It may be hard to believe but Forever 21 has some great black witchy clothing in both regular and plus sizes! Also they are very reasonably priced and you can usually find coupon codes online.

BooHoo - Much like Forever 21, BooHoo has a lot going for it. Good prices, good selection, but their sizing only goes up to UK18.

River Island - I’ve never shopped here but I’ve heard AMAZING things.

Jane Norman - UK based company. Another one that I haven’t bought anything from yet!

For the Plus Sized Witches!



ASOS Curve and Plus Sizes

Feel free to add other suggestions!