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WAAAIIIIT!!! I was browsing your blog and I stumbled upon your ships. YOU SHIPPED JATHEA? FOR REAL?!? I was blown away, dude!

Omg Jathea took 4 months of my fucking life! TRMD was one of the most frustrating show I’ve ever watched but it was all worth it somehow 😂  I’ve never hated a character as much as I hated Oscar Tanchingco and I’ve never seen as many cockblock, I mean it was fucking ridiculous 😂  But my babies are so beautiful…

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What other women do you fancy, apart from Camila obviously?!

Oh my god so many, I’m gonna give you a short list 

My baby Lauren ❤️

My baby Emma ❤️

My baby Emilia ❤️

My baby Freema ❤️

My baby Laura ❤️

My baby Sophie ❤️

My baby Chloë ❤️

My baby Alycia ❤️

My baby Josefine ❤️

My baby Alia ❤️

My baby Nathalie ❤️

My baby Dianna ❤️

My baby Kristen

My baby Ryoko ❤️

My baby Evan ❤️

My baby Antonia ❤️

My baby Katherine ❤️

My baby Rhian ❤️

My baby Sydney ❤️

My baby Rachelle ❤️

My baby Kathryn ❤️

My baby Gugu ❤️

My baby Stefanie ❤️

My baby Liza ❤️

My baby Lupita ❤️


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TRMD: Best Decision EVER!

The Rich Man’s Daughter could have been this:

The show was supposed to feature Marian Rivera playing Jade’s part. Seriously, I was stoked for this one because I know how great an actress Marian Rivera is. She did a great job with Marimar. 

Seriously dude, she was the perfect Marimar. She can dance and she can go from innocent (Marimar) to badass (Bella Aldama). XD 

Also, I loved her in her movie with Richard Gutierrez called “My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend”. 

Dude, “My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend” is my favorite heterosexual romantic comedy movie EVER! 

And well, I had fun watching her together with Ai Ai Delas Alas in the movie “Kung Fu Divas”. 

Their tandem is undeniably hilarious.

But because of delicate pregnancy, Marian had to withdraw from the show. They had to find a quick replacement and that’s where Rhian Ramos was chosen to replace Marian.

Come to think of it, I thought that Marian Rivera is the only actress who can pull off such role (even if it’s her first time) because:

a.) Looks-wise, Marian Rivera is perfect. She’s pretty and she looks like an heiress.

b.) She’s a versatile actress. She can play bida (protagonist) and kontrabida (antagonist) roles and she’s one of the few actresses who excel and are effective in any kind of movie genre (comedy, drama, historical, horror, etc.). At least in my opinion, she is.

So yeah, even if it’s her first time to play a lesbian role, I bet she can pull it off!

As for Rhian Ramos, well, she’s one of GMA 7′s top-caliber stars. And she’s a badass race car driver too! 

But with no preparation at all, it was uncertain whether she can pull off Jade’s character or not. I watched her interview online and there it was said that Rhian was offered the role on a Friday night. She was given the script on a Sunday and she started taping the show on a Monday. While her co-stars were already familiar with their characters already, Rhian was just getting to know who Jade is. I guess that’s the reason why Rhian did so well in portraying Jade. Jade is on the process of getting to know herself as well. And well, the moment Jade found herself (thank you, Althea), whoa, that’s when I saw Rhian’s acting level-up. Her passion, her acting’s intensity? It leveled-up. Her acting was so heartfelt that I can’t help but cry (almost, lol) whenever Jade and Althea are faced with the prospect of separation. 

Really, she’s on a roll and I can’t help but wonder: “WHY DIDN’T GMA 7 CAST HER IN THIS SHOW IN THE FIRST PLACE?!” She is the perfect Jade. Jade is definitely her breakthrough role! 

Seriously, look how hot she and Glaiza are. They already look like a hot lesbian couple. Their on-screen chemistry is <3 <3 <3. If they become a real-life couple (which is really impossible because both of them are straight, lol), then WHOA! That’d be really awesome, wouldn’t it? LOLz. XD 

Rhian Ramos as Jade? BEST DECISION EVER!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own the images used in this blog entry.

Do you think that casting in Rhian Ramos as Jade is the BEST DECISION EVER, as well? Why or why not? Who else do you have in mind as Jade?