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What other women do you fancy, apart from Camila obviously?!

Oh my god so many, I’m gonna give you a short list 

My baby Lauren ❤️

My baby Emma ❤️

My baby Emilia ❤️

My baby Freema ❤️

My baby Laura ❤️

My baby Sophie ❤️

My baby Chloë ❤️

My baby Alycia ❤️

My baby Josefine ❤️

My baby Alia ❤️

My baby Nathalie ❤️

My baby Dianna ❤️

My baby Kristen

My baby Ryoko ❤️

My baby Evan ❤️

My baby Antonia ❤️

My baby Katherine ❤️

My baby Rhian ❤️

My baby Sydney ❤️

My baby Rachelle ❤️

My baby Kathryn ❤️

My baby Gugu ❤️

My baby Stefanie ❤️

My baby Liza ❤️

My baby Lupita ❤️

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WAAAIIIIT!!! I was browsing your blog and I stumbled upon your ships. YOU SHIPPED JATHEA? FOR REAL?!? I was blown away, dude!

Omg Jathea took 4 months of my fucking life! TRMD was one of the most frustrating show I’ve ever watched but it was all worth it somehow 😂  I’ve never hated a character as much as I hated Oscar Tanchingco and I’ve never seen as many cockblock, I mean it was fucking ridiculous 😂  But my babies are so beautiful…


@whianwamos:  Running…
…out of ways to make treadmills fun.