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Rhianna is getting a lot of Internet attention again and this time it is because of her dress for the met galla! People are going crazy making memes of her Chinese couture dress by Guo Pei and comparing it to the likes of scrambled eggs, pizza, and even a hot pocket! The train was so long and heavy she couldn’t even move without assistance. Rhianna said it was totally worth it! Well, we agree Rhianna. The memes are hilarious. Thanks.


Hello, lovelies!!!
Welcome to yet another entry, Whoo! This week’s topic, REPRESENTATION.
I cannot stress enough how important representation of any kind in the media is. If it’s race, disability, sexual/gender orientation, size or anything else. People, especially smaller children, should be able to see themselves in a character on t.v. or in movies. Representation has actually been getting a lot better in the media by showing a lot more diversity. For example, Rhianna’s makeup line ‘Fenty Beauty" having such a wide variety of shades to tailor to all sorts of skin tones and undertones. The Fashion industry is a great example of terrible representation, in America especially. By showing mainly size 0-2 models, and making clothes sizes smaller they are trying to show that if you aren’t that small then there must be something wrong with you. 

Now having sexual/gender orientation in the media is an important thing because as a child, on the rare occasion that there was this type of representation I was always under the impression that it was wrong. Whether it is that that certain character was made fun of or they were forgotten about to quickly.

There have been a lot more variety and representation of all sorts of people in the media nowadays but there are still people out there who don't like it for some reason. There are people who think that showing an LGBT+ couple on a screen can ‘corrupt’ others. which is ridiculous.

Welp, that’s all for this week, Stay safe and have a great week!!:)