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@whianwamos:  Running…
…out of ways to make treadmills fun.

Via:  Keith Mandapat

I bring Althea’s character with me even when I go home - Glaiza 

Can you bring it to my home - Rhian

I have a feeling Rhian has this list and is checking it off one by one

  1. Kiss G    ✔
  2. Make G blush as often as possible   ✔
  3. Sing with G   ✔
  4. Continuously flirt with G   ✔
  5. Go see G in concert  
  6. Have G sleepover at my place



R: Sucks, I didn’t get to watch SAS (Sunday All Stars) yesterday.. but I heard………. #TRMDtrials @glaizaredux 

G: Can I just explain it through a song? “I’m still yours
In my feelings and in my thoughts and what I yearn for.
I’m still yours” @whianwamos

R: I have a song too.. sung by Nick Jonas @glaizaredux ahihihihi (referring to Jealous)

R: The hashtag tonight is so fitting.. when I got the news [about glaiza flirting] I told myself “Rhian, these are just trials” There you go #TRMDTrials @glaizaredux 

G: Do you guys know this song by Beyonce? To the left to the left… Can we sing it @whianwamos and rebels? #TRMDTrials (referring to Irreplacable)