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WAAAIIIIT!!! I was browsing your blog and I stumbled upon your ships. YOU SHIPPED JATHEA? FOR REAL?!? I was blown away, dude!

Omg Jathea took 4 months of my fucking life! TRMD was one of the most frustrating show I’ve ever watched but it was all worth it somehow 😂  I’ve never hated a character as much as I hated Oscar Tanchingco and I’ve never seen as many cockblock, I mean it was fucking ridiculous 😂  But my babies are so beautiful…


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Yo but can we talk about Rhian and

how she played the beats of her scene with Amanda like she played my heartstrings?

That scene with Amanda. The silent fuming as Amanda drones on and on and on about her dad being the “caring father” that he is. Rhian has no lines at this point. She just bites her tongue to stop herself from saying something she would regret. This is the usual Jade. The obedient Jade. The quiet Jade. And when her mom mentions having children— HELL TO THE FUCKING NO. You see the battle between Heiress Jade and the True Jade. Finally she bursts: “Bakit niyo ako pine-pressure, Ma?”

Then the floodgates open.

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Her true feelings explode out of her. Unstoppable. We finally hear what we’ve been wanting to hear out loud. She does not love David. She loves Althea. Althea is the only person she wants to be with, Amen, lock it tight and throw away the key, no taksey backsies. 

Her resentment and pain is palpable.

Then from resentment, she goes to remorse. She says sorry to her mother. Explains that oh she wishes to change for her family. Oh she wishes. But she can’t.

Her mom tries to comfort her with this ignorant line: “kaya tayo aalis, para gumaling ka na.” (that’s why we’re leaving. So you’ll get better) Amanda thinks that’s what Jade wants. A solution. A cure. Such an ignorant way of treating homosexuality— as if it’s a sickness. When Jade corrects her… asks her if she thinks it’s a sickness, Amanda says the unforgivable: “you’re just not trying hard enough”

Pure anger and frustration comes out. Rhian with her flailing arms, and her hoarse voice. You can see that she’s not only emotionally hurting… that emotional hurt is now manifesting into this physical pain. Haven’t we all felt that way? The ache in our heart hurts… hurts so much that the pain reverberates through our whole body to the point that it’s not just emotional. It becomes this physical agony… until hindi natin makayanan. Until we can’t stand it. UGH. And I felt it through my computer screen.

Gosh. How Rhian goes from resignation, resentment, remorse, then pure anger and frustration was so beautiful.

Fling me to the sun and break my heart into 20 Million pieces, then put me back together because I want to witness your purest of the pure love win this war.

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